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French lessons Sydney

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At Superprof we are lucky to boast some of the best French teachers Sydney NSW has to offer. We've also kept it simple for you by ensuring it is easy to browse through our tutors' online profiles, allowing you to view what kind of French classes will suit you best. Whether you are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level Superprof will have a teacher that is just right for you. You can learn the basics and attend French conversation classes with other students, or attend online zoom lessons specifically targeting your knowledge of grammar and writing. Contact one of our many Superprof tutors online today!


French classes with your private French teacher can be a great way to fast track your learning and boost your confidence in your French-speaking skills. You could be a more advanced student looking to improve your French to a higher level. Private grammar lessons are a great way to solidify your basic knowledge of how the French language works. Sydney is a fantastic location for you to begin your French-speaking journey, it is a multicultural city with plenty of native French speakers around for you to seek out and spend time practising conversation.

Why should I get French lessons?

Having your own private lessons or classes with other French students is the best way to immerse yourself in a  new language and its' culture. Being able to speak French and investing your time and hours into practising your new language opens up many exciting avenues. Being able to understand another language allows your brain to consider concepts in a different way, allowing you to express yourself all whilst having fun!  Learning with other French students in group classes is a fun way to socialise and learn at the same time.


As a French student, you will notice your speaking skills improve for years to come if you stick to your regular classes and invest your time in online courses which will help you reach a more advance level. Courses are available for all students no matter your skill level, be it for beginners, intermediate or advanced there is sure to be a course for you that suits your skills ability.

How can learning French benefit me?

Being able to speak multiple languages can have amazing benefits to your personal and professional life. Taking a French language course can have multiple benefits to your cognitive abilities and your academic skills. Many universities offer language courses within their programs, especially international business degrees. Business degrees often place a great deal of emphasis on the benefits of speaking multiple languages, as it can often create a positive learning culture between countries and different companies.


In today's busy world, online courses are often the most viable way for people to do their learning these days. It can be fun learning online with other students as you are able to connect with other like-minded individuals who are keen to learn and join the French-speaking community. Our French tutors at Superprof will be happy to share their love and knowledge of all things French, helping you to join a larger community of enthusiastic French speakers local to your area in Sydney NSW and greater Australia. Private or group classes with a French tutor is the best way to fast track your learning experience. Group classes with other French students in particular can have amazing benefits for your conversation skills.


You may be a school student in your final HSC studies in Sydney NSW, enlisting the help of a French tutor outside of school hours will help you in doing the best you can do in your final written and oral exams. Your final year of school studies can often feel overwhelming, however employing the help of a private French tutor can help to take away those pesky nerves and help you work towards achieving your end of year goals. It could be your dream to enrol in a university French language course after you finish school and join other beginner French speakers.


With the help of your own private tutor, you will feel prepared before you begin your university studies and ace those end of year exams. Whatever your level in French is, working with other students and a tutor will benefit your language skills greatly, helping you reach that advanced level and working towards becoming a fluent French speaker.

Where can French lessons take me?

Australia and France have always had a positive relationship with one another over the years, you could be someone in the world of business who has recently made connections with French-speaking partners. Attending regular lessons will boost your confidence and expand your communication skills across English and French.


France is not the only travel location you could venture to if you are looking to practise your French conversation skills outside of Australia. You could visit New Caledonia, which is just off the coast of QLD Australia, or Montreal Canada, and many different countries in Africa as well as some in South America. It is clear that being able to speak French can take you to many different travel locations around the world, and expand the number of people you are able to connect with through language!


Possible career avenues that you can explore by learning French include but aren't exclusive to; translating, teaching, cross-cultural business communication and pretty much any profession you desire in French-speaking countries! Being a student of French and aspiring to reach an advanced level will place you in a positive position for years to come, allowing you to join and practice with other students of language from a variety of cultures, ages and skill levels.


If you have big dreams to travel, having more than one language under your belt will help you have the best travel experience you can have. Connecting with other students and French speakers from around the world can pretty much take you anywhere you want to go! Contact one of Superprof tutors today for your first lesson, free of charge. Commit your time and hours to learn French so you can fast track your cross-cultural experiences today!


💸 How much do private French classes cost in Sydney?

The average rate of private lessons in Sydney is $36/hr.


Prices will vary depending on:

  • the teaching experience and qualifications of the French tutor
  • where your lessons will take place (online, in person, an outside location...etc)
  • the number of lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • the over goal of your classes (are you learning French for exam revision, or perhaps you are studying to get a French language qualification)

87% of Superprof tutors give the first hour of French classes for free. Check out the prices of our French tutors in your city.

🏅 How many teachers are available to give private French courses in Sydney?

In Sydney and its surrounds, there are 24 private French teachers available to teach lessons


To find your private tutor, view their advert to find out more information about what they're offering.


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