When Joseph Pilates invented Pilates, I bet that he had no idea about how well it would take off 100 years later. But I am sure that the knowledge would make him even more proud of his dedication to fitness and for inventing such an important and engaging total body workout program.

If you have never tried Pilates, I urge you to give it a try, it has a slow and purposeful range of motion which focuses on strengthening, stability, sculpting and incorporating body alignment workouts. It is great for weight loss, body sculpting, mind and body connection. It has enough variations to suit everyone, including those with injuries, back pain, stiffness or extra weight.

Pilates is the exercise that suits any level of flexibility and coordination. Beginner Pilates more so, as it really does guide you gently, encouraging the whole body to work together. If you are interested in getting active and think Pilates could be useful for you but don’t want to rush out sign up for classes at the gym. Then you can try Pilates at home, all that is required is that you know your own limits so that you don’t create injuries in your body.

No need to buy an expensive Pilates DVD, you can practice Pilates for free by attending free pilates classes online. The internet is full of free and fantastic Pilates videos that can support your fitness goals. You can do a quick workout or longer workouts, but whichever kind of video you choose you will begin to feel the pilates benefits within the first few classes.

To get you started, we have found 10 of the most popular pilates body workouts for beginners. Enjoy!

It has enough variations to suit everyone
Pilates motion which focuses on strengthening, stability, sculpting and incorporating body alignment workouts. Photo Source: Unsplash
  1. POP Pilates For Beginners - Total Body Work Out

  • 5 million views
  • 17 minutes long

This Pilates workout video is hosted by Cassey Ho and is a special edition for beginners where she focuses on walking you through the real essence of Pilates. She explains how to do the different exercises, what the exercises are for and helps you to connect with the key principles of Pilates fitness such as the way to breathe, your posture and your form. Her workout videos are filmed professionally so that you can follow along and with simple surroundings so that you can focus on what Cassey is teaching. Cassey also has some more advanced video so if you like here teaching style you can grow with her.

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  1. Body Slimming Workout | POP Pilates for Beginners

  • 2 million views
  • 17 minutes long

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Hosted by Cassey Ho, this video is focused on weight loss for beginners. She really goes into the form on this video to maximise your weight loss results. She is very clear that you shouldn’t just watch the video but that you should be getting out your own pilates mat no other Pilates equipment is needed to start so you should be joining her. She explains how to do crunches and various exercises that can aid your weight loss journey. She also demonstrates what you shouldn’t do with your flow while working out. Cassey is dedicated to the Pilates principles and guides you, sometimes in quite amusing ways, on improving flexibility, lower back strengthening, abdominal core strength, your form to get the best results.

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You can try Pilates at home,
Pilates is the exercise that suits any level of flexibility and coordination. Photo Source: Unsplash
  1. Winsor Pilates 20 Minute Workout

  • 1 million views
  • 23 minutes long

Now, this is an old school pilates video, but sometimes the older exercise videos give some of the best content as they are not influenced by popular culture. This video shows 5 practitioners being lead through the pilates postures by a very professional gentle teacher. The instructor is a mind body and breathing techniques expert, she really breaks down what you should be doing with your Pilates body, what the exercise will do for you, mistakes to watch out for, where you should be focusing your attention and how you should be feeling. She teaches with a traditional approach and really explains everything that is going on. I think this is one of the best videos for instructional practice. Also, there is a practitioner who shows modifications in case you are unable to do the full exercise for whatever reason.

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  1. Pilates Workout with Focus on Butt - Music Only Version with No Instructions

  • 5 million views
  • 45 minutes long

This video is brought to you by GymRa, this is a fat burning video. If you just want to follow along and don’t want to hear about all of the Pilates philosophy or reasons for doing the movement and corrections. You get 45 minutes of pure pilates. Where you have to do nothing but follow along. They do put text on the screen to announce the next exercise and add subtitles at the bottom of the screen to guide you. This is a great full body workout, and with regular practice, it will help you with improving lean abs, slim your waist, melt fat from your thighs, efficiently improve muscle tone on your arms, sculpt butt, create leaner legs and general full body conditioning. This is an excellent video if you have practised pilates a few times already and are familiar with the movements.

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  1. Beginner Pilates Workout

  • 3 million views
  • 8 minutes long

This video is hosted by Erin Huggins and is an almost 10-minute long basic Pilates workout for beginners aimed at warming you up before you go into a more extended practice. Although this video is a warm-up, it serves as a great pick me up, that you can use throughout the day in case you don’t have time for a more extended session. This is a great video if you don’t have much time and still want help with fit a workout program into the time that you have available. But even though it is short, it is full of great creative tips for how to improve your beginner workout, so can also be used to prime yourself for a longer session too.

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  1. Total Body Pilates! 20 Minute Tone & Shape, Legs, Butt, Abs, Beginners Home Workout

  • 3 million views
  • 21 minutes long

This video is hosted by Kait Coats, she promises quick and painless workout routines for beginner exercises and jumps straight in with some on the mat work. She explains what you should be feeling and how to do it. She is very instructional about each movement and starts slowly then begins to speed up to build some heat in the body. As the video goes on it get more challenging, incorporating stretches for a balanced range of motion which is great for full body toning, especially shaping the legs arms and the core muscles ‘powerhouse’. The core exercises are quite challenging.

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Practice popular pilates body workouts
Practice Pilates for free by attending free pilates classes online. Photo Source: Unsplash
  1. Relaxing Stretching Workout for Flexibility and Stress Relief - Full Body Yoga Pilates Blend

  • 900 thousand views
  • 35 minutes long

This video is hosted by Kelly, she greets us with a Pilates blend video that is focused on relaxation and aims to increase flexibility. Kelly uniquely primes us to releases any of our stresses and strains out of the lesson. She asks us to give ourselves this time to focus and enjoy the practice. She also lets us know that whatever we can do is ok and that it is important not to push through pain to try to get results. This is a charming video where Kelly is really looking out for your wellbeing. She uses techniques from pilates and yoga classes with great stretching postures to create a relaxing and stress relieving workout at home.

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  1. Pilates for Beginners, Abs, Core, Butt, Cardio 30 Mins

  • 700 thousand views
  • 28 minutes long

This Pilates workout video is hosted by Angela, It is an old video but is pretty great, as she starts by telling us all about Pilates and the benefits that we can expect after practising, It is hard not to watch after that. She jumps right into guiding us in how to lie down in a neutral pelvis position she explains that the pubic bone and hip bone need to be in alignment and that we should not allow the lower back to the cave in. She reminds us all the way through about how to improve posture and proper breathing, so it makes it easy to gain the benefits of the workout. Angela is a great mindful instructor and has a traditional approach to those who prefer to learn Pilates from a very experienced teacher.

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  1. Pilates for Beginners - Beginner Pilates Mat Exercises

  • 500 thousand views
  • 26 minutes long

Jessica Valant starts this video off with an introduction into why she loves pilates training and why it is essential to her as a teacher and trainer. She is passionate about helping people to become more aware of their own bodies. She loves the idea that once students develop body awareness, they will be able to shine and really take control of their lives not just in home fitness but in all corners of their lives. Uniting the body, mind and spirit which is one of the key principles of Pilates. Jessica's teaching style is very supportive, guiding and all you need to get started, she talks you through the routines but also reminds you of where to focus and highlights common mistakes and how to fix them.

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  1. Pilates for Older Women

  • 417 thousand views
  • 13 minutes long

This video is hosted by Amy Havens, who is a dedicated pilates instructor. She takes some time at the start of the video just to explain about the way you’re your body feels when you get older and how you can alleviate these sensations. She explains about proper breathing, and how to make sure that you are in the right position and what to do when you are not aligned. My favourite thing about this video though is that It has been created for older women and that it has a link to a Pilates for men video, that helps to break down any misconceptions that Pilates is just for women.

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I hope you enjoyed the list and they inspired you to get active with either Pilates or yoga classes.

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