Always feeling strung out?

Anxiety and a restless mind can get in the way of a lot of things; while supplements and medication work for some, yoga is the best way for others.

Yoga has diverse benefits, including:

The benefits of yoga are multiple. With yoga, you can:

  • Learning breath control
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Training to become more flexible
  • Muscle definition
  • Concentration improvement
  • Greater sense of fulfillment
  • Raised self-confidence

Originating in India, yoga has developed over 5000 years in different regions of the country as an exercise to boost health and lower rates of sickness related to stress. Through the different types, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Pranayama, Ashtanga, or even Prenatal yoga, your body can find relaxation and a sense of well being.

You can try this in a group or privately, however remember that both will differ greatly on price.

So how can you know if yoga lessons near me are fairly priced?

Ways your Yoga Teacher sets their price

Good yoga instructors generally practice their craft often and are passionate about it. In seeking to spread this passion to other potential budding yogis, many of these teachers advertise on platforms like Superprof to find prospective students.

This means that on our platform, teachers choose their own rates.

The ever-expanding database of yoga instructors on Superprof will endeavour to get you used to both strange and efficient poses.

What's their method for choosing their prices then?

The tutors set their own rates for yoga classes, as Superprof doesn't enforce a pricing code or model for teachers.

The teacher will therefore use their own criteria in deciding fair prices for tuition.

Factors might include:

  • The level of the student
  • How long lessons go for
  • The instructor's own experience and training

Rates tend to be higher for more people with more advanced levels, as the teacher needs more in depth knowledge and a certain fitness level to be able to teach this. Compare this to a new student who may need more help, but the teaching is more hands-off.

Lesson length also plays a part, as, like most jobs, yoga teachers are paid hourly. It logically follows that yoga lessons become dearer based on length.

All teacher profiles online in our database are also checked to verify their identity, diploma, experience, and address, which can put prospective students at ease.

Furthermore, Superprof promotes students' leaving comments on the profile of their teacher to help inform future students. These generally include the pros and cons of that teacher, as the student's personal experience.

Importantly, unlike in a studio, Superprof doesn't take a commission from tutors. There is simply a one time fee for students before getting contact access to the range of tutors.

Yoga teachers are also prompted to give a free first lesson so students can try before they buy and see what chemistry is like with the professor, as it can be counterproductive to practice with someone you're uncomfortable with.

Geographical location affects yoga class pricing

Yoga course pricing on Superprof also varies depending on their location. Your locale can influence whether yoga lessons are more or less expensive, like in inner-city Melbourne near many workplaces or a small town due to lack of competition.

$33 per hour is the average price of a yoga class available through our platform.

Big cities may witness a bigger price variation as many more teachers are available - $20 to $100 in Melbourne - whereas although small cities are generally cheaper, the smaller range of teachers mean that some instructors ask more, especially if they're well qualified and well versed.

Check out yoga classes Melbourne.


City yoga is priced differently from elsewhere.
Yoga class prices will vary based on rural or urban location. Photo credit: Spitalfields_E1 via Visual hunt

Yoga instructor experience and training influence Hourly Pricing

Online yoga tutorials or free yoga lessons might seem appealing but beware as they aren't often of as high quality as in-person classes.

Moreover, a yoga video can't monitor your fitness or give you personalised help, and thus will never replace an in-person tutor. Only they can correct your pose and keep you from exerting yourself.


Private yoga classes or yoga centres?
Whilst more expensive than online classes, in person yoga lessons can help directly correct your poses. Photo credit: Oregon State University via

We offer you here some tips on finding cheaper yoga lessons but bear in mind a more experienced teacher will inherently cost more than a beginner one.

An intermediate teacher will also be competent, but will simply lack the in-depth knowledge that advanced yogis need. This shouldn't make a difference to new students though.

Learning yoga basics can mean that you'll be fine with a less experienced teacher, who is therefore cheaper.

This means that students often give yoga lessons to make ends meet or get personal experience. This can be a good choice as their passion shows and they make the lesson worth your time.

It all really depends on your desired level at the end of the day.

Prices can vary by up to $50 between beginner and advanced teachers, so consider your needs first.

Online or in-home Yoga Lessons?

In this current climate, an increasing market is opening up for online yoga classes through webcam and pre-recorded videos. This opens up yogis to a larger student base, meaning they can reach students from further away.

It also gives help to students living remotely who have difficulty finding yoga classes near them, like in-country towns for example.

The yoga craze has truly taken hold by now the world over, meaning more classes are becoming available across Australia.

A webcam lets you partake in this phenomenon from the comfort of your own home, and even if your teacher isn't present, they can give tips and correct student mistakes.

This optional is also optimal if people want to save (both time and money). The ability to choose a tutor from across Australia or even the world gives students flexibility to choose based on price. In this way, you can maintain your training even when yoga classes near you are not available.


Better a live yoga instructor than a video.
The whole family can get in on yoga classes, although it's better in person than online. Photo credit: Jason Riedy via Visual Hunt

This now begs the question for new students: better rates or a teacher's presence?

There are obvious benefits to the second option. An in-person yoga teacher has a certain charisma, with many even offering to bring yoga mats and equipment for beginner students. Some even enhance lessons with meditation mood lighting or incense.

There's also that one less hassle of your internet connection dropping out mid-class

Common questions about this are:

  • What are competitors asking for hourly yoga rates?
  • Is a private class truly better than what a studio offers?

First and foremost, institute and studio yoga courses have hourly prices that don't actually match the overall price. They may also add fees, for enrolment and administration for instance

Superprof has an average price of $33/hour for private yoga lessons, with a one time fee for the student, payable only once they have agreed to a lesson with a tutor.

Students and teachers also liaise directly, ensuring a fairer price between the two parties.


Yoga institutes are sometimes more expensive.
Yoga studios and institutes often have accrued fees for equipment and processing.

These fees from the rest of the market will give you a general idea of pricing:

  • The Yoga Corner in Melbourne's CBD offers a 10-day unlimited yoga introductory offer for $45, then unlimited classes are $115 per month after that. They also offer weekly memberships at $45 per week for those thinking they'll be going more than twice.
  • The BodyMindLife studio in Sydney offers a mix between reformer pilates and various yoga styles. They have classes throughout the day and for different levels, and they offer a $99 twenty-one day pass for beginners. A yoga 10 class pass will set you back $250 dollars, whereas a single drop in for when you feel like it costs $30.
  • Stretch Yoga is a studio in Brisbane which boasts deep stretching Yin and Hatha yoga classes, as well as more energetic Vinyasa flow classes. They propose an unlimited new student trial week at $26, which remains the same for continued unlimited classes if you sign up immediately at the end of this period. A monthly pass comes in at $145, whereas a whole year is only $1000. Put this up against $19 for a casual class to get an idea of value.

Get an idea of what your yoga lessons will include with Superprof's guide to yoga classes.

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