Teaching a subject that you're passionate can be a very rewarding experience. It's also a great way to earn extra income.

However, having a great attitude and being enthusiastic about what you're teaching is what may lead clients to hire you on an ongoing basis!

You could assist:

  • Primary school children who are struggling to with their reading and homework
  • High school students who want to learn how to study effectively for their first-ever exams
  • Year 12 students before their year 12 exams (like HSC or VCE!)
  • Couples that want to learn another language before a trip overseas
  • Adults looking to pick up that musical instrument they haven't played since high school

Why not share your passion by teaching others, all whilst working for yourself.

It's Great to be Taught by Enthusiastic Tutors

You probably have something you're really passionate about.

Maybe you love classic literature or sports history. You may have even lived abroad and become fluent in a foreign language. Why not transform these hobbies into a tutoring job? If tutoring is something that you are interested there is no better time to start than now. You can even complete online tutoring jobs from the comfort of your home. Tutoring online is a great and flexible way to work because you can choose when you want to teach and make it fit your existing schedule.

If you're interested in offering your tutoring services, it's important to bring a great attitude and also be excited to teach your students. For example, if you can convey to your student why you love playing the guitar, the student, in turn, is more likely to also find a real passion for learning guitar.

Share your enthusiasm and enrich the lives of others
Teaching: a profession driven by passion! ¦ source: Pixabay

Is private tutoring something that you think you could be interested in, but you're not sure what to teach? Think about what you already do for fun.

Whatever that interest may be, you can be sure that there are others out there eager to learn what you have already been practising for years.

You would be surprised by what you can teach too. From calculus to teaching surfing lessons and even video-games - can you imagine teaching someone how to improve their Fortnite strategy?

So you can see, turning your passions into profits is possible.

The way people are learning is changing too. You can learn a new skill in many new ways now, such as by watching YouTube tutorials or reading blog posts. Many popular beauty vloggers turned filming makeup tutorials into multimillion-dollar businesses.

But making these dreams come true didn't just happen. You have to realise your passion and skill set is valuable for it to become a real source of income and ensure academic success.

The best tutors succeed not only because they love what they do, but because they can also make others fall in love with that same hobby, subject or skill.

But first, you have to be engaging for your clients. Tutoring is more than just something you can add to your CV. To truly succeed you also have to help others find the same enthusiasm as you.

Work For Yourself!

Being your own boss has many benefits. You can choose when your workday starts and ends, and the only person that can tell you to work harder is yourself.

But these benefits don't necessarily mean you can sit back and relax. It's important to set yourself boundaries and goals and remember to constantly be looking for feedback to make sure that you're on the right track.

But if you love the idea of working for yourself, then you should consider becoming a tutor.

Tutoring something you're passionate about can be a great second job, which can add more joy to your day if you have something to look forward to outside of office hours.

Working for yourself from home could even be the first step to a new life.

See various tutoring jobs Melbourne here.

Tutoring: a second job with endless advantages
Be your own boss and learn to love your job ¦ source: Pixabay

Having a second job means more extra spending money at the end of the month. You could put more money towards that new car, nights out and even that big holiday you've been planning forever.

It's never too late to start tutoring either. Because you can work for yourself, anyone can give it a try: from teenagers who have just received great exam results for their favourite subject, or a retiree who has been playing piano as a hobby for years but now has the time to start teaching others.

Tutoring is for everyone, regardless of age. 

You may not even realise how useful your knowledge may be for someone else. For example, you may have scored amazingly in your year 12 English Literature exam. Not only can you now help other students study for their exams and writing assignments, but you can also help primary school children with their reading comprehension too.

Perhaps you have an accounting degree. Why not also use the knowledge that helped you get that degree to help a high school student that is struggling with maths. Not only is tutoring a great way to work for yourself, but it's also super rewarding to help others succeed.

Why not try tutoring for yourself!

The Benefits of Tutoring

Many surveys have shown that generally, teachers and tutors are generally viewed very positively.

Governments have formally recognised the fundamental importance teachers have in transforming the lives of their pupils. This extends to tutors, mentors and coaches - not just formal school teachers.

Many parents also highly regard their children's tutors. Working for yourself means that you can set your own hours, and parents appreciate their child feeling like they are getting 100% attention from their tutor. Often the learning needs of individual children are overlooked when they are in a classroom with many others. Tutoring really hones in on that one on one focus that is needed to master a subject or a skill and boost their academic performance overall.

If you teach school children, you will likely get to take holidays when they are on school holidays too. The flexible lifestyle means that you can take a break yourself, or perhaps spend more time tutoring another activity, like tennis coaching during this time.

Checkout the advantages of home teaching.

See them achieve their goals with your personalised help
The satisfaction of tutor jobs: seeing your students succeed ¦ source: Pixabay

The majority of teachers feel proud and motivated about their tutoring jobs Brisbane.

In turn, parents, teachers and tutors alike realise that an individualised approach is essential for achieving great learning outcomes. 

Luckily for tutors, their specific responsibility is to discover the best way their student learns and use this information to form a tailored lesson plan that appeals to the capabilities of their student.

If it's always been a dream to work for yourself as a private tutor and use your talents to help others, now is the time. If you believe that you're a natural teacher, but have never taken the chance to get a teaching degree, realise that it is never too late.

Perhaps the thought of standing in front of a classroom gives you bad flashbacks to high school.

Do not worry. Working from home as a private tutor, you only have to teach one student at a time. Ideally, you wouldn't ever have to teach more than a handful of pupils at once.

It's important to remember that the student you are teaching is also eager to learn your subject. They are choosing you to help them succeed at something that may have previously seemed challenging for them. It will be so rewarding once you see the progress that they have made, and know that they got there with your fantastic help.

Perhaps you're still studying yourself, and are wondering whether you have time to fit teaching into your busy schedule. Well, tutoring one-on-one is the perfect opportunity to tell your capabilities.

Tutoring and working for yourself gives you the perfect chance to test out teaching before committing to a career as a teacher.

Sharing Your Knowledge Through Tutoring is a Great Feeling

Everyone understands how great it feels to be helpful.

That amazing feeling of when you have been explaining a concept for a while and it finally clicks for your pupil.

That's why teachers love their roles so much. They play such a vital part of their students' lives by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

It's also an amazing self-esteem booster to understand a challenging concept. 

Take pride in your efforts to help a high school student in the lead up to their exams, or a primary school student advance to reading long chapter books for the first time. The results will speak for themselves.

Your skills could be essential to helping your tutee achieve their goals
Your expertise could be the key that unlocks your students' potential ¦ source: Twenty20

To be effective at tutoring, you need to:

  • Understand your students' needs
  • Design a detailed study plan and make adjustments where needed
  • Keep a record of your student's improvements
  • Celebrate their achievements

By keeping these goals in mind, you are maximising your student's chances of real success. If you teach effectively (not just do the bare minimum), it will leave an impression that lasts beyond the classroom. You are setting them up for life.

Tutor Your Students and Don't Let Them Fall Behind

1 in 5 Australian year 9 students are failing to meet the minimum writing requirements according to the NAPLAN national report.  Whilst there are many factors to be considered as to why this rate is alarmingly high, we can analyse how students can improve in their skills and overcome writing challenges they may be facing.

Students will each have unique needs. In large classrooms, teachers often do not have enough time or resources personally assist each individual student. Covering all the course content in time can be stressful, and in crowded classrooms, it is easy for some students to be left behind, especially if they do not ask for help.

Create individualised learning programmes so children do not fall behind at schooll
Underperformance at school: a problem we must face up to ¦ source: Pixabay

Tutoring students privately can boost their confidence and improve their grades.

No matter the subject, from mathematics to art theory, concerned parents should look for tutors to increase their child's chance of success.

This is particularly true for parents of children with learning difficulties or other difficulties. A tutor will be able to focus on difficult learning areas to make sure that the child is never left behind their peers.

No matter what grade the student is in, it is never too late to assist them by hiring a private tutor. It's simply a matter of recognising when they need help. A tutor can find the best strategy to help them quash and challenges they're facing and equip them with the learning tools they need to succeed.

As a tutor, you may be one of the most important mentors that child ever has.

Your tutoring services can offer assistance to people struggling in their academic career
Lend a helping hand doing an interesting and exciting job ¦ source: Pixabay

Once you find a teaching plan that works, it's important to stick to it with your student. The routine will also make them feel confident and comfortable.

The pride you will feel from successfully tutoring your pupil is invaluable. Why not give it a try?

There are many children who struggle in the classroom each day, that have been waiting for the perfect teacher, tutor or mentor to assist them on their journey to success. It all starts with you.

Drive, improvement, dedication: these 3 traits are all that's needed to give your student the best chance at success.

Discover why Tutoring and Working for Yourself is so Rewarding.

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