Carry On Melbourne's Live Music Culture

Melbourne has been long celebrated for its vibrant bars, cafes, cultural event, and most importantly, its live music scene.

In fact, many of Australia's most iconic bands and singer-songwriters call Victoria's capital home. Musicians who come from Melbourne include Nick Cave, Missy Higgins, John Farnham, Mark Seymour, Tash Sultana, Courtney Barnett as well as many, many more.

With all this talent coming out of Melbourne, it could be theorised that this little corner of the world, and its perspective on life, is one which is worthy of broadcasting out into the universe.

Perhaps your voice or guitar licks could be the next sound out of Melbourne to capture people's hearts and imagination.

True as this may be, you may first need to develop the skills necessary to achieve your full potential when it comes to making music.

For this reason, today's article will focus on where those living in Melbourne can find the ideal guitar lessons to suit your budget, availability and skill level. These teachers will instruct you on the secrets of the guitar which have allowed others to achieve global notoriety.

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Rock or Pop?

Perhaps you already play the piano or have developed your singing voice over the years. Maybe you already know theory from years of classical and theory lessons in high school. Whatever your circumstances, you might be asking yourself whether you should learn pop or rock songs to begin your guitar lessons.

Well, I would say that these two genres are not mutually exclusive and that anything you learn for rock styles of music will be useful when it comes to playing pop music.

Even jazz teachers will be able to give you valuable guides in intonation, chord phrasings and strumming/comping rhythms which will help you amazingly when you strum along to your own pop singing.

Any new insight into guitar playing or music theory will be cross-transferrable to other genres, so don't worry too much about what you are going to learn, instead, focus on that you are taking lessons, improving musically and putting in the hours which will make you a great musician across all styles of music! You may even develop your own unique sound along the way...

So without further delay, let's explore the different options you have when it comes to finding a guitar teacher to accelerate your electric or acoustic guitar shredding journey!

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Guitar Lessons With a Recognised Institution

Richmond Music Academy

Located in Melbourne's East, Richmond Music Academy works with students of all levels, from complete beginners to advanced guitar players. They also pride themselves on having teachers ready to teach a wide variety of styles, in their own words: "from indie to rock, pop, jazz and classical."

If you prefer to take the traditional route of taking classical guitar and theory exams, they offer tuition to prepare you for AMEB exams up to 8th Grade.

They also offer high-quality online video-conferencing guitar tuition. This means that even during a lockdown, you are able to benefit from RMA's fantastic teachers and their years of experience, even if you don't live in Melbourne's East!

Melbourne Guitar Academy

The folks at Melbourne Guitar Academy are so confident you are going to love being a student of their guitar school that they are willing to offer a free first lesson to anyone who books classes with them.

Located in Melbourne's North in Essendon, VIC 3046, Melbourne Guitar Academy offers high-quality electric and acoustic guitar lessons to beginner to advanced students. They also have blues classes available for those who want to learn how to rock out over basic blues structures. Go visit their studio to enjoy their teaching expertise.


Old or young - it really doesn't matter. Anyone can learn guitar with the right motivation! (Source: @liz99 -

Thorne Guitar Tuition

Now finally a guitar tuition studio in Melbourne's South! Thorne Guitar Tuition has a studio in Albert Park, where they offer group and one-to-one classes.

As a student, you can choose how much time each lesson lasts. For younger learners, they recommend 30 minutes as an ideal amount of time, which will cost $35. While for adults and advanced learners, it often helps to have a little more time available for learning, which is why they recommend one-hour lessons for these students, which will cost $70.

Guitar Lessons With a Private Tutor

Let's face it, it's been pretty hard to go anywhere in 2020. So, it might be useful to consider a few musician lesson options which can be done online. Not only does this mean you have guitar teachers all over VIC (and even Australia) available to you, but it also means that if you have a comfortable home studio, you will not have to leave it to receive top-quality bass or guitar lessons! Let's have a look at where you could find such online guitar classes.


Superprof is a tutoring website that allows would-be students of any skill to search a catalogue of private tutors and contact the one who they think will be great for them. You can do this with piano lessons, bass guitar lessons or acoustic guitar lessons. Just search your query into Superprof’s Australian website and you will find many results from your local area.
To contact your tutor and book a lesson, you will have to pay Superprof’s $39 monthly subscription fee. This gives you access to the contact details of as many teachers as you wish to get in touch with for one full month. Not just for guitar, but for anything you want to learn.
If you don’t find a teacher who is teaching the skills you want to learn, you will not be charged for anything.
Many teachers offer their first lesson for free. This allows you to get to the know them, invite them into your home (online or face-to-face) and see if they are the right tutor to teach you going forward.
Superprof is a fun, secure and cost-effective way to take a class in just about anything! Just read the profiles of our great guitar teachers and see if one fits the bill!
Already have a home studio setup? Take lessons online! (Source: Wes Hicks -


Airtasker is simply an open platform where people exchange their skills and services for money. For example, if you live in South Melbourne, VIC, you can simply search for a ukulele, bass, piano or electric guitar teacher in your local area and read the profiles of various freelance teachers. Just look for the one whose experience and teaching method suits you most, and contact them saying you're interested in learning guitar.


Like the two previous options, Gumtree is a community noticeboard type website where anybody can post an advertisement to sell an item or service. The problem with finding lessons on Gumtree as opposed to Superprof or a recognised guitar school is that you have no assurances that your teacher is being honest about their experience or whether they are well-liked by their former students.

Nevertheless, Gumtree may be a cost-effective and area-specific way to find the right guitar teacher for you, whether you live in Melbourne's North or South.

Which Option Is Right For Me?

This all depends on your level of familiarity and comfort with guitar and music theory more broadly.

Learning from a private tutor in one-to-one lessons is great for a beginner guitarist to build up experience getting a feel for the instrument, which can later be translated into strong playing in a group ensemble setting.

If you've already learned how to play the ukulele, for example, or any other musical instrument (in particular stringed instruments), you may be able to go straight into group classes and excel.

The main thing is that you know what the instrument ideally should sound like. That is, you can identify correct rhythm and intonation from incorrect rhythm and intonation.

The expectation from your music teacher will not be that you have already perfected these aspects of guitar playing, but that you will develop them as you play. They will also expect you to be playing frequently in your own time in order to build the capacities which they attempt to teach you in each lesson.

The more the student is willing to view the material from lessons at home in their own time, the more rapidly their progress can be accelerated by an experienced teacher.

So, the number one thing for your lessons is attitude! Whichever of these guitar teachers you choose to contact, make sure that your own internal motivation is strong so that you give your tutor the best possible chance of helping you to realise your potential!

They will appreciate this greatly.

Check out guitar teachers in Melbourne here.



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