Are you the type of person who has entrepreneurial aspirations?

If you're like most people, at some stage or another you've heard a little voice in your mind telling you that striking out on your own might not be a bad idea.

If you're someone who's considered tutoring either in-home or online, now would be an excellent time to get started.

In this article, we'll be doing a deep dive into private tutoring as a career opportunity.

We'll look at what types of expectations you should have as a freelance private tutor, what the benefits of providing tutoring services are, and some of the things you should take into account if you're thinking about becoming a tutor.


1. Be Happier: Work for Yourself

A survey taken by a-connect showed that self-employed people were more likely than their regularly-employed counterparts to feel happiness and satisfaction during work hours. The study's focus was on happiness in the workplace.

One of the most interesting tidbits from the study was that those independent workers said they felt more satisfied that they could pursue both leisure and recreational activities outside of work than full-time workers did. The ratio was more than 2:1.

What we can immediately glean from this research is that people who are self-employed are more likely to answer positively to questions about their workplace flexibility, and have higher overall satisfaction with their work-life balance.

One of the best things about tutoring, in particular, is the fact that tutoring jobs are some of the most flexible jobs available. The reason for that is because students' lives are generally more flexible than everyone else's.

Even if you're not interested in home tutoring or online tutoring as a full-time gig, you might find you can fit some supplemental instruction jobs into your existing schedule for some extra money.

Here at Superprof, we're experts in the private tuition industry. It's what we do. We're here to support new and existing tutors who want to make online tutoring jobs a part of their careers.

If you want more independence in your working life and you're feeling unfulfilled, unhappy or exhausted working a regular 9-5, it's time to seriously consider helping others by tutoring students while earning extra income.

Remember, you can become a tutor for just about any subject. A popular category that always has people who need to find a tutor is in math, so if you're a real math wiz you could consider becoming a math tutor.

If math tutoring isn't your thing, there's also ESL tutoring, English tutoring, Second language tutoring, pre calculus tutoring, or science tutoring to name just a few options available for tutoring.

Helping students improve their academic skills and academic performance really does feel good. Make your tutoring business a juggernaut of student success and deliver an individualized tutoring program that caters to all learning styles.


Become a Tutor and Be Your Own Boss

You might think tutoring is a one-dimensional job. Maybe you think that becoming a tutor just means helping kids finish their homework.

We're here to tell you that the worlds of tutoring, tutoring companies and tutoring online are deep and diverse.

When you become a tutor, you have a lot of choices about the work you do and which field you do it in.

For most subjects, you'll be focused on helping your students achieve academic success, but if you're going to become a guitar teacher then your goal is more oriented toward engaging your student in music learning.

Check Superprof for available tutoring jobs Sydney.

Become a tutor and work from home!
Suit up and work for yourself as a private tutor. ¦ source: Pixabay

You also might specialize with younger children who need help homework help, or you might decide you want to help older students succeed in writing assignments, improve their note taking or get better at test prep.

Obviously you're going to need to have a lot of knowledge about the subjects you want to teach. It would also be beneficial for your online tutoring services if you had some teacher training or tutor training. This is not explicitly necessary, however, especially if you're a student looking to earn extra income peer tutoring.

However, some training or experience might help you land your first tutoring clients.

Don't forget, one-on-one tutoring, college tutoring, group tutoring, individual tutoring; it all looks fantastic on a resume.


Work for Yourself and Decide Your Own Rates

Becoming a tutor isn't all study strategies, academic support, and writing skills.

You can make some really good money working as a private tutor. The kicker? You decide what you charge!

What we recommend here at Superprof is that you set an hourly rate as well as a daily rate for your academic support services. That way you'll be able to easily track your earnings.

When you're deciding on a rate, there are a few things to take into account;

  • Your desired annual income: If you have a figure in mind, it could be worth doing some basic maths on the number of hours you'll have to work at a certain rate to meet your financial goal. This will certainly be easy for math tutors and experts in school math!
  • Your expenses (costs) for holding and running your tutoring programs: Think about things like your travel expenses, but don't forget that little things add up too; the cost of your internet and phone plan, stationery, calculators... anything and everything you buy that contributes to getting the job done.
  • Your level of tutoring experience: While teaching experience isn't necessary to become a tutor, you might be able to charge more for academic help and academic advising as an experienced teacher or tutor.
  • Your tutoring or teaching qualifications: Once again, if you don't have an education certification like a university bachelor degree, it doesn't disqualify you from tutor jobs. If you do, though, it's possible you'll be able to charge more for your academic achievement services.
  • The academic level of the subjects you'll be teaching: A writing tutor for example, who teaches writing at a primary school level probably isn't going to be able to charge as much as a writing tutor who teaches at an undergraduate or postgraduate level. The same goes for almost any subject area.
  • The geographical location of where you'll be tutoring: Our data suggests that the cost of tutoring sessions increases the nearer you are to urban centers and metropolitan areas, and decreases in regional and rural locations.
  • The average rate that other academic achievement tutors in your area are charging: Don't forget, you'll need to take into account the experience and qualifications of fellow tutoring job works when you're scouting their profiles and advertisements. Make sure you only compare your rates with tutors that have similar backgrounds in terms of qualifications and level of teaching experience.

Whether you want to help students with homework assignments, exam review, learning skills or you just want to assist students academically, there's money to be made working for yourself as a private tutor.

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Work From Home and Manage Your Own Schedule

One of the most attractive elements of becoming an online tutor or in home private tutor is simply the fact that you're now in charge of your entire working schedule.

One of the things that people say they love about working for themselves is the flexibility it gives them to work where and when they want.

If you've never tutored before but you don't really like the idea of traveling all over the place to visit students, you don't have to! Tutor online and you'll be contributing to student learning by creating a learning environment from your very own laptop!

See what we mean? Freelance tutoring in the 21st century is one of the most flexible jobs out there. Private tutors everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon, helping students develop learning strategies, improve their test taking ability and writing process all while making money online. 

If you love to teach and want to take control of your free time as well as your work schedule, this might be the job for you. 

Private Tutoring: Teach Your Own Program

As you know, a certified teacher who works as an employee in a school has strict restrictions on the way they choose to deliver a program.

As a private tutor, you have none of those restrictions. You can teach your undergraduates or high school students how you want to, and if they don't like the way you teach, you can just move on from one another.

Find students who do appreciate your teaching methods!

Become a certified tutor and help your students succeed at school
As a private tutor, you could help students achieve academic excellence ¦ source: Pixabay

You're also free to teach whatever you like, as long as you know what you're talking about.

There all kinds of eager students out there, each with their own personalities and learning styles and education requirements. From social studies, math learning anatomy and physiology, you can find the right students who will benefit from your academic resources.

Teach your way and guide your students on the path to academic progress and success!

Become a Tutor and Take a Holiday!

Well, you might have to do some work first.

But we're not kidding, as a freelance tutor, you'll be able to plan your year exactly how you want to.

No more applying for leave from a grumpy boss or cantankerous manager. No more snide comments from jealous co-workers about your upcoming holiday.

No more being forced to use up your leave while you stay at home channel surfing!

These problems are all too common for many employees.

Be your own boss and go on holiday at the perfect time!
Work from home, then take a holiday at the perfect time for you! ¦ source: Pixabay

You're an entrepreneur now.

When you need a break, you've got the freedom to choose when exactly when you'll take one. You'll even be able to escape the inflated school holiday travel prices.

Your flexible schedule will mean you have enough time to rest and recharge during the school holidays while most of your clients are away.

But, if you wanted to keep working, you could always provide a virtual learning space for students if you're interested in becoming an online tutor. All you need is a computer and an internet connection!

If you're inspired to become a teacher of learning support in an online or in-home tutoring capacity, take the first step!

Sign up to Superprof today and start filling out your profile. You'll have your first client in no time.


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