Are you new to playing the guitar? According to guitarists, there are many diverse reasons for learning to play guitar.

Sorry to poke fun guys, but we know a lot of you learn in order to flirt with women. Don’t try to deny it! And maybe it’s even why you, our reader, a beginner guitarist who just started lessons, decided to play?

And are we really exaggerating the phenomenon…? We’ve all seen women literally melt before a talented guitarist and singer, swooning at his artistic, sensitive and creative side.

On that note, singing and guitar playing go hand in hand most of the time.

So why not try it yourself?

Learning the guitar isn’t so difficult if your aim is to start with the basic chords (a chord dictionary could help you). This might be enough to help you play most of the 10 songs that we are proposing in this article to seduce a woman with your guitar…

Learn about the origins of the guitar.

Learning the Guitar: a Massive Tool of Seduction?

Where does this legend of guitar seduction come from?

Was the legend invented by men, or does learning the guitar actually guarantee you success with women?

There is some truth to all this we must admit: going back decades, many men have charmed women with the help of this string instrument and their guitar lessons.

The guitar has a long history
Your guitar and you, in the epic history of the serenade. Image: Visual Hunt.

How many times have you seen a group of girls stare lovingly at a singer-guitarist in a bar, while us, poor talentless wretches, wait for the guitarist to mess up his chords?

How can we play just as well? What will it take to sing No Woman, No Cry with the unique rhythm of Bob Marley…

Does successful guitar playing come from sheer talent or the intelligence behind knowing solfège, or reading music or a tablature? And what about technique?

And is it possible to learn the artistry that emanates from guitarists like Prince, who has the capacity to produce beautiful notes, write a song and sing on top of that?

Certainly success is due to a bit of all these things.

According to a neuroscience study led by McGill University in Montreal, guitar playing liberates dopamine in the body of the guitarist. The famous happiness hormone!

So the fact that making music causes happiness and self-confidence to emanate is perhaps the secret behind the success of guitarists and guitar lessons!

And according to the above Canadian study, learning the guitar and playing the guitar procures the same sensations as listening to – good – music.

As soon he or she plays the first major chord, the beginner classical guitarist will experiment this cerebral well-being.

In addition to seduction, that is definitely another major benefit of playing the guitar!

The Guitar’s Power of Seduction: Let’s Hear What the Girls Have to Say on the Matter!

Rather than complaining about the guitar’s power of attraction, why not let women have the last word on this subject?

Learning to play guitar and love sings: it’s a bit cliché… one of the many preconceived idea about guitarists. And don’t forget that composers of beautiful songs win extra points!

I asked a good friend this very question, and here’s the response I got: “A guitar makes all the difference. A man might be average without his instrument, but right off the bat, playing the guitar gives him an irresistible edge.

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Remember that the ultimate girl magnet Elvis Presley played the guitar... Photo Visual Hunt.
Remember that the ultimate girl magnet Elvis Presley played the guitar... Photo Visual Hunt.

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Do you need even more proof to sway your opinion before embarking on guitar lessons, going to music school and learning solfège or even music composition?

Okay. Let’s fish for some responses in an English forum that specializes in relationships between men and women.

In one thread, a beginner guitarist ventured to ask: “Does taking guitar classes and playing guitar attract girls?

Here are the women’s responses:

I like musicians in general. It’s sexy.”

I love when a man plays an instrument, and that he has such a cool hobby.

I like when a man plays the guitar or music, as this demands a lot of work and training. A man who plays the guitar can then serenade you…

In general, all girls like guitarists. But that’s not the only thing that attracts us, it’s just massive appealing that this person is devoted to his art and sensitive.

It’s not the actual guitar playing that’s seductive, it’s that this demonstrates the guitarist has the capacity to work hard on something that interests him.

Men, note that you must always be smooth: the crudeness of risqué songs is forbidden! 

The actual passion behind playing the guitar will always charm a girl more than if you learn to play a music piece just to flirt with her.

On the other hand, there are many false notions and preconceived ideas surrounding the guitar...

Learning the guitar to seduce: a “bad” good idea?

There are several conclusions to be drawn from the above-mentioned citations.

Of course, certain women love “the image” of the guitarist – even more so if he sings while playing.

Generally, however, the feminine sex is drawn to the artist in you, the creative side. The author-composer occupies the highest ranking in her fantasy.

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Some guitarists are like to Jimmy Page (pictured above), and others Julio Iglesias. Photo Visual Hunt.
Some guitarists are like to Jimmy Page (pictured above), and others Julio Iglesias. Photo Visual Hunt.

But, your capacity to work hard and learn the guitar after several hours of guitar instruction will say a lot about you.

This will prove that you are passionate and transformed by the music. It shows that you don’t run away from effort, or hours of work in the company of your guitar instructor to be able to play.

The authentic passion and sincere appreciation that you have for the music will help you seduce your listeners.

The false guitarist, who all of a sudden decided to hire an instructor to learn to play the guitar in order to flirt with women, will be easy to spot! Although, many of us do take guitar lessons for exactly this goal…

And, why not!?

But if, over the course of your guitar lessons, you don’t develop a real passion for the music… You’ll appear like an imposter with your guitar, leaving your true self behind.

In the beginning, writing a song or composing your own music will be out of your reach.

By the same token, if you’re lazy, making music will never be in your future, as songwriting and playing, as well as any earning potential as a guitarist, demands perseverance.

Our Advice for Seducing While Playing the Guitar

As you’ll have no doubt understood from what we wrote above, our main advice would be to not “scam” your audience! Embrace music, practice your guitar and become a real guitarist.

Unleash the Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen inside of you.

In terms of vocal cords and voice, you must be able to muster as much emotion as a Janis Joplin or Steven Tyler would.

If these names seem too old-fashioned, try to play the guitar riff from “Smoke on the Water”: it’s one of the most extraordinary musical moments in the history of rock, which we owe to a single on Deep Purple.

Our second piece of advice is to wait until becoming at least semi good before playing in public!

Don’t embarrass yourself by singling nursery rhymes like "Old Macdonald" or "The wheels on the bus"…

Take time with your guitar teacher to properly learn the guitar basics: guitar chords, rhythm, tuning your guitar, play an arpeggio, bar chords, study solfège, learn to read music or a tablature, and find out about the best guitarists et performers, from Bob Dylan and Joan Baez to Nick Drake…

Keep in mind a range of different music styles in order to please a large listening base: folk metal, traditional music, musical comedy, classical music, etc.

Mozart is not the name to know in the history of music; as you learn you’ll see limitless horizons open up before you to advance and embellish your guitar-playing repertoire.

It would be equally wise to begin your guitar training on an acoustic guitar, and not on an electric guitar: the electro Stratocaster guitar will come later!

Don’t forget to equip yourself so as not to pass for a novice: purchase a pick, guitar amplifier, chromatic tuner, and even an acoustic bass for those of you who like that…

Take bass guitar lessons online!

All – or almost all – of us prefer the powerful ringing sound of an electric rock guitar, but remember that you’ll won’t always have an amp with you… so you’ll have to learn to shine with even the most pitiful ukulele, in order not to make women laugh!

In any case, it would be better to begin by playing an acoustic guitar, which your guitar teacher will most probably be using in your guitar course. Less fun perhaps, but it may prevent you from breaking the ears of the women you’d like to seduce!

Learn the Guitar: 10 Guitar Songs Made for Seduction!

In addition to having a guitar at hand and playing the right guitar tunes, you’ll need to master the deep stare into the horizon, a main attribute of the mysterious artist and melancholic hunk that you’re looking to be.

In the beginning, no one will ask you to play blues rock, or imitate the guitar style of Hendrix or PrinceThere’s no point in going straight into fingerstyle, fingerpicking or manouche jazz.

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The folk guitar of Jason Mraz or the melodic arpeggios of Sting: what seducing style will you choose? Image: Visual Hunt
The folk guitar of Jason Mraz or the melodic arpeggios of Sting: what seducing style will you choose? Image: Visual Hunt

So you’ve decided to learn the guitar. Ok, but what should you play to flirt efficiently? Here’s a scientific selection approved by us to help you end up with the girl of your dreams…

1. I’m yours, Jason Mraz: seduction à la Australian hippie

This Australian guitarist-singer won the world over in 2008.

Back then, first measures of "I’m yours" made girls and boys alike dream of Australia, of a road trip in a van, of beaches, surfing, and living “la vie bohème.” Such is the incredible power music has on people.

Learning guitar via "I’m yours" wouldn’t be a bad idea. With this song, perhaps you’ll succeed at bringing out the romantic traveler in her. And more importantly, make her see you as her ideal travel companion!

2. You’re beautiful, James Blunt: the fragile seducer

With a bit of luck, if the girl you hope to seduce is a fan of the show The Bachelor, this is the right song. But if she vomits on the TV remote, you’ll need to rethink that plan…

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James Blunt via Visual Hunt
James Blunt via Visual Hunt

Bet on the fact that she was also humming this melody one summer evening in 2010 and look deeply into her eyes when the refrain comes.

And if there’s an actor in you (in addition to a guitarist), why not attempt bringing a tear to your eye to really seal the deal?

And if none of this is working, it may be you, not the guitar. Reality can be harsh, my friend…

3. Wild world, Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam: flirting the poet’s way 

Guitar-wise, the early 2000’s were ok. But let’s take a little flashback, to 1970.

If you were to play "Wild world," the women listeners in your jam session would consider you a true music connoisseur.

Playing the guitar is to bring out the inner poet that is Cat Stevens, today known as Yusuf Islam since his religious conversion, making your instrument a particularly powerful tool of seduction.

And if you’ve really done it properly, your love victim may get “Wild world” tattooed on her arm in a few years…

From there, let the notes ring on the strings, perfect the melody and especially, don’t screw up the “La la la la la…”!

4. Wonderful tonight, Eric Clapton: a serenade by the ultimate guitarist

Before learning to play "Wonderful tonight" on the guitar, know that you’re venturing into the territory of the man who goes by the name of “Slowhand God” on the guitar. No pressure.

Mastering Clapton’s guitar technique, where the left hand is never at rest, is no easy task. We can confidently say that his inimitable music style is not one that is taught during a beginner guitar class.

But once learned, you’ll be able to woo a woman who made herself beautiful for you. Her exceptional attention merits an exceptional song. You can say that she “looks wonderful tonight” on the guitar… perfectly played: you are the Casanova of the guitar.

5. Angie, The Rolling Stones: a druggie’s love declaration

In his autobiography titled Life, Keith Richards, lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones, confessed that he wrote "Angie" at a Swiss rehab center. During this time, his daughter Angela was born.

A bit of blues guitar never hurt!

Let’s Rock’n’Roll with Keith. Photo via Visual Hunt.
Let’s Rock’n’Roll with Keith. Photo via Visual Hunt.

An iconic guitar song, a transcendental melody and a bit of guitar history: seduction complete.

6. Wherever you will go, The Calling: the melody of the grunge crooner

In the commercial romantic ballad genre, you can’t do better. Well maybe Bryan Adams.

What’s more, learning the guitar with "Wherever you will go" isn’t the most difficult task: the song calls for the 4 first chords taught in a guitar class! And the tablature is easy to read.

Beyond these considerations, the melody is pretty straightforward. Play, and everything else will come together!

So master different guitar styles, including the roughest, even grungiest, voice you can, to flirt like one of the best crooners…

7. Wonderwall, Oasis: the basis song to learn on the guitar

"Wonderwall," Oasis’s sacred tune, must have been hummed and listened to religiously by countless middle schoolers.

Oasis on stage. Image: Visual Hunt.
Oasis on stage. Image: Visual Hunt.

It’s now been several decades since the songs of the Gallagher brothers helped adolescents and young adults have their first romantic experiences. “Today is gonna be the day…”: if that isn’t a subliminal message…! And it’s super simple to learn to play on the guitar in no time.

8. Shape of my heart, Sting: arpeggio, melody and declaration

With "Shape of my heart," we are attempting a guitar level slightly higher than the preceding songs. You’ll need to learn arpeggio and guitar tablatures…

But that means you’re finished playing the guitar in chords!

And these few notes played in arpeggio will help pass you off as an expert guitarist in front of your love interest. An unstoppable tool of seduction enriched by Sting’s sublime lyrics, it’s a powerful tune with its latin-esque notes… but in order to seduce with this one you’ll have a lot of training to do!

9. Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley: mystical guitar-voice seduction

The initial version by Leonard Cohen was very spiritual. Even religious. But when the major and much missed Jeff Buckley covered it in 1994 for his solo album Grace, he took the liberty of changing a few words to impart it with a more emotional feeling…

The much missed Jeff Buckley and his famous cover of “Hallelujah.” Image: Visual Hunt.
The much missed Jeff Buckley and his famous cover of “Hallelujah.” Image: Visual Hunt.

With its mysticism and romance, "Hallelujah" is the ideal song for flirting and a masterpiece that everyone loves singing. Why not attempt a guitar-singing duet with the girl of your dreams…?

10. The Scientist, Coldplay: flirting, British style

Too bad this title has nothing to do with the scientifically proven benefits of playing the guitar...

"The Scientist" is definitely one of the songs that make it easy to learn to play guitar – or at least begin to learn to play.

A slow rhythm, simple guitar tablatures, not many chords and a straightforward melody: a useful guitar method par excellence!

Well, on second thought, if you don’t attempt the note on the refrain, stop immediately. It would be a shame to massacre Coldplay in front of a fan. Yes, all women love Coldplay!

Another Possibility: Attempt Retro

Our TOP 10 list isn’t exhaustive. It can be completed with the addition of “classic” titles, as well as songs by more recent artists.

Songs like “Hotel California” and those by the Red Hot Chili Peppers deserve to be considered.

In terms of seduction, making a girl laugh is also a first-rate tool. So it might serve a purpose to master a few old-fashioned tunes to entertain your audience.

To this end, there’s no lack of online guitar scores. In theory, the web is also an excellent tool for buying a guitar or finding out more about this most renown string instrument.

And who knows if you won’t discover a deep admiration for Georges Moustaki, and an idea for a sketch to add to your musical performance?

Otherwise, if you want to be noticed on a grander stage, taking a piano lesson will serve you well.

What would be better than knowing how to juggle between several instruments to please everyone in every circumstance?

Give lessons once you've perfected your skill!

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