Working out that you're looking for yoga lessons in your local area is the first step to take, but then you also need to consider the style and pace of yoga that you want. So let's run through the best place and ways to start this process.

There's an abundance of ads and announcements, both physical, on notice boards in supermarkets, adverts in the paper, on lamp posts, and also online on forums and Facebook, for personal yoga instructors, so finding the right one can be daunting.

50% of Australians consider themselves to be physically active, so it's no surprise that the practice of yoga is becoming more and more popular for all age groups.

It is so appealing to so many people because yoga is the perfect balance between physical exercise and spiritual expansion, referring more to a perspective and way of living than just a workout.

So what's the process of finding the correct yoga teachers then? Considering the above, it's necessary to match with your teacher on a spiritual level to get the most from your practice.

You might therefore have different criteria when choosing this person.

1. Style of Yoga Class to choose.

Being new to yoga, you will need to decide on the right kind of yoga class for you

Depending on what you hope to get from yoga, there are varied and diverse benefits to your practice, so think about what it is you want to achieve with yoga. We give some tips below to help you with this.

Think about whether you want to do yoga for relaxation and mindfulness, or whether you're doing it more for the physicality and fitness. Both goals fall into the large list of benefits to regular yoga practice, so you'll get people doing it for different reasons.

Therefore, first work out your personal reasons for doing yoga.

What are your reasons for learning yoga?
The reasons for choosing to practice yoga will vary from person to person. (Photo credit: United Nations Photo via VisualHunt)

A good choice for people wanting a smooth introduction to yoga is Hatha, as it runs you through all the best benefits of a yoga practice without straining yourself.

For those looking to de-stress, try Vishranta yoga with its relaxing poses.

There's also yoga targeted to equip pregnant women with breathing techniques, muscle relaxation, and flexibility improvementPrenatal yoga is the ideal place to start if you haven't practiced yoga before pregnancy as it initiates you slowly into the practice and won't put you in poses you're not used to.

Alternatively, for those among us looking to yoga for exercise, the benefits can match football for fitness. For this reason, yoga's a great activity for weight loss and fitness maintenance.

Try Vinyasa yoga if you're craving the burn. It's based on Ashtanga yoga which is a real workout, not to mention complicated and not recommended for beginners.

If seeking to perfect mindfulness, consider Kripalu yoga as its mediations help you to be more present.

On top of this choice, it's also necessary to consider the way you want to learn yoga. That is to say, do you need a yoga institute, studio, or private lessons? Each has different perks.

Even though there's the benefit of group dynamics and shared experience in studio and institute based classes, there's a very big upside to private yoga lessons which is their inherent flexibility. This means that they can be adapted to your own timetable and are often cheaper. Whilst some people don't like the thought of all the attention being on them, the direct assistance you receive from your instructor will be indispensable, which you might not get to such an extent in a group class, relying more on listening and watching other.

If you consider yourself highly busy, arrange with your private tutor ways to incorporate yoga at the right time to get maximum fitness or relaxation benefits. It would be too ironic if you had you fuss over doing yoga at inconvenient times for you, so working on your own schedule can bring the sense of calm yoga embodies. Not having to worry about studio class times, you can find the times of day that you need to stretch, relax, or burn calories most effectively with a private yoga teacher, bringing greater benefits to the practice as the classes work around you, not vice versa

You furthermore won't be stuck rushing to post-work classes that many studios offer, meaning you're more likely to persevere with lessons since you won't have the excuse of 'not being up to it' after a work day.

Choice Of Yoga Class

Of course there are more styles to choose from, but here is a summary of the types we've mentioned:

HathaSlow, calm, ideal for beginners
PrenatalFor optimal pregnancy
VinyasaDynamic, more difficult, sustained

2. What about finding that right Yoga Teacher?

The chemistry with the teacher is paramount as they'll push you on your journey and continually inspire you. However, you might not gel with your instructor, be disappointed with their support of your practice, or even just dislike that they smell of cigarettes when entering class. This can lead to unease between you, and ruin otherwise useful practice. This is particularly important to consider when recognising that your teacher will often have to touch your body to help you exact poses.

This isn't to say they're not a good teacher, just that they don't match your wants and needs. This isn't a huge problem in itself, but you need to be completely satisfied with the service you're paying for, otherwise you're unlikely to persevere with your yoga lessons due to lost motivation.

Hence our reiteration of the importance of choosing your yoga teacher.

There are some general important criteria to consider when selecting your yoga instructor. An ideal yoga teacher should:

  • Encourage you
  • Be visibly in good health and fitness
  • Maintain regular yoga practice
  • Pay attention to students' safety
  • Comprehend knowledge transferral

A truly well trained and passionate yoga teacher should be aware of the discipline, and maybe even travel to countries such as India and Indonesia where yoga forms a part of the cultural fabric. This means that the teacher can bring new insight to classes and enhance the spiritual practice that forms a major part of yoga.

My yoga teacher Melbourne is personally all about constant encouragement.

How to Find Your Yoga Teacher

Utilise your social network to see if anyone knows good quality yoga teachers as this can be a great way to find a teacher who is likeminded and pre-vetted.

The internet is obviously also a great place to look, as you can see student, client, and customer reviews of yoga teachers.


Use word-of-mouth to find a good yoga instructor.
Hey, I just found this amazing yoga teacher! Get your friends' recommendations for the perfect yogi.
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Specialised forums are the best place to start to find this sort of information. They have threads that you can start or follow in which people will respond with information regarding 'yoga classes near me'. This can be especially true in smaller communities where people are more willing to help each other out.

Facebook is also a great option for this info as you can implore your friends for the best advice they've got for finding a yoga instructor, and even ask for suggestions for yoga tutors directly. Mum's groups on FB for example are also great for tracking down this sort of information as they're designed to assist those in similar situations.

In sum, it's crucial to find the right yoga teacher.

Superprof is founded on the principle that students comment on teachers' profiles to help you in this process. This way, you can better gauge what results you'll get from your yoga class, and see if they and their teaching style will match your expectations.

You might even want to get in touch with your prospective yoga teacher directly to ask about their experience and training to get a better idea.

In Australia, despite the fact there is no official state-sponsored yoga teaching qualification, some institutes such as The Yoga Institute do provide teaching courses and are well regarded. Another hallmark of good quality is if the teacher has expanded their teaching with studies in India. Being yoga's birthplace, this can show commitment to their practice and depth of understanding in how to impart this wisdom.


Yoga teachers study in India.
Studying in India is a sign of a committed yoga teacher. Photo credit: Klavins | via Visual hunt

In spite of the efficacy of word of mouth, it's also good to have fallback options if you're friends don't have good recommendation.

Newspaper classifieds are still reliable, and online resources such as Superprof put students in direct contact with teachers, making the process a whole lot smoother.

3. What about the price of Yoga Lessons?

Unlike other sites, Superprof doesn't take a commission off teachers' asking prices. There is only a one-time fee asked from students to be able to contact teachers in the database. Once paid, students can access all tutors using the platform for the whole month.

What's the deal with teacher prices then?

Simply put, they're just the yoga lesson price with that particular teacher. These prices are based on:

  • Yoga class length
  • Level of the student
  • Teacher's level of expertise and experience

The status of the yoga instructor, be it student, currently practicing professional, or retired, can affect the price. For instance, if they're teaching just for fun, their financial requirements probably aren't the same as if it were their main income. No matter what, their passion remains crucial to their teaching practice

Students leave comments on Superprof and give opinions of their own experience with yoga instructors in order to help guide prospective students to their ideal tutor.

Despite this, yoga teachers can vary their price based on geography, meaning that prices between Melbourne and Ballarat might be widely different, for instance.

Feeling like you would like to try a cheaper tutor outside your geographical zone?

There's also an array of online yoga lessons available via webcam, allowing a win-win situation whereby the teacher can expand their student base and students can save financially.

Nevertheless, in-person yoga intructors also give special discounts on their services, meaning they often offer a first hour or lesson free, or a reduced rate for 10-lesson packages.

If you do decide to learn in a yoga studio in the end, don't forget to account for enrolment and admin fees, as well as any other potential incurred prices for student-teacher interactions.

4. What are beginner yoga classes near me about?

Originating in India, yoga is more than 5000 years old, and its core aim is to synchronise the harmony of mind and body. Through sustained exercises, the body adapts more naturally to relaxation

All yoga styles, and in particular Hatha, help you reach relaxation through balance, stretching, muscle tone, deep breathing, and positive thinking, with the mental and physical health benefits being widely acknowledged for many years.

Yoga's main benefits will be to help you:

  • Connect with your surroundings
  • Intuit your body
  • Increase muscle tone
  • Make you flexible
  • Control your breath
  • Create diaphragm relaxation

Through breath work or physical exertion, yoga teachers help increase student mindfulness throughout the lesson.

Bear in mind though that you don't become an expert yogi overnight.

You'll need to stick with it for several sessions to really feel it.

Whatever type of yoga class you choose, it'll follow this structure:

Relaxation steps to begin

Relaxing and leaving behind the stress of the day helps bring your mind to the present moment. Meditating in this way grounds you for the rest of the yoga practice and will render it more productive.

Meditation is the time to get back in touch with yourself and unfold your mind, which the main focus being on the here and now. This has also been proven to help reduce stress day to day.

Progressively, more difficult and complicated poses become incorporated into the yoga routine, with some even demanding great physical exertion and pleasing the most athletic types, yet posing problems for beginners.


Yoga can be an exhausting sport.
Certain yoga shapes take years to master. Photo credit: TinyTall via Visualhunt

To keep you focussed and calm, the yoga instructor will coach you through the crucial element of breathing through it.

Breath is crucial to maintaining physical and mental calm, as the flow of oxygen brings energy into the body, which you can master via yoga practices.

Your yoga class will then end with relaxing Savasna where you can lie down peacefully and bring yourself back to reality after unwinding during the lesson.

Yoga classes near me: a few examples

As detailed in this piece, there's a plethora of places to consult for yoga classes: announcement boards, lamp posts, online forums, Facebook, and of course Superprof! That being said, it is probably obvious that it would be too difficult to distill all the yoga classes out there into one article. Therefore, we're going to give you a snapshot here of some different classes that are available across Australia in different regions. These include the different yoga styles mentioned and refer to small and large groups.

The below should present you with a handy guide, but don't be afraid to try a Google search if these don't take your fancy. There are so many classes out there to explore!


Yoga Corner

Located in the CBD, the school is ideal for after work yoga seekers, or those who need a place that's central. They offer a selection of different hot and cool yoga classes, including 'hot yoga flow' and 'hot yoga basics' to get you into the swing of things and really loosen you up. They also have more fast-paced 'Vinyasa flow' and 'Jivamukti yoga' which really get the heart racing. And, for those new to the practice, they have on offer 5 classes for $45, so you can really try out your yogi legs here.

Timetables vary from day to day for this school, but a varied range of the types of classes is available daily between 7.15am and 8.30pm depending on who is teaching and what style.

Give yoga classes Melbourne a go and see what's out there.


Knead Yoga

This school specialises in different types of yoga, offering a wide range of courses to suit different levels and budgets. A particular speciality is their class passes, which include 5, 10, 20, and 50 class packs if you're really ready to commit, and focusses on strengthening and restoring specific body parts.

The types of yoga offered here range from Restorative, Yin, and Alignment, to Hatha, Flow, and Ashtanga, so you can vary the practice, especially with one of those passes. Times can be sparing, but typically there's a midday class and an evening class and they have them available through webcam as well for those who are looking to practice from the comfort of their own home.

Find other yoga classes in Brisbane



BodyMindLife is located in Surrey Hills specialises in balancing mindfulness and fitness. This studio is particularly special for its combination of yoga classes and reformer pilates, which is exactly where the strength element comes in.

The yoga classes here generally centre around the reformer, Yin, and Vinyasa style and aim to take you away from daily city life. Variably every half an hour from 6am to 12pm, and then again from 4pm to 7pm, there is an iteration of the diverse range of classes, specifically reformer pilates flow, reformer pilates alignment, open yoga at 26, 28, or 30 degrees, and Yin yoga, which all vary day to day.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast Yoga Centre

Aimed at catering to a wide range of students, the centre is a fitness and more traditional yoga haven. Focussing more on the ancient Indian elements yoga, with hot and cold classes being offered. They also, as with most yoga studios, offer all of the necessary equipment for an effective class, including blocks, straps, mats, and blankets.

The kinds of classes to expect are sorted initially by levels 1-3, with Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Meditation classes also offered. The individual price is $18 per session, but this centre also offers 10, 30, and unlimited monthly class passes.


Adelaide Yoga Flow

Located just outside the city centre, the school is well established, with a comprehensive selection of flow-based courses, and even teacher training and yoga retreats. In recent times, they've furthermore gone about restructuring classes to be offered in equal amounts online and in person. Being as comprehensive as this studio is, it's a great place for beginners as it exposes you to a whole lot of different styles and lets you see which would suit you best.

In fact, yoga types offered here appear specifically target to beginners, as the pace and difficulty are perfect for those not already exposed to the practice. Slow and regular flow, Yin, Restorative, and aptly named Beginner classes get you easily to grips with yoga fundamentals, and are offered regularly throughout the day between 6.15am and 7pm. You can also access the class passes, with an introductory $75 for 1-month unlimited offer (keep an eye out for these as many schools have them).


Yoga Hub Perth

This is another comprehensive school, with a mix of slower and faster classes, predominantly focussed on opening the heart space and stretching out tension. They also offer classes at varied times of day based on when we as humans would typically need to unlock certain energies within ourselves. This school is also comprehensive in its targeted Beginners lessons, as well as courses for Teens and Yoga for therapeutic purposes. This school also offers teacher training too.

To get you started, they've got $30 for unlimited 14 days, and after that, you can buy 3, 4, and 5 times weekly class blocks. There's also unlimited after that for $52 per week. Classes to look out for are Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin, as well as Mysore extended stretching, offered as bookends to start or end your day right. Classes typically run between 5.45am and 8pm depending on what's running on that day.

Not satisfied with what you see here? Search yoga classes near me and see what's available, or take the plunge and get in touch with a private yoga teacher on Superprof! No matter where you live there should be a number of different yoga teachers near you. For example, yoga classes Perth or yoga classes Sydney.

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