On a night out, do you dream of lighting up the dance floor, but usually find yourself stood on the sidelines, paralysed with fear of dancing?

It's not easy to start when you don't know how to dance very well, especially if you're shy or self-conscious.

With the summer holidays on the way, there are plenty of opportunities for dancing at nightclubs, concerts and festivals. It's the perfect time to learn how to move in time with the music!

As Simone de Beauvoir once said:

To exist is to dare to throw oneself into the world.

Stop hiding in the background at nightclubs, it's time to start dancing!

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Reasons to Take Dance Classes

You're not a professional dancer, but you want to learn the basic moves for a night on the town?

To learn to dance quickly, you can take dance classes at a dance school or find a private dance instructor who will provide you with invaluable tips to improve your technique.

Whatever type of dance you're learning (hip-hop dance, contemporary dance, salsa, etc.), taking lessons will inevitably improve how you boogie on a night out. A great asset if you're looking to meet someone, or just wanting to let off some steam on the dance floor.

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How are you supposed to dance at a disco?

It's also about feeling the music.

The first thing you'll learn at a dance class, is to feel the music and focus on the beat. This is the first step to knowing how to dance at a club. Staying in time to the music is fundamental, even if you're only doing the most basic of steps, it will help you feel much more comfortable on the floor and grow in self-confidence.

You can also learn to dance at home, a great way practice what you learned during a private lesson. Stand in front of a mirror, put on your favourite tunes and follow online video tutorials to learn a few simple steps.

The goal is not to be a professional nightclub dancer or become an expert in dance battles, but simply to look comfortable and find the dance style that you can actually do in a club. Why not organise some dance sessions to learn dance with your friends.

You'll most likely have someone in your friendship group who can teach you a few steps.

If not, you'll need learn how to:

  • Move your hips to the beat,
  • Do a few small steps to the right and to the left while dancing,
  • Use your arms and hands to dance,
  • Move your head to the rhythm of the music, etc.

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Dancing in Nightclubs: What Urban Dance Styles Inspire You?

Depending on the club you go to, you will be able to dance to different styles of music: house, rock n' roll, electro, techno, latin, african, rap, ragga...

It's easy to see that every person will have a different dance style, usually inspired by urban dances.

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Impress your friends and meet new people with urban dancing.
Urban dance classes will teach you the essential steps for dancing on a night out. Source: Visual Hunt

Urban dances are dance styles from the street, all over the world.

There are people who religiously follow the music trends of every era. The style of dance you see in nightclubs or concerts tends to be what is currently in fashion. It's not surprising that quite often old styles come back on the scene.

If you already have a good sense of rhythm and love to dance, here are some urban dances that may inspire you to dance in a club and find your own style. Without necessarily doing a full dance routine, some steps work really well when integrated into your way of dancing (provided you can pull them off):

Hip hop

Find zumba classes online: back to basics!

Hip hop or street dance encompasses a variety of dance steps and moves, some of which can be easily be included in your night out dance routine:

  • Popping: characterised by jerky, rather unconventional movements, popping was born in the 70s in the United States and continued to evolve right up to the 80s. Variations of this street dance include the robot, the boogaloo and tutting,
  • Locking: a dance which relies on very fast and distinct movements, moves are usually exaggerated for comic effect,
  • Hype: very trendy now, the hype, which appeared in the 80s and 90s, is a rhythmic dance. It was popularised by MC Hammer and his famous "Can't touch this" music video.
  • Krump: originated in Los Angeles at the end of the 90s, this dance style is known for its aggressive movements, as a form of peaceful reaction to violence through dance. Popularised in 2005 by Rize, David Lachapelle's documentary, you can also find the krump in music videos from the Prodigy or Christina Aguilera.

If you're a traditionalist, maybe ballroom dancing is the style for you.

The Shuffle

A love-child of rave and disco, which was created in the late 80s, the shuffle is usually danced to electronic music and is characterised by fast effects and heel-toe movements.

In 2009, LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem music video marked a revival of the shuffle.

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The two main steps to learn how to dance shuffle are:

  • The T Step: stepping to the side while swivelling one foot,
  • The running man: a move which mimics how you look when running on the spot.


Emerging in gay clubs in the late 70s, vogue or voguing is all about doing poses while dancing. A dance inspired by models, which is why this move takes its name from the famous fashion magazine, Vogue.

Voguing is still alive today in the Gay community, with some iconic artists such as Little Dragons and Kiddy Smile. This dance style was also taken up by other artists, like Madonna in the 90's.


A very common way of dancing in a nightclub, making close body contact when dancing is a great way to enjoy a night out with your life-long (or night-long) partner. There are many variations (zouk, bachata ...), but in all cases, this dance is based on the movement of your hips.

Whether you're dancing face to face or with the man behind his dance partner, this type of dance undoubtedly improves intimacy between couples. If you want to start grinding in a club with someone you don't know, make sure they accept your invitation first.

Best not to throw yourself at someone without their consent!


To finish with another sensual dance, girls can also do twerking in the club!

Not as simple as it looks. Twerking is when you move your hips quickly back and forth. This booty shake definitely requires some practice.

If Miley Cyrus or Rihanna can do it, anyone can. Some may see it as vulgar, but to each to their own.

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Tips for Dancing in a Nightclub

Dancing at a club rather than hiding in the background is also an opportunity to meet people, flirt and put your seduction techniques to the test!

Take urban dance lessons to feel confident on the dance floor.
On the dance floor, you can easily have fun without being an experienced dancer. Source: Visual Hunt

So, even if you know how to dance well, this might not be quite enough to reach your goal and talk to a girl (or a guy). Fortunately, we've got some great advice to help you survive a night out:

  • The outfit: choose an outfit you feel comfortable to dance in, but which still looks quite stylish. Anyway, they won't let you in wearing your old track-suit bottoms,
  • Deodorant: this is a big problem in clubs. It's hot. So if you don't want to end up drenched in sweat right away, don't forget give yourself a good spray of deodorant. And to go back to the previous point: avoid synthetic materials!
  • Ways to approach someone: this is the most important point to work on in addition to your zumba classes. How to approach a girl without being shy? Everyone has their own method, but don't forget that first impressions are crucial. Try to be as smooth as possible,
  • Respect other's space: you are there to dance, but be careful, the dance floor doesn't belong to just you. Learn to control your moves taking into account other dancers. Because no, jostling a girl or stepping on her feet, is not the best way to flirt,
  • Be sensible about alcohol: you may need a little drink to relax you before dancing, right? But, be careful not to overdo it. If you think you dance better after a few drinks, you may surprise yourself. Just look at the drunken dancers on the dance floor to realise that maybe this is not the best idea,
  • Smile and have fun: this is the last, but also the best, piece of advice. Enjoy your evening, have fun and forget about what other people think. Anyway, clubs are just big dark rooms so if you don't dance perfectly, no one will notice. On the other hand, smiling will make all the difference!
  • Don't forget, in a club, the first move is always the most difficult. Once you let go, you won't be able to stop! Dance is a state of mind ... be confidence and enjoy the moment.

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