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Instructors with an average rating of 5.0 stars and more than 5 reviews.

44 $/h

Great prices: 89% of our yoga teachers offer their first class for free and the average lesson cost is $44/hr

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💸 How costly are private yoga sessions in Melbourne and the surrounding areas?

In Melbourne, yoga coaches charge $44 for private yoga sessions.


The rates for yoga classes will differ depending on:

  • the experience of your coach
  • the type of yoga class (bikram, ashtanga, hatha...)
  • the location of your yoga classes (online or the student's place)
  • the frequency of your lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • the goal of your yoga classes

97% of our teachers offer their 1st lesson free.


Check out the rates of our yoga private tutors in your city.

👨🏼‍⚖️ How many yoga instructors are available to give private yoga lessons in Melbourne and the surrounding areas?

There are currently 18 teachers offering yoga classes in Melbourne and the suburban areas.


To find a private yoga teacher, view their tutoring ad to find out more information about their course offering. Our yoga instructors cover all types of yoga from Bikram to Ashtanga to Jivamukti.


Choose your yoga classes in Melbourne from our range of more than 18 yoga teachers available.

💻 Can you take lessons online?

Did you know you can practice the art of yoga from the comfort of your own home?


On Superprof, many of our yoga tutors also offer private online tuition. In fact, about 80% of the private tutors across our platform offer yoga lessons via Google Meet.


To find available yoga tutors online, just select the webcam filter in the search engine to see the available instructors offering online courses in your desired subject.


Online courses via Skype offer you more advantages in terms of flexibility and are often less expensive as the teacher does not need to travel.


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✒️ How did pupils score their yoga teacher in Melbourne?

Yoga students rated their teachers an average 5.0 out of 5 from a sample of 5 scores.


If you have any complications with your class, a member of the Superprof customer service team will be available to help you find a solution (by email from Monday - Friday).


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👴🏼 What are the advantages of taking yoga lessons in Melbourne?

Practising yoga is a great way to help you relax and stay in shape. Other benefits of yoga include increased energy and a more balanced metabolism.


All of our yoga classes with a competent instructor will help you to master the art of yoga. Our coaches will help you perfect your poses, practice meditation and promote mindfullness.


You simply pick your instructor  and contact them to book your classes. All yoga lessons can be held either from the comfort of your home or at an agreed upon location


A messaging function is in place for you to get in touch with your tutor to schedule your yoga classes whether you want to learn yoga from home or take online classes.


Use the search engine to find your yoga teacher from among 18 yoga tutors in Melbourne.


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We are truly blessed to be living in an age with so much choice. We can choose our work, our hobbies and our partners, things that were impossible for most people even one hundred years ago. With new technologies at your fingertips, we have even more say in the way we organise our own lives. Superprof is a part of that revolution. You’re here because you’re interested in finding yoga classes near you that suit your schedule and meet your needs. At Superprof, there are literally thousands of yoga teachers ready to teach you, each with their own personalities, methods and schedules. With the power of the Superprof platform, you can find a yoga teacher that meets your yoga and schedule requirements exactly. Sacrifice nothing, gain everything; learn yoga today with a yoga instructor that has your experience at the forefront of their minds.

Speaking of choice, there are so many different types of yoga you could choose to learn. All yogis teach flow and breath techniques, but you can find a private yoga teacher who teaches any style. There’s so many to choose from. From Vinyasa to Ashtanga to Hatha yoga or Yin yoga; experiment and find a style that suits your body and your mind. Some yoga disciplines are more physically involved and challenging than others. Some are gentle yoga practices. You could try Kundalini yoga, which involves a heavy focus on chants and mantras. It is said that these chants help to centre and focus the mind and body, increasing the practitioner's embodiment and overall peace of mind. Find a yoga class today and exercise both your body and mind. Namaste.

If you’ve always wanted to learn yoga from the best yoga instructors, search near you right now to find a teacher ready to impart the ancient knowledge embedded in yoga philosophy. Join the yoga community as a new student and enjoy the benefits of yoga as you learn from your yoga workshops. If you’re a beginner, that’s okay! Most yoga instructors are trained in beginner yoga. Yoga for beginners classes are a staple of most yoga schools. Even as a beginner, you can choose to learn from all the different yoga disciplines; Iyengar yoga, Power yoga, Restorative yoga, Hot yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Prenatal yoga… There are so many options, as well as amazing tutors ready to connect with you here at Superprof.

Why choose a yoga class taught by a Superprof yoga teacher?

There are so many reasons to choose a Superprof yoga teacher for your yoga classes. For starters, you can be guaranteed that your yoga teacher will be highly motivated to help you with your yoga poses. You can also be assured that your Superprof yogas instructor has countless hours of yoga practice and yoga teacher training. Your mind body connection will be thoroughly nourished by practising yoga with the fantastic yoga instructors found on our online yoga tutoring marketplace. Often, our yoga teachers will offer a free yoga class for first time clients, so you can experiment to find a yoga instructor that matches perfectly with your personality as you work to perfect your yoga postures. Whether it’s yoga Nidra, dharma or yoga meditation, increase your power flow with a professional Superprof yoga teacher.

One of the best reasons to do yoga in a Superprof teachers’ yoga class is because of the diverse yoga class schedules that are available to you. Gone are the days where you HAVE to wake up at 5:30am to make the 6:30am yoga class at the yoga school in the recreation centre near your house. Due to the amount of yoga teaching professionals waiting to connect with you on the Superprof platform, you can fit your yoga classes in when they suit YOU. With a Superprof yoga instructor, your schedule doesn’t have to change at all for you to experience the invigorating, grounding, body mind workout that is yoga.

So why take yoga classes in the first place?

If you don’t know the answer to this question already, you probably haven't tried yoga yet! Yoga, or yoga therapy is a meditative, embodiment exercise practice. A yoga session will give you a full body workout, testing your core strength and centring you with slow flow and breathwork. While it’s not a vigorous exercise method, the practice of yoga is deeply challenging. While yoga styles differ, each yoga workout is designed to be a whole body experience. The yogic breathing techniques, handstand and inversions coupled with the yogic asanas (poses) make for a connective physical practice that is great for weight loss.

There’s a reason why yoga has been practised for millennia. When you start learning yoga you enter into an ancient practice stretching back for generations and generations. Yoga exercise is one of the most fulfilling and energising methods of exercise that exists. Not only that, it’s something that people of all ages can benefit from. Kids yoga is popular and available. You can find yoga classes for kids on Superprof today!

Yoga exercises have been shown in studies to increase a sense of wellness and to reduce stress and anxiety. Closely connected to ancient martial arts like tai chi, the goal of yoga is to connect the body mind and soul, making it an effective and efficient way to activate your physical and cognitive potential. We’ve said it already, but yoga is for everyone. There’s no-one that wouldn’t stand to benefit from the physical practice that is yoga. With yoga, you can build both strength and flexibility while you learn to focus and calm your mind.

So get started today! There are hundreds of professional, qualified and experienced yoga instructors near you who are itching to teach you all about the amazing practice of yoga. If you’re in any way interested, take a look at some yoga teacher profiles near your location. One great way to get started is to read the reviews of the teacher left by previous clients. Hopefully, you’re inspired to begin your fitness and wellness journey here today on Superprof.

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