"Take care of your body so that your soul may want to live in it. " Chinese proverb

Even as a man, practising yoga requires you to take care of your outfit to make sure you are as comfortable as possible when performing different postures.

30% of yogis these days are now men, as compared to 10% ten years ago according to the National Federation of Yoga Teachers.

A new market is gradually opening up with clothing brands and stores who offer more and more yoga clothes adapted to the morphology and needs of men.

Superprof is here to help you choose the best yoga outfit for you so that you can confidently show up to class.

What Types of Clothes Should You Wear For Yoga?

Yoga clothes for men don't include sportsbras.
The sports bra will not be essential yoga clothing for you gentlemen! (Source: Pixabay)

As with performing other sports, you might think that any short-sleeved t-shirt or long-sleeved t-shirt fits the bill. Likewise, wearing your gym shorts should be enough.

Well not exactly!

First, because when you do a yoga session, you risk sweating! A t-shirt with sleeves may make you feel uncomfortable with the sweat that will gather in your armpits. Sweating is not necessarily pleasant, and if you can wear materials that are created for just such a purpose, it's better!

Next, yoga exercises include a lot of stretching to gain in flexibility. We bend, stretch, find ourselves in upside down postures... So your gym shorts (jogging or athletics) will certainly not stretch enough or will be too loose and show too much.

Even if you are about to start yoga, I advise you to buy clothes designed to practice asana yoga and leave your running clothes in the closet.

Because even if men do not need a sports bra, you'll still need to choose between:

  • Shorts (cycling style, close to the body) or yoga pants (with a certain elasticity to be stretchy enough in the groin area.)
  • A short-sleeved t-shirt or a sports tank top, in any case, equipped with an anti-sweat fabric to help evacuate excessive sweating.

Shorts allow for more air circulation and are particularly recommended if you practice Bikram Yoga (or hot yoga). Same with the tank top.

Do not choose clothes that are too loose: your t-shirt may fall over your head in a downward dog position and your yoga teacher will not be able to verify that you are doing the yoga postures correctly.

Regarding underwear, the choice is yours. Some prefer boxers while others prefer briefs, like Rafael Nadal in tennis 😉 Avoid large boxers as they are not really suited to a yoga practice, or really, sports in general.

The important thing is to be comfortable in your movements.

The advantage of yoga? No need for slippers, running shoes or gym shoes! Yoga is generally practised barefoot on your yoga mat.

Just like shopping for the right yoga clothes, Internet search results for yoga near me is  not a one size fits all proposition!

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What to Look For When Choosing your Yoga Clothes?

Yoga helps to gain in flexibiliy.
Some men are more flexible than women! (Source: Pixabay)

As with any physical activity, the most important thing to consider when choosing your sportswear is comfort!

The positive effects of yoga (for alleviating back pain for example) are well established and we don't come to yoga classes near me (Yoga classes Brisbane) to show off, instead, it's more about finding your inner peace, improving your sun salutations, and working on your fitness and health.

If you want to still show up with a little style, you can always check out this article from GQ UK on some stylish yoga clothing brands.

Your top like your bottoms should be very comfortable.

There are seamless undergarments that are more comfortable to wear when you're warming up. If you prefer leggings for practising sports as do most women, it's up to you, as long as you are still free with your movements.

Your yoga equipment must emphasize your figure so that your teacher can correct your postures. But if your t-shirt needs to be adjusted, it should not stop you from breathing and relaxing!

Remember that the goal of yoga is to do the poses but also to hold them. Breathing is very important to successfully hold postures in group classes or during online yoga classes.

That's why you have to choose the right size: neither too big nor too small.

Forget about a classic dance leotard or your basketball shorts to ensure easy transitions between poses!

The material you choose is important to ensure breathability and drying speed. Put in your gym bag a breathable t-shirt and stretchy pants made with organic cotton (non-toxic) so they will last long enough.

Avoid lycra and viscose that make you sweat and prioritize merino wool or smart materials. Do not skimp on quality. Friction can damage clothes that are too fragile.

Doing yoga involves choosing clothing and accessories that fit the sport. You wouldn't go to play football with your basketball shoes on! Or go to the pool without your swimsuit?

It's the same idea when you go to your yoga and meditation class.

Did you know? Ladies also have specific criteria to consider when selecting their yoga clothing...

Some Tips For Choosing Your Men's Yoga Outfit

Men can practice yoga outdoors.
It's impossible to do the splits in denim jeans! (Source: InvertedNomad)

Since you are going to choose your yoga pants or sweatshirt to put on after your meditation session, you need to check a few things:

  • Look in the mirror: do the clothes fit well?
  • Practice a few simple postures involving the upper and lower body: are the clothes too large? Does the t-shirt lift over your head? Or does it slide up because it's too tight?
  • Make sure you can move without having to constantly readjust your clothes: raise your arms, touch your toes, run in place...
  • If the outfit you choose does not match, ask your yoga teacher for advice on where to find men's yoga and wellness clothing
  • Avoid hoodies and choose a breathable material

The range of choice is often more restricted than for women. Your sports store may not have a dedicated yoga department for men, but it will probably have a fitness equipment department or pilates/sports and fitness section, which can do the trick.

Go out and try on some clothes in person first before buying on the internet as the sizes are not always easy to tailor to you.

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How Many Yoga Outfits Do You Need?

Whether you practice dynamic yoga or hatha yoga, you need several outfits made from natural materials (organic cotton) with a fitted cut.

I advise you to have three outfits:

  • An outfit in your gym bag, ready to wear for yoga
  • The second outfit in your closet
  • A third outfit, already worn and ready to be washed, because, with our modern lives, we all know that it is sometimes difficult to keep on top of laundry (and it's even worse if you have two yoga class per week).

The advantage is that a synthetic material will dry faster than cotton: choose a material not too thick and large so it will wash faster and dry in the blink of an eye.

One yoga mat is enough for me. To choose your mat, consider it's non-slip quality and ability to absorb moisture. Remember to pass a washcloth over it quickly after each session to keep it hygienic and make it last longer.

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What Yoga Accessories Do I Need To Bring?

Men can go shirtless during yoga workouts.
Yoga can be practised in all kinds of environments! (Source: Pixabay)

Beyond your straight-cut pants that fit well on your hips, your shirt and your mat, a few small equipment items can be useful during your yoga class or home session:

  • a water bottle to avoid dehydration
  • Sports socks: either to avoid slipping if you practice in socks or to keep you warm at the end of the session during savasana
  • Leggings: even if they are worn by women in general, they are helping in keeping your ankles warm to avoid injury, especially in winter
  • A sweatshirt to cover yourself if you get cold
  • A small towel to wick away perspiration
  • A meditation cushion optionally, to be more comfortable during meditations
  • Energy bars in the event of an impromptu jolt of fatigue

The important thing is to have everything you need on hand and close by during your session. Also, think of keeping kleenex with you in the winter if you have a cold or are prone to sneezing when cold.

It's beneficial to check out a yoga blog or ask for advice in a yoga store. Experienced practitioners will be able to give you their little tips to help you be more comfortable and prepared during your yoga class.

Types of Yoga:

Yoga is no longer a domain reserved for women only. Men are discovering it more and more in search of serenity and to reduce stress.

What is Savasana?

Savasana is the Sanskrit term for the position of the corpse. It is a posture of relaxation often performed at the end of yoga class: while lying on the floor in the yoga studio, it involves gradually relaxing all your muscles.

What is Ashtanga Yoga?

It is a dynamic form of yoga. One posture after the other in a fluid way. The sequencing is then called vinyasa. In Hatha Yoga, it is a slower pace and there are not as many poses practised in one class.

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