There's no doubt about it, Australia is a prosperous place to live. Most of you reading this article right now have a stable income that allows you to pay the bills, keep a roof above your head and keep the repo man at bay.

However, life can always take unexpected turns and it helps to have a secondary income stream for when the drainage pipes burst, your trusty Corolla engine finally goes bust or for when your boss suddenly cuts back your working hours.

Beyond a rainy day fund, you may still want to save for that dream holiday to Nicaragua you've been meaning to take. Or maybe you just want to retire a few years earlier so you can buy that caravan you've always wanted to explore the Aussie outback.

Whatever the case may be, providing specialised tutoring services may be your ideal pathway to financial freedom!

Many career teachers, in particular, have been using their existing skills to provide tutoring services after school hours. However, it is true for almost all of us that we have at least one area of expertise in which we excel. Whether you play the piano, speak another language, write HTML script, or have studied mathematics, you can use your knowledge and your passion to work for yourself and make extra cash!

You may have more teachable skills than you give yourself credit for. For example, writing, researching, interpreting data, and even English language conversation skills are all highly sought after amongst young adults in Australia. If you have studied Arts or Humanities at University, you may be perfectly poised to teach such skills.

The key to becoming an effective tutor is creating a tailored study plan based on the abilities and needs of your learner. If you can achieve this, thousands of people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are looking for people, just like you, to take them to the next level of their desired skill.

Ensure your future financial security as a One to One Tutor

Have you ever wondered why things seem to be becoming more expensive at a quicker rate than wages are increasing?

This is because life is, in many ways, becoming much more expensive. On, Charis Chang points at statistics from Fidelity International which showcase how in Australia since 2000, while wages have increased by 78%, the cost of electricity has increased by 194%, hospital and medical services have become 195% more expensive and preschool and primary education fees have gone up by 159%.

These costs come in addition to the already hefty amounts paid in the major Australian coastal cities such as Melbourne and Sydney for rent, mortgage repayments, groceries, and transport.

In case you're wondering, renting a one-bedroom apartment in Sydney is going to set you back $450 to $550 a week minimum, before you've even put any groceries in your basket, or bought any Christmas gifts for your siblings!

This may, however, not be the end of such cost hikes. According to, Australia's rate of inflation is set to increase every year until 2024, from 1.6% in 2019 to 2.54% by 2024. 

In order to keep up with the ever-increasing costs, we must all individually start to look towards alternate streams of income to supplement our existing income.

More than ever before, using your academic skills to become a tutor is both a viable and necessary step towards coping with the relentless day-to-day costs of urban life in Australia.

Not only is tutoring financially beneficial, grows your skillset and employability, but it can also be a richly rewarding and enjoyable experience for tutors and students alike.

Get paid for teaching a subject you are passionate about
Make extra money by becoming a tutor ¦ source: Pixabay

How Offering Tutoring Services Can Give You More Freedom

If you wish to stand out to potential employers while applying for new jobs and advancing your career, tutoring experience looks great on your resume, while also relieving you of day-to-day financial stress. So, tutoring both makes you a sought after employee as well as a dynamic entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of income streams!

Many tutors also do online tutoring from home, charging an hourly rate for their time.

Whether its helping students with their calculus homework, using your skills to become a writing tutor or test prep for year 12's, your skills can be conveniently converted into extra money. This is the perfect way to make some extra cash!

We've already looked at the costs associated with life, and the value of earning a bit of extra cash in your free time, now let's get into how it can be done.

Live more comfortably thanks to an extra job in your spare time
Have some money ready for gift-shopping and holidays ¦ source: Visualhunt

Holding down two different jobs can be quite stressful, however, if you worked from home as your own boss for one of these jobs you could manage your working hours and wouldn't have to spend additional time and money on transport. This is why in-home tutoring is the way to go.

As I mentioned before, we all have skills that are worth sharing, especially if you have graduated from University, completed an apprenticeship or any kind of TAFE course.

Since you live in this richly multicultural nation, you may be a first or second-generation migrant who was raised to speak another language. There may be someone out there waiting for the right tutor to teach them that language!

Did you score strongly in your Year 12 studies? There are many young learners taking their final year of VCE, HSC (or however it is named in your State) who could benefit from your experience. Having things explained from a different perspective to their teacher can be enormously helpful for a student, and their academic success could make the gig both rewarding and interesting for you, as a tutor.

Part of the issue with the schooling system is that it often fails to cater for individual needs, with students often feeling that their teacher is not available for them to voice all their doubts with the course material. This is where tutoring can have a profound effect on student outcomes at a high school, and also University level.

So, your new job as a tutor can not only solve your own money problems, it can go some of the way to alleviating stress on the school system and the lack of attention and mentorship felt by many children and adolescents in our society.

What a deal, you get to help others while helping yourself!

Of course, it may take time to build up a solid base of clients, however, it can be an extremely worthwhile endeavour to get started today!

Unleash the inner English tutor, chemistry expert or piano teacher in you!

Find tutoring jobs Sydney here.

What Should You Charge For Tutoring Services?

One thing you should consider before getting underway with offering private classes is what is the fairest price to charge for your services.

Firstly, find out what people offering the same or similar services generally charge per hour. This will help you find a place in the market where you are fairly compensated for your services, and clients feel as though they are getting good value for their dollar.

You can charge more for music and sports lessons because they do not appear on the school syllabus
Get paid to give supplemental instruction in something you care about | source: Visualhunt

The most important thing is meeting the demand in the market with a posting which showcases your credentials and positive traits as a tutor.

Generally, sports coaching and music lessons are given a higher value than academic subjects. This is because they are extra-curricular activities and therefore there is a smaller supply of people offering classes in these areas.

For instance, Maths tutors in Melbourne charge an average of $27.3 per hour (if you're qualified, you are free to charge more than this), English Second Language classes in Melbourne cost $30.2 p/h on average, while Trumpet lessons in Perth cost around $43 per hour.

However, teaching these more specialised skills does not necessarily mean earning more money overall. Since these activities are not always essential to students' academic success, they often do not attract as much interest from potential students.

Factors Affecting Tutoring Fees

Tutoring Pay Gap

Our data at Superprof shows that men often charge more than women for similar services. So for the females reading this, don't hesitate to charge what you deserve to be paid for your time!

Remember, you know your own value as a tutor more than anyone else and can charge whatever fee you think is appropriate, regardless of what others are doing or what tutees feel they should be paying.

Education, Experience and Qualifications

It's very important to increase your rate in proportion to your level of study within the field, and your level of experience offering classes.

While we don't have many facts and figures to show you on this issue, it should be made clear that an hour of primary school maths tutoring will cost considerably less than an hour of postgraduate level theoretical mathematics. 

In the first case, you will simply need to have a sufficient grasp of the current methodologies for teaching maths to children. In the second example, while qualifications are not mandatory, you need to have enough knowledge to be able to explain complex theories in a comprehensible way and answer any queries from your client. 

Once you get started, you can always adjust your price later based on the feedback you receive!

Do your research when looking for an English tutor
Online tutoring and face-to-face tutoring are great ways to make money

Qualifications and experience are helpful to demonstrate knowledge and create interest in your posting, but anyone can become a tutor if they feel they have something of value to offer students.

Create a profile online to promote your tutoring services. Some of the most popular searches include maths, writing and ESL (English Second Language). 

Of course, getting started will be the hardest part, but once you get the ball rolling, positive reviews and word of mouth will make acquiring new tutees much easier.

Signing up to become a tutor with Superprof is free and easy! Find out how tutoring can give you more freedom in your work schedule today!

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