Private tutoring is often conducted in the student’s home, but this does not always have to be the case.

Whether it be conversation practice in another language, flute rehearsal or studying for an exam — there is no reason why you can’t run your tutorials somewhere else.

A change of scenery can actually be beneficial for everyone — tutors and students alike. You might even find new resources to enhance your lessons.

By the end of this article, you’ll be armed with a raft of ideas about places to go for tutoring sessions and new ways to teach concepts. Removing your student away from familiar environments can be motivating and inspiring. We have no doubt you’ll be ready to give them a go.

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Take Your Private Lessons Out of the Home

Private tutoring should, first and foremost, meet the needs of your students. Your teaching style must take into consideration how you can provide the best benefits to your students and help them progress. The objective of all tutoring, whether face-to-face or online, is to provide individualised support and mentoring.

Perhaps your student has become disengaged from traditional education; they don’t want to learn, they’re falling further behind, they hate school. Having lessons in a setting far removed from a traditional classroom space, combined with some innovative strategies, maybe what your student needs to reignite their interest in their subject and start learning again.

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Naturally, taking your students to an interesting or exciting location is not going to magically make them progress. There’s a lot more work involved than that. However, it will go a long way towards proving that learning doesn’t have to be boring.

Where should I tutor?
Teach your student to let go and trust their own abilities!

Not all students have such negative attitudes towards learning, however, a change of scenery can work wonders for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what age or stage your students are at, taking yourself somewhere different to learn can have numerous benefits:

  • Fun: when there’s ‘fun’ involved, everything is easier — especially learning. This is not to say that the ‘fun’ aspect should override the educational side but if you work somewhere you both enjoy, your lessons will be more effective. Adjust your approach to suit the place and your aims, and you can’t lose.
  • Break Routine: it’s the novelty of change that keeps things new and fresh. In turn, this reignites a student’s interest and may give them a new view on the subject.
  • Increased Focus: when you instigate any change, you attract your student’s attention, grab their interest and increase their focus. All of a sudden, they’re attending more closely to what you’re trying to teach.
  • Make Use of What’s Around You:a new location is not just an alternative space for private lessons, it should also offer opportunities to find new resources and try out different ways of teaching. Learning can happen anywhere — and every place offers teachable moments if you take the time to look.
  • Encourage Confidence: parent or school expectations can drain a child and affect their confidence and self-assurance. If their normal learning environment is stressful, removing the student from it, even for an hour, can allow their confidence to return. And, with confidence comes improvement and progress.

A new location also provides increased opportunity to provide tailored private lessons.

Conducting Private Tutoring at Home

Private tutorials usually take place in the student’s home. A different option, though, is online tutoring.

The home is a familiar place for most students. It’s their space, they have their own things, and they know their routines

Home could be the most comfortable place to learn and we shouldn’t discount it.

Parents are likely to appreciate you coming to their home because it’s convenient: you do the travelling, there’s no need for extra organisation, they don’t need to rearrange their schedule or hang around until you’re finished. Above all, their child will benefit with minimal effort from the busy parent.

Conversely, tutor jobs conducted in private homes don’t always work due to several factors: sibling noise, the presence of parents, distance and so on. Sometimes, it’s simply not possible.

If private tutoring in the student’s home isn’t possible, put on your thinking cap and suggest alternative places where you know your student will learn. Flexibility is one of a tutor’s most essential skills.

Need help with this? Keep reading.

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Organise a real treasure hunt using all the materials available!

Can You Conduct Tutoring in a Public Library?

There’s no better place for a secret fact-finding mission!

What is a library if it’s not a brilliant place to learn? Libraries are also excellent places to distribute advertising for your tutoring service.

Surely you have fond memories of time spent in the library as a child? A student? Peaceful, quiet and the temptation of adventure and intrigue on every shelf.

You may also recall the frowning librarian whose sole purpose in life was to keep you quiet. Libraries aren’t the best places for vigorous discussions or academic debates. Although, these days, many libraries have special rooms for exactly that — which make them perfect for tutoring sessions.

In addition, there’s a plethora of fascinating books perfect for those secret fact-finding missions. What better way is there for a tutor to engage the student?

Libraries are also great if your student is doing exam revision or test preparation and needs a calm environment.

A library has it all — nowhere else can cater for serious work or robust, raucous discussion.

What About the Great Outdoors?

While being outside is perfect for art and design lessons, being surrounded by nature also has proven benefits for student motivation and success.

During the warmer months, or in any good weather, suggest taking your normal tutoring lessons outside.

All tutoring jobs can be done outdoors — languages, science, maths, psychology — tutor and student can both benefit from an hour sitting in the fresh air. You’ll probably both be more productive for it.

All you need to do is pick a spot, bring your materials and then soak up the sun and feel your stress melt away.

Could there be a more perfect, easy way to revise and unwind before an exam? Not to mention the importance of relaxation before deadlines.

But, what about winter? Or those truly nasty, blustery days? Outdoors doesn’t only mean outside — think of it as another out of the normal location.

Say you’re studying history. What about going to the museum or an art gallery with a relevant exhibition?

Or, what about the maths student who is struggling with a particular concept? Would a walk around a significant building, discussing the architecture help? You could take a ride to another part of town.

Finding other ways of looking at your subject will encourage student success.

Knowing where to find those learning opportunities is the key to a great tutor.

Can I tutor maths outdoors?
Could this be your new revision spot?

Bars or Cafés are Perfect for Private Tutoring

Discussion-based tutorials, such as language lessons, are brilliant to have over a cup of coffee.

Cafes, bars, pubs — anywhere you can sit and chill is a great place for private lessons.

Relaxed discussion with a drink can help build confidence and grow comprehension. This is perfect for language tutors, but other discussion-based disciplines, like humanities, can also benefit from a change of pace and atmosphere.

Again, use your environment for inspiration. New vocabulary is all around you if you’re a language tutor. You could even try ordering your drink in your language if you’re in a Japanese or French-run cafe. A casual atmosphere does wonders for a student’s confidence.

In summary:

  • Spark wonder and curiosity by going to interesting locations. Novelty is learning’s best friend!
  • Know your student’s needs. Their home might be the best place for formal sessions but try something different every so often.
  • Libraries are great for study and their very essence (and the smell of books) inspires and encourages learning.
  • Release your inner child: use your imagination reap the benefits of parks, galleries, coffee shops, and so on. What will inspire your student?

A little goes a long way. Don’t overdo it, or your special places will lose their magic and become ‘just another classroom substitute’. Keep your student guessing. Choose places that match your student’s interests and the subject. Embrace unusual but don’t smother it.

Try some unusual tutoring locations — then tell us about it.

Are you aware of the characteristics of a great tutor?

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