To those who are passionate about languages and are wanting to add another string to their bow: French is no longer exclusively for France!

In fact, there is a total of 29 countries where French as an official language. It is spoken by an estimated 300 million people worldwide. 

What do you say to raising that figure by one?  

We live in a globalised world, there are several reasons to study the language of Molière.

  • Some have a strong desire to discover French culture
  • Or you want to take some French lessons before your next trip to France where you'll be sunbathing in the Côte d'Azur, strolling through Provence and sipping wine in the Loire Valley
  • What about those who love history and are dying to visit Normandy, a place of a significance for English identity and language
  • Perhaps you're an engineer looking to join the French automotive industry
  • You're a lover of French gastronomy and a budding chef looking for experience in a Parisian boulangerie, patisserie or bistro

If this sounds like you, maybe it's time to start speaking French!

Now the question is, how much do French lessons cost?

And how should you go about finding the right French tutor for you?

Let's break down the most cost-effective ways to learn French.

Find out how much French lessons cost and which ones you need is the first step in the right direction
Don't let a French course empty your wallet Source: Visual Hunt Credit: NoHoDamon

The Standard Cost of French Lessons

Based on the research compiled by Ethnologue, French is among the top 5 most spoken languages in the world.

As a romance language, French has Latin roots similar to several other languages spoken around the world.

So you will find familiar sentence structures, grammar rules and even some vocabulary in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian for example.

This is why many people learn to speak French as a starting point to other romance languages.

I wish I never learnt any French - Said no one ever

Bien sûr que non! Anyone who has learnt French as a foreign language often regrets not having continued on their classes, and might even regret not dabbling into other languages!

Given the advantages which come with being multilingual, it is reasonable to study something that can really lay the foundations for learning other languages!

Known as the language of culture, French is also said to be the language of human rights.

The 1789 "Déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen" written by the Marquis de Lafayette and the Count of Mirabeau, coupled with the English Bill of Rights, are considered the basis for the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Ancient history aside, why should someone learn French in a modern world full of English speakers? 

Let's start with a quick look at your clothes. Their cut or design may well have been taken from influential French fashion designers.

Do you a love smoky eyeshadow look or a ruby red lip colour? Maybe L'Oréal is your shampoo of choice.

You might just be wearing French head to toe!

If you lean more towards mechanics, the destination for you may be Saint-Ouen, a commune north of Paris where the Citroën headquarters are.

Speaking French is usually a must for such companies alongside qualifications in your chosen field, whether it's engineering or cosmetic science.

To expand past basic French words such as bonjour and bonsoir, you must commit to French lessons.

You've already enrolled in French courses? Félicitations!

What you now need is to focus, and a stack of study materials to develop your French vocabulary and help you become proficient in the four areas of language learning: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

One of the most integral elements to help you learn French and become fluent, is a dedicated tutor!

Browse French classes Melbourne here.

Take French Lessons with a Private Organisation

To improve your conversational French and more broadly your linguistic skills, try a language learning centre which engages native speakers. 

You can find a teacher who will deliver French lessons in your home or by Skype.

Language schools however typically provide small group classes at their office.

The French-speaking teachers employed here have established their credentials and proven their competence, experience, and teaching skills.

It would, therefore, suit to navigate your learning journey along these avenues. 

To get you picking up new expressions, your tutor may start the session with a conversation totally in French.

A little bit of French slang or vernacular may slip its way into your repertoire!

Or you may take a casual quiz to gauge if there's any particular areas such as grammar or transition words that you need to work on. 

Instructors sometimes end their French lessons by asking students to memorise a list of words and phrases to be applied in proper context before the next class.

You might be forking out as much as $80 or more for an hour of instruction, with some organisations asking for administration fees before you enroll.

There are offices like these all over Australia. 

It is often said that practice makes perfect! And when you're learning how to speak a second language, you will need plenty of it. Find tips on practicing French here.

Learn French Through France Based Institutions

The next thing to try for those studying French would be to look into associations dedicated to French language and culture.

Such French courses are often delivered in small groups, in order that the tutors can guarantee equal support and attention to each student. 

If you're a Sydneysider, L'Alliance Française offers French courses for beginners right through to students at an advanced level. 

As a matter of fact, L'Alliance has branches throughout Australia, all the way from Darwin, down to Melbourne and even Hobart

If you're curious to learn French through L'Alliance, it is worth knowing that it would cost you approximately $98 per hour of teaching at their office. If you prefer the tutors travel to your home, the price would jump to around $106 - $146 depending on where you're located. 

Expect the fee to increase if you have a friend or partner jump in the French class with you. 

If you've got an upcoming trip to France, or intend to stay over there for some time, why not consider an intensive French immersion program? This will have you speaking French in no time!

Unfortunately, this may not be possible for everyone. For those working on their French skills from the comfort of their home, there are organisations such as Language Trainers that also offer French courses.

It will cost about $99 per hour of instruction if the lesson is delivered in your home or office, and $58 for French lessons online via Skype.

Some organisations dedicated to language learning also list a bunch of free resources on their website!

These might contain handy links for example to vocab lists that will certainly come in use when traveling.

Or you might stumble upon verb conjugation tables and information on pronoun use.

Despite these free French lessons or resources, there is no denying that finding a teacher absolutely committed to your success is the number one way to learn a language. 

This next group contains some of the most dedicated French teachers out there...

Find more information about French lessons Sydney here.

Your French teacher must be patient and motivating
Superprof tutors will be more than happy to provide sessions either at your home or somewhere that is mutually convenient Source: Pixabay Credit: Sasint

Average Price of French Lessons with Superprof

From Canberra to Perth; from Adelaide to Brisbane: you can improve your French language skills anywhere in Australia with a Superprof tutor!

Whether you are working on your spoken French or trying to master the infamous subjunctive, you can just be beginning French lessons or have a fairly advanced level - whichever category your learning needs fall into, uncover how to parler français with one of the 12,700 + French tutors on Superprof.

Not thinking about mood or tense, did you notice that there are about 23 forms that French verbs can take? Across the indicative, subjunctive, conditional, imperative, participle, gerund and the infinitive... there's lots to learn!

If you're wanting to master these aspects and make some drastic progress, you should think about engaging either a native speaker who is living in Australia, or a tutor whose skills would constitute them as bilingual.

A French lesson with a Superprof tutor will cost you on average about $30 per hour. The first hour is usually offered for free by most tutors so you are able to see if your way of learning matches their teaching style!

Have a look over the chart below and compare the price of French courses:

NameIn OfficeIn Your HomeOnline
Alliance Française£52£58Average £46
Language Trainers£49£49£28
Superprof(in a mutually agreed location)
Average £15
Average £15Average £15

To Conclude

1. Taking into account that about 20% of English words actually come from French, you might already be on of the way to speaking French.

2. Some of the best and most highly regarded universities in the world are either in English or French-speaking regions.

3. However, a recent downward trend and shift in attitudes towards foreign language learning has been observed post-Brexit, including French.

This does not seem so right when considering the sheer number of aspiring French students and dedicated tutors.

As well as the masses of Australian tourists visiting France or other French-speaking countries year after year!

If you're reading this article and so happen to be one of these lucky people planning a trip abroad, put down your name right away for some French language classes!

You could learn how to say some handy expressions and refine your French pronunciation. Scribble these down in a phrasebook and/or use some flashcards, and you'll be on your way to speaking French in no time!

As you learn French, you will move past the beginner level and feel more and more comfortable having a proper French conversation with a native speaker!

Soon enough you'll be an unofficial ambassador for la belle France!

I can hear French compatriots from around the world expressing a heartfelt merci!

And if you feel its time to certify your French skills, test your level through the DELF exam. 

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