So you're a private tutor! After reading our tips for becoming a tutor, you've started offering in-home tutorials and you've built up a steady clientele offering regular private tutorials at various educational levels (primary study, secondary study, undergraduate study, postgraduate study). You're probably helping VCE, QCE, SACE or HSSC students succeed with their exam preparation and their SAC assessments, and have built rapport and relationships with your tuition students and their families.

Unforeseen circumstances might make maintaining your original weekly tutorial schedule impossible. In this article, we'll be exploring what your options are if you need to relocate to somewhere that increases the operational costs of your self employed private tutoring business.

So your students are now too far away, and it's simply not viable to provide academic support in your new location.

In the past, you might have had to hand off your clients to someone else able to provide them with at-home tutoring services... but wait a moment! This is the modern era of education; these days you don't have to be present in-person to deliver a high-quality tutor service that guarantees academic success and academic improvement. You can become an online tutor and start tutoring from home. It's an excellent way for beginners to start tutoring as well; there are heaps of online tutoring jobs for those seeking self-employment and work from home opportunities.

Whatever you teach: whether you're an English tutor, maths tutor, physics tutor, biology tutor, chemistry tutor, French Tutor, Chinese tutor or music tutor... get tutoring jobs Brisbane online and make money from home!

In this article, we'll be covering how you can get started giving private online tutorials from home (or group online tutorials), how to find students to fill your private online tutorial sessions and everything else you need to know to start tutoring online!

Working Online: Research for Online Tutoring Jobs

Usually, there's quite a bit of research involved in the process of setting up an online tutoring service from scratch. Luckily for you, this is what we do here at Superprof. 

One on one tutoring online isn't the same as an online university course like a MOOC. The online tutoring format is best suited for ESL tutorials, Methods tutorials, economics tutorials, physiology tutorials, history tutorials and science tutorials, etc... whatever your specialty is that you teach, you can offer academic support to students online as a private tutor.

Where can I teach my classes working online as a private tutor?
You could run private English tutorials from your home or on the road!

Before you get started, you'll need a few operational essentials:

  • A computer or laptop: To provide a quality online tutoring service working from home you'll need to ensure you can maintain a good connection with your students while simultaneously running other programs (like the Microsoft Suite for example).
  • Microphone and webcam: Critically important, the quality of your microphone and camera is directly linked to the quality of your lesson as it enables communication between you and your student. It's a good idea to invest in some decent equipment in this category; the last thing you want to worry about while making money at your home business are technical difficulties setting you back.
  • A reliable internet connection: For the smooth running of your session, having a good internet connection will decrease the likelihood of any communication challenges. To deliver quality online tutorials you'll need to be seen and heard as clearly and as seamlessly as possible.
  • Skype: Skype is a free online service that will allow you to video chat and message your students. Download it for free and communicate with students via your computer, laptop, and even your smartphone. Once you and your student create an account, you're ready to roll.
  • Paypal: Getting paid online is usually different from getting paid in person. Paypal makes this process easy, however; create a free account with your personal or work e-mail; this e-mail address is all your clients need to pay you directly into your Paypal account. Paypal takes a small cut each time you're paid; about 2.3% in Australia. It might be worth considering this when you're deciding upon your hourly rate.

Maybe you've already got a good thing going with your face to face lessons. You've got heaps of in-home tutorial sessions booked with students and parents that you like and have developed good rapport with. You don't have to replace your entire schedule with online tutoring... but tutoring online does have some distinct benefits over private tutoring in person. So why not do both? Online tutoring means working from home, which means easy scheduling and no costs associated with travel.

A huge added bonus of working online as a tutor is the incredible flexibility intrinsic to the nature of the work. You can genuinely work from anywhere in the world. As long as you have your computer, the right programs and a stable internet connection you're ready to rock and roll. The same goes for your students; if they're away but still need help making sure they're on top of their Methods study, or Chemistry study, with online tutoring jobs you can provide academic assistance to and from anywhere.

Maybe you're just starting out in the world of tutoring, whether it be online tutoring or private tutoring face-to-face. If you need more information about getting started, check out our article "Where to hold tutoring classes" to help you figure out if tutoring is right for you in a part-time or full-time capacity.

There are lots of opportunities in the private tutoring space for new tutors. You can find tutoring companies that allow you to give online tutorials and find students wherever you are in Australia right now. Tutoring services go deeper than teaching QCE or SACE curriculum: become an academic advisor or a career advisor, offer tutorials for people at all levels in any subject, provide mentoring, academic support, supplementary tuition online - develop yourself as a private educator and build an online presence so you can figure out the direction of your career in education.

Whatever your focus is; helping students improve their study skills, prepare for select entry grammar school examinations or learn a new instrument, becoming an online tutor opens up a wealth of opportunity for your educational career.

Superprof is designed to help you succeed as a tutor, online, at home or both.

It doesn't even matter how much tutoring experience you have; it takes 5-10 minutes to set up your tutoring profile on the Superprof platform. Once you're set-up, you're visible to students searching for tutorials and available for them to connect with you.

In Australia, there's no barrier to entry for becoming a tutor. You don't necessarily need training, qualifications in teaching or experience, though these things do come in handy. All you need is knowledge, and the ability to share it with those who are keen to learn.

So, you've chosen your subjects and the academic demographics you're going to teach, and now you've filled out your profile with your skills, educational background, experience, and relevant qualifications. Now... you wait. Hundreds of students visit Superprof every day searching for the right tutor; you'll show up in their search results and they can reach out to you after browsing your profile. If you're bilingual, you could become a language tutor. If you're an engineer, you can become a math tutor. Tutoring can be as much or as little work as you need. It's perfect for independent people looking to set their own schedule and earn money part-time.

Once you're contacted by a student, arrange a session! One of the first things you'll need to do is arrange payment for the lesson. Superprof isn't involved in any payments between tutors and their students, which means no commissions are deducted from your pay, but you'll have to discuss payment before you teach.

After you hold your tutorial sessions, it's good practice to ask students to help you out by using Superprof's tutor review system to leave you a testimonial. If everything goes well in your sessions (of course they will!), tell your student or their parents that this really helps you to branch out and help other students. Let them know that they can leave a rating and a comment on your Superprof profile.

Check Superprof for available tutoring jobs Sydney.

Rates & Pay: Online Tutoring Jobs vs. Traditional Private Tutoring

If you're thinking of becoming a tutor, sign up to Superprof now and choose your own payment rates!

On the Superprof platform, you choose your hourly rate. What we've seen is that the difference in payment rate between online tutorials and tutorials at home is negligible. This means that your salary will be the same whether you teach from home doing online work or you're out visiting students at home.

Are you thinking of becoming a tutor? Sign up to Superprof and choose your rates now!

Online Jobs: Tutoring online makes for viable part time work!
Tutoring online is a financially viable alternative to traditional tutoring!

Here are some key benefits of becoming a tutor online:

  • Save time: Say goodbye to rush hour traffic jams, unforeseen travel problems, stressing over being late and frustrating scheduling disasters. Just park yourself at your computer a few minutes before your lesson begins, boot up and wait for your student to connect to your virtual classroom.
  • Save money: Time is money... but also money is money. Sayonara travel costs; petrol, parking, public transport. Working online means the money you earn will go farther because your expenses are lower.
  • Geographically limitless: A computer and an internet connection is your transport to your classroom. You could be teaching from Melbourne to a student in Sydney, or Malaysia, or literally anywhere, worldwide. Consider a scenario in which you have a student you've been teaching in person for years. They've been accepted into an academically challenging scholarship program overseas. A regular tutor would have to say goodbye, but since you've already got online jobs as a tutor, you can retain your student, continuing to help them succeed academically.
  • Fabulous flexibility: As an online tutor, you're the master of your own schedule. Not only can you decide how much you want to work, but your schedule can also change over time to accommodate your work-life balance. Earn some extra income part-time or work full time remotely from home!

Now that you're more aware of the options available to you in the world of tutoring, it's worthwhile learning how exactly to market yourself to potential students. Sometimes just getting your name out there is the hardest part, so check out our article on structuring a tutoring advertisement for a step by step approach to creating an effective advert to attract new students.

Websites like Superprof are designed to provide tutors with a platform to advertise their tutoring services but for other online avenues, like Gumtree for example, there's a formula you should follow that will help you capture people's attention.

Universally true in advertising however is to keep your advertisement simple and succinct.

The important information you want to convey to your target audience needs to jump off the page; you don't want to overwhelm or bore people who view it. Your goal is to spark intrigue and interest in the right people.

One solution is to consider the perspective of your ideal client. Ask yourself whether you advertisement answers these questions:

  • What is the service being offered?
  • What subjects are taught and at what level?
  • How can I get in contact?

This information will make up the bulk of your advertisement. Add additional attractive information into the mix that will increase the likelihood of you retaining someone's interest, like relevant teaching or industry experience for example.

Make sure your introduction is short and to the point. This will gain and retain the attention of potential customers, or those who might know someone who needs a tutor.

Visual heirarchy is also important in your ad. Visual hierarchy refers to the order of information processed when looking at something in particular, like a poster, a piece of art, or in this case; your ad. Use the largest and the boldest text for the most important information, and have the finer details in regular, smaller text. For example; place 'ENGLISH TUTOR' as the header, centered and in bold, with glowing testimonials in a smaller section underneath, further down the page.

Check Superprof for available tutoring jobs Melbourne.

Tutor Online: How Effective Are Online Tutorials?

It's a common misconception that online learning isn't as effective as traditional tutoring practices.

Are online tutorials effective?
We need to shatter ideas on the effectiveness of online academic support!

This is a misconception that you might run into during your journey as an online academic support worker. One way that many online tutors deal with this is they offer the first private online tutoring session free. This gives the student a chance to test for themselves the effectiveness of an online format, as well as get a feel for the tutor and their teaching style.

If you're completely new to tutoring online, offering a free session to begin is an effective way to test if online tutorials are right for you! Just like some students, some tutors don't gel with the format of an online classroom and prefer to work traditionally as a tutor face to face. This is completely fine, the beauty of tutoring as a profession is the choice and opportunity available to you within the scope of the position.

The only difference between an in-home tutorial and online teaching services is that you're not physically right next to your students. For most teachers and students, this is a new factor that normalizes after just one session. After all, you can still see your student, talk to them and you still utilise the same educational process that you would in a face-to-face tutorial. 

Another misconception people have about online tutoring jobs is they think that students would be easily distracted sitting right in front of a computer screen. Obviously, this isn't a problem: tutorials are simply too intimate for distractions to be a problem in any format. It's just you and your student, they cant sit at the back of the class hide from you like they could in a traditional classroom. In a tutorial session, communication is active and constant. This keeps students on task as they focus on learning the presented materials.

Nathali Alonso, a student who tested English tutorials over Skype said of online tuition: "In the end, I was pleasantly surprised by this solution. [...] I was able to have a conversation class after my break between two other meetings.”

Using the internet as a conduit into an online learning space is an excellent option for busy people or people who live long distances from urban centers. The focus on the student's individual learning preferences stays the same, which means you tailored private tutorials are equally as effective as a traditional face-to-face alternative.

Turning the World Wide Web into a learning environment is a great option for busy people who haven’t got the time or maybe don’t feel like having a tutor come to their house. Focus on the individual learning traits of the student remains the same, which means as long as your student remains motivated, you can provide tailored private tutorials that are just as effective as those given face-to-face.

So, What Do I Need to Tutor Online?

There are a few things that are crucial to the success of your online tutorials:

  • Reliable internet: Both you and your student need a reliable connection to the internet to make sure that your audio and video are synchronized so that learning can occur without interruption. Constant technical interferences do look wholly unprofessional, so minimize your chances of dropouts by investing in a reliable internet connection.
  • Communication: There is a difference between teaching a student face to face and via an online video link. Be aware that this might take your student some time to get used to. Consider what you could do to troubleshoot the potential obstacles of online tutoring for your student. This could mean downloading some screen sharing software to assist your student in accessing the online resources required for your tutorial.
What do I need to work online as an online tutor?
You'll need some modern technology to teach in your online tutoring jobs!

To provide online tutoring services at an appropriate standard will require an investment in some technical tools. Fortunately, these items can be bought at reasonable prices and will provide you with the operational tools you need to become an online tutor.

More likely than not, your laptop's built-in webcam won't capture video in a high enough quality for online tuition, nor will the inbuilt microphone pick up audio at a level that befits the standard required to teach. Having the right equipment will improve the quality of the communication you have between your students and your lesson quality with improve with it.

Here are our tips:

  • Invest in a webcam that can capture high-quality video. These days you can get a decent quality external webcam for around $50. If you provide piano tutorials, violin tutorials, guitar tutorial or drum tutorial this is crucial. Your students need to see what you're doing!
  • If you already have a decent camera you might be able to use it as a webcam. Employ Youtube to figure out exactly how to connect it to your laptop and test it out to make sure the video quality is good enough.
  • Purchase a quality microphone too. Having your students incoming audio in your ear and your outbound audio being captured directly from a headset microphone in front of your mouth will do wonders for the technical quality of your lessons. You can also get high-quality tabletop audio equipment if you don't like the idea of wearing a headset. This is especially important for language tutors since pronunciation and comprehension are hugely important. If you're a language tutor, a Chinese tutor, a French tutor, a Spanish tutor or an Arabic tutor, a good headset is vital.

Here are some popular high-quality microphones you could purchase for you online tutorials:

Product NameRRPWhere to Buy
Blue Microphones Snowball ICE£54.00Currys - PC World
Samson Meteor£55.00Gear4Music
Blue Microphones Yeti£119.99Amazon
Neewer NW-700£24.50Amazon
AudioTechnica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone£85.00Gear4Music

If you're wanting to become a tutor, make sure you mention the quality of your new equipment in your advertisements. Students are looking for a professional online tutoring service, they'll feel better knowing that you are prepared to give high-quality online lessons at home. 


The Benefits of Online Tutoring Jobs

If you're already a tutor or a teacher, you probably use books, handouts, and worksheets to add variety and value to your lesson plans. Here are some valuable online tools that will help you deliver your tuition programs.

  • Skype Screen Share: Skype screen share allows you to view your student's screen and interact with their applications and programs. In a maths tutorial, for example, you can work through your algebra tutorial, matrices tutorial or statistics tutorial using you're own mouse and keyboard to illustrate the concepts.
  • Google Docs: If you need to share documents, Google Docs makes it extremely easy. Google Docs is a cloud-based system that allows you to create, manage and edit documents simultaneously with other people. Great for work, and great for online tutoring. You can use google docs to work on problems simultaneously, correct exercises or add notes to your student's work.
  • Email, Whatsapp and Messenger: These programs are great if your student needs to send you an exercise or some work that they've done. E-mail is self-explanatory, a student can attach files to send to you. If you access Messenger from a computer, you can drag and drop almost any file and send it to anyone in a heartbeat. With Whatsapp, a student can use their phone to take a photo of their work and send it to you that way. You can send feedback to your students via these applications also.
  • Email and Whatsapp: If your student has to send you an exercise you’ve given them, nothing is simpler than an email! They can also just take a photo of their work on their smartphone and send it via Whatsapp. The app, which links to your mobile phone number, can send your student’s exercise straight to you and you can send a photo of their feedback and corrections straight back to them!
  • Geogebra: Geobra is a useful app for maths tutors. Geobra's interactive software helps students to understand mathematical theory and concepts in a visual way. For tutors providing academic support or supplemental instruction as a maths tutor, it's an excellent tool.

To conclude:

  • For private tutors, the internet is a valuable tool. Educators who are passionate about being the best they can know that the internet affords them countless opportunities to not only teach but to reach a wider audience advertising their services or joining an online tutoring company.
  • The hourly wage for online tutoring jobs is the same as those for private tutoring, between $20 and $35 an hour. This obviously depends on the subject, the level of education and the experience of the tutor. So set your own price and give online tutoring a try.
  • Provided a student is properly motivated, online tutorials are equally as effective as private face-to-face tutorials!
  • Investing in good audio and video equipment is a must if you're serious about taking your tutoring business online.
  • The internet affords educators a plethora of resources to augment and supplement your tutoring instruction. Use it to not only provide a high-quality tutoring service but to build an online presence for your tutoring business as well.

So let's go! Superprof is waiting for you to sign up and help students who are looking for a private tutor for test prep help, exam preparation assistance, academic support, assignment help, homework help or to help develop their study skills.

Interested in finding out more about tutoring online and at home? Learn What Qualities Make a Good Private Tutor.

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