It's not all that complicated to give one on one lessons as a private or online tutor. However, a certain skill set is desirable in a private tutor to deliver a quality private one-on-one tutoring service.

There's a big difference between a teaching a course at university, or in the high school classroom, and delivering private tutorials to a client.

A private tutorial is, essentially, a supplemental instruction or academic coaching session. Where in a traditional classroom, a lesson would be delivered as more of a lecture, in tutoring jobs, a private tutor will work with their student closely, adapting to their needs as they learn. This is the service a private tutor provides to their clients and, often, their parents.

Of course, no matter what the teaching role is, you must be professional and hardworking even though the delivery of the education may vary.

This is true regardless of whether you're a Math tutor, Physics tutor or Biology tutor, or you're a writing tutor more specialised toward English subjects, like History tutoring, Psychology tutoring or other language tutoring subjects like Chinese and French. This also includes musicians that tutor in an instrument.

Your student's success depends on their motivation too, not just the work you do with them. Would you say you're ready to teach tailored one-on-one tutorials?

We've created this article to help you plan these tailored tutorial sessions. Everything you need to know is right here.

This is how you can start teaching English, Math or any other subject in person or online.

Tailored Tutorials: A Must in Tutoring Jobs

For both primary and secondary school, as well as university courses, teachers follow a set curriculum during the teaching period. What this means is that the program is designed to meet the educational needs of the majority of students, disregarding the individual strengths and weaknesses of each student.


Tailored tutorials by Private Tutors
Students seeking private tutorials are asking for individualised help from their private tutors.


For students at both the top and tail end of the academic spectrum, this can prove problematic. For the gifted students, the teacher isn't going fast enough to keep them engaged in class. For others, the curriculum can be moving too fast and difficult to follow, leaving them feeling lost and left behind. This can result in frustration and demotivation for these students, who need an extra helping hand.

Oftentimes, these students are too embarrassed or nervous to ask questions or for things to be repeated for them if they haven't understood, or misunderstand often. Inevitably, this can result in low marks for these students, because these classes aren't tailored for them, their strengths and their weaknesses.

If you think private tuition is for you, you must be willing and able to adapt to the needs of your students, helping them bridge the gap and catch them up with their peers. This is the best way to help your students achieve academic success and provide quality in-home private tutoring jobs Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia.


How to plan for one-on-one private tutoring and online tutoring jobs ?
Become a tutor and teach students who need the help.

For anyone with the desire to provide quality academic tutoring and private tutoring sessions this is a must-have quality.  Every student is different and comes with their own academic difficulties. As an in-home or online tutor, it will be your job to help them catch up on what they have missed out on, and help them gain study skills.

Whether you provide students with home tutoring in Math, ESL (English as a Second Language), Chinese language... it doesn't matter what you teach or who you teach it to, tailoring your classes is key for:

  • Being an excellent tutor
  • Retaining your students for a long time
  • Building a base of clients: both your students and their parents will refer you to other potential clients if you provide a good quality, tailored private tutoring service.
  • Having fun! It's way more fun to teach new things in new ways, rather than teach the same tutorials over and over again.

Once you've prepared a beautiful and personalised advertisement for your private tutorials that'll help students seeking a tutor online to find you, it'll be time for you to dive in and become a tutor by getting your first tutoring jobs Melbourne.

Become a Tutor: The Pre-Course Interview

The first meeting with your student is, obviously, very important. Your goal is to better understand the difficulties they're having while developing some initial trust as a mentor. You also want to let them know what your plan is for them; how you're going to help them work effectively and plan their studies. 


How can I improve a student's progress with one on one tutoring?
Become a tutor: revisiting marked exams or projects is a great way to address difficult concepts with students.

If you really care for your students, you'll never be short of clients for your private in-home or online tutorials.


This initial interview often won't be a full tutorial - it can be shorter than an hour. Here are some tips to help you manage the pre-course interview:

  • Discuss the subject you'll be covering with your student: Ask them what they think of the subject, why they need one on one tutoring, or if they would prefer online tutoring. Ask them what their expectations are for you and for themselves. If you're a math tutor, what concepts would they like to understand with your help? If you're an English tutor, what type of writing do they need assistance with? This part is very important.
  • Look at your student's latest project or homework: check their latest marks and feedback from their teacher. What does the student have to say about it? Do they understand what went wrong, and where they can improve? If their homework was good, analyse why they succeeded with this task.
  • Test your student: it can help to bring a practice test or a diagnostic test to gauge the academic level of your student for yourself. Explain to your student the purpose of this exercise: you don't want them to feel stressed! Let them know you want to start learning as soon as possible, and this will help you figure out what to cover and what not to cover.

Half an hour should be plenty for this process. You can get straight to work after the pre-course interview or you can begin in earnest in the following session.

You must also decide where the tutorials will be held: at home, online or in the public or school library, for example.

Parents Are a Resource for You at Your Tutoring Jobs.

Parents can be a valuable source of information for you as they often know the academic strengths and weakness of their child. Usually, they've understood their child's need for extra help, and have organised your tutoring services  themselves to help get their child back on track.

Become a Tutor: work with your students parents to provide the best service.
Working with parents can help accelerate your students progress!

Parents will be the first to advise you and assist you in planning your tutorial sessions to best help their child.

Given this, we recommend that you include the parents in the pre-course interview sessions, after having done the same with your new student. You should speak to your students parents in confidence; this will make sure you won't embarrass the student while you get all the information you need.

You should:

  • Share your initial thoughts and feelings about your pre-course interview with their child.
  • Give an overview of your teaching style and methodology that you plan to deliver to help their child catch up or excel.
  • Reassure the parents, if need be, that their child has the ability to succeed in the subject.
  • Ask for their opinion on the plan and ask if they want to be involved in the planning of the tutorials; it's critical that the parents feel involved in the process if they want to be. It will keep them happy, and it will make your new students feel supported by you and their parents.

This is a very important part of what makes a great private tutor.


Tailoring Private Tutorials to Your Student's Strengths & Weaknesses.

Obviously, you'll need to consider your student's strengths and weaknesses to properly prepare you tailor-made private tutorials.

Tutor Jobs: Tailoring your private tutoring sessions to your students.
Your adapted private tutorials should complement your students like a custom fit suit.

Getting an idea of your student's weaknesses can be a tricky business. Take care to not give your students too many difficult practice tests, questions or exercises frequently or all at once. This can be overwhelming for a student already struggling with their academic self-confidence - you don't want them to lose their motivation.

Make sure to mix the concepts that they find difficult with others that they enjoy or do well with.

Are you a Chinese tutor or is your service in language tutoring? Maybe your student speaks English fluently but struggles with Chinese vocabulary. If it fits with your students learning style, you could suggest film or television shows that have a mix of both to increase their exposure. Another great trick is to choose a simple, conversational sit-com like "The Big Bang Theory" or "Friends" and watch it in the dominant language with subtitles in the language your student is trying to learn. This would surely improve your student's vocabulary in Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic... it works for almost any language and it will make your tutorials more fun.

Maybe your tutoring jobs are predominantly Math Methods students doing their VCE years. They might be good at calculus and algebra but have difficulty with quadratic equations. Give them problems that include both. They will relax more during the session as they learn to consider the best solutions for the exercises.


Adaptability is a huge part of what make a quality in-home tutor.


Tutoring Jobs in the Home and Long Term Sustainability.

Obviously, retaining your students in the long term is better than regularly changing clients. Moving with them through their academic education; secondary school, exam preparation, SAC preparation, their VCE exams and onto university - as you better get to know them and their academic needs evolve, you'll be able to help them better too.

The advantages are:

  • Maximised productivity for you and your student.
  • Glowing testimonials and a sense of pride. Imagine saying; "I've been working with this student since they were having trouble in 8th grade, now they're off to university in their preferred course!". To make such a difference in the life of a child is incredibly rewarding.
  • An invaluable relationship. As a mentor, you'll know your students well by now, so you'll know exactly how to guide them based on their individual learning styles.

To keep your students and your tutoring jobs in the long term, you'll need to be willing to tailor your private in-home or online tutorials while being passionate about what you teach. Every student is a true individual and requires a unique and personalised approach.

In summary:

  • Private Tutorials are Tailored Tutorials! This is crucial when providing in-home tutorials! If you only have to focus on a single student, make the most of it! Enjoy the process of helping them progress using your teaching methodology and plan.
  • Assess your students abilities before the first lesson! Determining your student's strengths and weaknesses will help you better plan your private tutorials.
  • Communicate and work with their parents: your students will gain confidence with a support system beneath them and they will be more likely to succeed.
  • Happy Parents and Students = Long Term Clients!

During your career as a personal tutor, problems with students may arise. Keep it in mind that if you listen to your students and their parents, you can likely overcome these obstacles and help them achieve their academic goals.

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