We all have at least one skill that someone else wants to learn. It could be cake decorating, carpentry, guitar — the list is endless, but the point is thousands upon thousands of people are looking to find a tutor for pretty much everything.

You'd be surprised how many people in your local area are looking for private tutoring to help them gain a personal or professional skill.

Working closely with another person, helping him/her achieve a goal, can be fulfilling and has a number of advantages.

If you are passionate about your skills and want to mentor and assist students with their learning, the option to become a tutor, whether through home tutoring or online teaching, is too good to miss.

You might not be convinced this is the right job for you.

That's fine — but still keep reading to find out the five fabulous reasons why people love their tutoring jobs.

1) Private Tutoring Jobs Look Great on Your Resume

One-on-one tutoring experience shows you have more than a specific, teachable skill. Being an effective tutor, one who will get great testimonials, also shows potential employees that you have skills in management, you're able to motivate people and you have the ability to mediate and solve problems.

Can I list tutoring jobs on a CV?
The skills you develop while tutoring are transferable to a range of other occupations. (Source: Unsplash)

If you're employed as a tutor, you regularly need to revisit student (and parent) expectations and report back on these by discussing your student's areas of improvement and ways forward.

Each student who comes to you will have a different style of learning and different needs. Some students require more time than others to grasp concepts, or may have deep-seated gaps in their knowledge. At all times, it's imperative you are tolerant of these differences and are able to engage each student on his/her level.

Obviously, the first thing you'll need to do is work out exactly where your student sits in terms of capability. What are their strengths? Where are their weaknesses? You'll need to guide your students so they can adapt to changes with you, and you will also need to modify your strategies to meet their needs and preferences.

The most important skill when you become a tutor is the ability to develop sound relationships which are mutually respectful and engender trust.

This latter skill is required in every aspect of life but does not necessarily come naturally. So, if you have developed it through your tutoring jobs, add it to your CV.

Join a Network and Meet Other Tutors

Joining a network is a great way to get to know other people with the same occupation and increase your exposure. Superprof has a strong network of tutors, and offers both support and high visibility.

What job opportunities are there in private tutoring? Are there professional networks for tutors?
Even if you work from home, organisations such as Superprof can help you maintain connections through their network of tutors. (Source: stocksnap)

When you work for yourself tutoring students, it can be isolating. Developing relationships, sharing professional information and building connections with others in the tutoring business can be more easily achieved if you belong to a network. Whether you're a writing tutor, college level tutor, or offering homework help, why not join a network and widen your prospects for tutoring jobs in Sydney.

Listing a professional network on your CV can be viewed favourably by potential future employers.

Discover how you can find jobs teaching English online.

2) You Can Supplement Your Income While You Work From Home

Tutoring is perfect for increasing your income, particularly if you're studying, between jobs, or after part-time or after-hours work.

How much can home-based private tutors and online tutors earn?
Becoming a tutor will not only supplement your income, but it can also be personally fulfilling. (Source: stocksnap)

Sharing your knowledge and skills (whether they be technical, creative, academic or linguistic) with other people is both an intrinsically rewarding and profitable occupation. Help others by investigating tutoring opportunities in Melbourne.

In Australia, the demand for private and online tutors is increasing. Students of all ages look to Superprof for home tutors who can provide one-on-one lessons either in person or via webcam.

There's plenty to love about a job where you can meet people who share your interests and come away knowing you've helped someone.

Have Control Over How Much You Earn

When you work for yourself as a private tutor, you are in charge of your fees.

The decision about hourly rates and your availability are solely yours.

Before you set your fees, consider:

  1. Your financial requirements and responsibilities
  2. Potential competitors
  3. Your education results
  4. Professional qualifications
  5. Your experience

You may decide to have a fixed rate or a flexible fee schedule that can be modified depending on individual student's needs and circumstances.

Also think about discounts or packages for long-term work.

Remember that the more experience and higher qualifications you possess, the more you will be able to charge.

3) Experience Fantastic Job Satisfaction When You Become a Tutor

Many tutors report that their biggest rewards come from happiness on their student's face when they've grasped a concept. It's all about the joy of sharing what you know for the benefit of others.

What are the benefits of working as a home tutor?
Being an integral part of student success and development is the most fulfilling aspect of a tutoring job. (Source: stocksnap)

See Your Students Grow

Imagine your personal pride when a student you've been tutoring passes their maths exam...or has the confidence to busk at the shops, playing saxophone pieces you've worked on together...or reads through an entire text without stumbling!

Well done and may you both go on to achieve even more!

You will have played a huge part in helping your student reach their goal.

It can be hard work, but once you see the evidence of improvement, you'll know it's all been worth it.

Develop Tutoring Strategies That Work For You 

As a student yourself, you'll be more than aware of the multitude of teaching strategies and styles out there. Not all of them will suit you — nor will they all benefit your students.

Effective Teaching is Reliant on Flexibility, Understanding and Negotiation.

As a private tutor, you choose the learning strategies and the approach to each lesson.

These choices are not 'one size fits all', but will vary between individual students depending on their:

  • age
  • personality
  • educational background
  • learning style.

How you take these factors into account is up to you. Often, it will involve trial and error — testing different strategies until you find an approach that is a good fit for both tutor and student.

Even when you find what you think is a good-fit strategy, there's still no guarantee of success and you may have to go back and start again. To increase your chances of delivering an effective lesson, however, there's a few things you can do:

  • preparation — ahead of time
  • adapt to suit the needs of your student on the day
  • foster a relationship built on trust
  • build breaks into your lessons — you'll both need them
  • ensure you're always patient, and show interest.

 Above All Else — Be Organised!

Nobody will benefit from your lessons if you're not organised.

Tutoring jobs are among the most flexible for the employee.
When you work for yourself as a tutor, you set your availability but this doesn't mean you don't need to be organised. (Source: stocksnap)

The key to becoming a successful and sought-after tutor is efficiency and adaptability to the requirements of your students.

Once you've sorted out your subjects, hourly rate and schedule, you can start advertising your tutoring services with all the required information online and within your community.

Determining your own schedule definitely makes things easier, but it is worthwhile bearing in mind the availability of your target clients as well. For example, if you're looking for jobs with university students, they're likely to have more flexible hours. However, if your target market is secondary school students or adults, you will need to be available after school or during the evening.

4) Tutoring Jobs Allow You to Earn Extra Money While Doing Something You Love

Think about your favourite pastimes — writing children's stories, cooking gourmet meals, solving mathematical equations.

Now imagine being able to do this as a job.

Surely, there is nothing more enjoyable than passing on your passion, and the skills that go with it, to someone else and then watching them succeed.

As a tutor, you stand you gain just as much from your effort as your students.

If your ideal job involves forging new relationships, building confidence in others, and interesting and challenging conversations, then it is definitely time to pursue some private tutoring jobs.

Is passion for your subject enough?

Obviously, you need the skills, but without passion, skills are worthless when it comes to supporting student learning.

The other thing you need is some knowledge about how to teach. Superprof is one place you can go to get some online teacher-training.

If you're interested in becoming a 'career tutor' or teacher, you may also want to look at further qualifications, like a BEd. The information you need is on the AITSL website.

5) Work for Yourself — the Ultimate Job Flexibility

Possibly the greatest benefit of all private tutoring jobs is the control you have. Fees, hours, location — they're all your decisions.

Providing supplemental instruction and tutoring from wherever you are, whenever you want, is the perfect answer to work life balance.
You don't need to be sitting at a desk to provide online tutoring services. (Source: stocksnap)

If you're providing face-to-face tuition, it is likely you'll be traveling to your student's home, so bear this in mind when you set up your regional availability.

Alternatively, you may agree to have your student come to your home or to meet elsewhere, like the library, a park or a restaurant.

You may be happy to offer small group classes or to facilitate a study group. You will obviously earn more this way, but remember to reduce your fee a little if you're not teaching one-to-one.

Of course, there's also the digital world which allows you to tutor anyone, regardless of where you both happen to be.

Earn Money While You Study

Most students need to take on part-time work serving drinks or cleaning tables to supplement their income while they're studying.

Jobs in the hospitality or retail industries are popular because of their flexible and part-time work hours.

More and more students, however, are considering tutoring as an alternative to hospitality work because of the better than average rates (anywhere from $40 an hour) as well as the bonus points it adds to a resume.

With these five outstanding reasons why you should go out and apply for tutoring jobs convinced you to get started now?

Then, what are you waiting for?

There are hundreds of motivated students registered with Superprof who really need your expertise. All you need to do to make contact is sign up and create your profile with Superprof.

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