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📲Where in Brisbane can you find a private guitar tutor?

Are you looking to begin to learn the guitar?


There are currently 4 guitar tutors available to give guitar lessons in Brisbane and the surrounding areas.


A messaging system is in place on the platform that allows you to contact with the guitar teachers that are offering private lessons on the platform.


Once your course request has been accepted, you can start your first lesson with your guitar teacher.


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👨🏼‍⚖️ How many tutors are currently offering guitar classes near you?

There are currently 4 guitar instructors offering guitar classes in Brisbane and the suburban areas.


To find a private guitar teacher, view their advert to find out more information about their course offering. Our guitar instructors cover all types of guitar from electric, acoustic, bass.


Choose your private course in Brisbane from our range of more than 4 guitar teachers available.

💸 How pricey are guitar lessons per hour in Brisbane and the surrounding areas?

In Brisbane, guitar instructors charge $39 for private guitar classes.


The rates for guitar lessons will differ depending on:

  • the experience of your guitar teacher
  • the type of guitar you want to learn (acoustic, electric, bass...)
  • the location of your guitar classes (via Skype or an outside location)
  • the number of classes and the duration of each class
  • the goal of your guitar classes

97% of our guitar teachers give their first guitar lesson for free.


Check out the prices of our guitar teachers near you.

🎸What equipment should you get before taking guitar lessons with a guitar tutor?

The first thing you need is obviously to buy a guitar. Some of the most reputable guitar brands are Ibanez, ESP, Fender and Washburn.


The cost of a new guitar can sometimes put off new guitarists.

If this is the case, you can rent a guitar to practice with until you feel ready to purchase your own guitar.


Depending on the type of guitar you want to play, you may also purchase:

  • an amplifier
  • an audio cable
  • a guitar strap
  • guitar picks
  • an effects pedal

Certain guitar accessories are not obligatory in order for you to play the guitar. Don't hesitate to ask your guitar tutor for help on what accessories you should buy in order to play the music you want to.


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Private Guitar Lessons Brisbane

If you’ve ever thought of starting guitar lessons, you’re in the right place! Superprof has a bunch of the best professional guitar teachers in Brisbane to help you get started. Whether you’re just starting out as a beginner or more advanced, Superprof’s tutors have you covered. We have all bases covered for kids and adults. You can browse our teachers, view their biographies, reviews from past students and choose somebody based on price per hour, location and area of expertise. You can contact your tutor right here and the first lesson is always free, so you’ll able to see if your guitar teacher is the right fit for you. Most guitar tuition teachers offer the option of online classes or face-to-face at either your home or their home.

Getting prepared for your guitar lessons

Learning guitar is a great experience. It will help you expand and grow as a person and musician and may lead to amazing opportunities. But first, you need to get prepared for your lessons! The best place to start is by buying a guitar. You can find something within your price range. You don’t need anything special to start out with. You can borrow an old guitar from friends or family or find something second-hand. Most music stores in Australia will have affordable options for guitars. While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to buy a pick to strum with and an A4 textbook for your teacher to write notes, tabs and chords in. You can pick up a capo which you place on a fret to change the key of your guitar and a strap to practice playing standing up. Buying a tuner is a good idea to make sure your guitar is always in tune. If you’re learning on an electric guitar, it’s a great idea to find an amp and lead to hear yourself with. If you’re starting out on an acoustic guitar, you won’t need an amp. Further down the line, you might want to invest in some great pedals and effects to cultivate your own personal sound if you want to go down that road. Eventually, you can learn to write music and record yourself at home or in a studio if you have the means.


If you’re a more advanced guitar player, it could be a good idea to know what your goals are in attending guitar lessons. What is it you want to learn or improve on? Reflecting on this will help your teacher understand how to help you best.

Why learn guitar in Brisbane?

Brisbane has a thriving music scene. Learning to play the guitar can lead you to meeting like-minded people in Brisbane and QLD and starting or joining a band with them. There are plenty of music venues to play at or head to gigs to meet new friends or appreciate live music. New and upcoming bands have ample opportunities to play live and gain an audience. Many guitar teachers have experience within the Brisbane music scene and are involved in the community. Having a guitar teacher who performs regularly and writes and performs their own music can give you an insight into life as a musician and inspire you to get involved.

Outcomes of learning guitar

Guitar is a popular, common instrument with good reason. It’s incredibly versatile. Most genres of music include guitar, like rock, jazz, pop, blues and classical, and you can learn to play any style you desire with the help of a qualified music teacher. After years of learning an instrument, many students go on to attend a music school to advanced their skills in music, meet other musicians to play with, learn advanced musical theory and get a qualification that can lead to becoming a professional session or studio artist or take the route of music teaching at a primary or high school. Having a sound understanding of guitar can make it easier to learn other instruments, such as bass and piano. If you like singing, guitar is the perfect instrument to accompany you.

Basics of playing guitar

Your guitar tutor will teach you the basics of learning the guitar, including learning the string notes, major, minor and pentatonic scales, chords and chord progressions, reading tabs, strumming, finger picking and other basics like holding the pick and guitar correctly. These are good steps to take to becoming a good guitar player, but your guitar teacher will have their own individual way of teaching.

Finding your guitar style

One of the most rewarding and fun experiences of learning an instrument is finding your own personal and unique style. Over time, as you progress each lesson, your musical inspirations will start to come out and you’ll start to find yourself aiming to achieve the sound you’re after. You can learn a lot from your teacher and letting them know your who your musical inspirations are will help them understand what you’re after from lessons and cater their lessons to you. You can bring in examples of music you like and show your teacher. They may even be able to learn a song you want to learn and teach it to you in the coming weeks.

Achieving your goals

Setting goals is important for wellbeing, since it gives us something to work towards, gives us a sense of purpose and motivation. You can set small goals each week to progress your learning. Since practice is important in any art-form, you should be practising weekly or daily to achieve your guitar goals. Your goals might sound something like:

  • This week, I am going to learn to play this chord progression
  • Today, I’m going to learn to play one of my favourite songs
  • By September, I’m going to have written three of my own songs
  • Tomorrow, I’m going to start learning how to use a slide


These are just some examples of small goals you can set to keep you motivated. As a student, it’s important to stay excited about what you’re learning to keep on track. It’s also important to follow your teacher’s recommendations for practice so you can practice what they’re teaching you.


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