More and more people are looking to private tutors to enrich and supplement their education.

Whether you're an adult looking to pick up a new instrument or hobby, a university student gunning to score H1s across the board, or a parent seeking out extra reading support for your child, the right tutor is out there for you.

Gone are the days of tearing off a number from a battered flier down at your local newsagent and cold-calling a stranger.

Searching online can streamline the process of hiring a tutor - as long as you know where to look! Without access to the right sites, the choices presented in a simple Google search can be overwhelming. So let us walk you through the different options available to you when searching for a tutor.

What qualifications do tutors need?
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And if you're a tutor hoping to start your own tutoring business offering private tutorials, read on and find out the best places online to post your advertisement to attract new students.  We'll be listing some of the largest tutoring platforms connecting students with talented teachers, and investigating the pros and cons of each site.

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The best tutors available
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For A Maths Focus...


This is a tutoring site specifically focusing on maths tuition, created and based in Australia.

The pros...

  • A strong focus on mathematics for students who need help in that specific area
  • They specialise in primary and high-school students, so your child will get tailored help from tutors used to working with these age groups
  • They claim that only 2% of maths tutors who apply are accepted to work with the company - so you'll be learning from the best of the best
  • Australian-based tutors - they'll know your specific curriculum and no fiddling around with different time zones!
  • They offer a 30-minute trial to get you started!
Find a maths tutor
Struggling with maths? There are specific tutoring websites for that!

For Any Subject...


This is one of the older tutoring platforms available - and it shows in their website design!

The pros...

  • Tutorfinder has been around for a while, so it has a lot of different tutors offering study help across many different subjects... this means anything from algebra to economics, to ESL, essay-writing help, languages psychology... or you can search for tutors who help specifically with certain big tests, like the UMAT
  • You can search by city and localise even further into specific suburbs and regions
  • The website is easy to use - even if it looks a little old and tired!
  • You can post a student ad through their "Request A Tutor" feature. Writing your own ad takes a little bit of work at first, but then you can sit back and let any interested tutors flock to you!


Established in 2014, TutorsField puts students in touch with tutors all across Australia. There are a couple of advantages to finding a tutor through Tutorsfield: firstly, a slick interface that is very user-friendly. They can get you connected quickly to tutors teaching across a wide range of subjects - everything from Korean, Guitar, to the high-school basics such as Maths, English and Chemistry. Secondly - they offer a money-back guarantee - you pay your lesson fees directly to Tutorsfield, so if you're not happy with your first lesson, they'll refund you!

For An Online Language Tutor

Preply has a couple of benefits...

  • No need to wade through a raft of search results to find the right language tutor - most of your work is already done for you, as you'll be searching exclusively through language tutors who can teach you through Skype
  • Great for people who are short on time or live remotely - you'll be able to find a tutor to teach you online from the comfort of wherever you are
  • You can find a native speaker quickly and easily who can offer online lessons from anywhere in the world. This means you can video chat with a real French speaker in Paris, or a native Korean speaker in Seoul, if you so desire!
The best tutors available
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Finding A Tutor Through Gumtree and Craiglist

Classified ads have nearly entirely moved across the Gumtree and (to a lesser extent), Craigslist.

We don't generally recommend finding a tutor through these sites - it can be hard to verify the tutor's background and the quality of education you'll be receiving.

Hiring a tutor through Gumtree
Could you find your next guitar teacher on Gumtree? Source: Soundtrap on Unsplash

On the other hand, people searching for tutors generally turn to these sites because they of their familiar interface - they are designed to be very easy to use! And you can indeed find a wide range of different tutors across any subjects you might be looking for.

In our opinion, Gumtree and Craiglist can help find a casual language exchange partner, or if you're looking outside traditionally "academic" subjects for a fun new hobby. You could definitely find your next painting tutor, life coach or yoga instructor there, for example. But if you have a lot riding on a big test that is coming up, don't cut corners and hire a $10/h tutor from Gumtree - turn to one of the most trusted and specific platforms instead.

For The Ultimate In Convenience

Tutoring For Excellence

This agency was established in 1996 and still operates with a strong emphasis on old-school customer service. This our pick for the busy parent looking to find a tutor fast for their stressed-out student at home.

Get a call back with tutor recommendations!
For the busy parent... get a personalised tutor finding service that will call you and walk you through all your options! Source: Unsplash

Most other sites invite you to fill in a series of criteria to browse tutors near you - not dissimilar from a Google search - but with Tutoring For Excellence, you simply fill out a contact form including your location and what kind of tutoring you're looking for, and they promise that a dedicated consultant will get back to you within 24 hours.

Buyer beware: the high-level customer service may be reflected in the price of the tutoring you'll receive

Find out more about how tuition can help struggling school students.

Find A Tutor Through The Australian Tutoring Association

You can also search for tutors through the peak body representing tutors in Australia - The Australian Tutoring Association or ATA. The focus here is on quality - all tutors are members of the association and hold current Working With Children's Checks.

And lastly... Superprof!

Last but certainly not least, please allow us to introduce ourselves as one of the leading tutoring platforms on the market.

We were founded in 2013 in Biarritz, France. After just one year, we grew to over 200,000 tutors, then soon expanded across Europe. In 2016 we hit 1 million tutors worldwide!

Our goal is simple - making it quick and easy for tutors and students to connect online.

Tutors are can build their profiles and are invited to provide lots of information about their skill level, years of experience, qualifications, rates, teacher training, methodology, etc... Students will be able to browse tutors who have evidence of their diplomas as well as reviews, so you'll know you're hiring a really good teacher.

You the student are then invited to browse these teacher profiles and find the perfect fit for you - whether that's more academic subjects, study skills, exam prep, or anything from dance lessons to arts and crafts and career coaching. Our easy-to-use interface also makes it simple to find someone near to you who fits your expectations.

After you've got in touch via Superprof, it's up to both the teacher and student to work out where lessons will take place.

After your lesson, both student and tutor can leave feedback for each other. In this way, Superprof builds up a library of trusted reviews from real students, so you can rest assured that the person you plan to learn from comes highly-recommended for tutoring jobs.

The great thing about working at Superprof as a tutor is that you are ultimately working for yourself. You set your own hours and deal directly with your students. Without a tutoring agency taking a cut, students can generally benefit from lower prices and some teachers even offer their first hour of classes for free!

So what are you waiting for? Whether you're a student or a tutor, in Sydney or Melbourne or beyond... find your perfect tutor on Superprof today!

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