In Australia, around 50% of employees claim to find their work stressful. This is a principal reason for the rising number of people turning to yoga lessons to manage daily stress.

Combining breath work, stretching, and meditation, yoga is clearly very helpful in getting down anxiety levels.

But it's obviously a very involved practice, so how should you select your perfect yoga teacher? You will obviously need the right yoga instructor to get your head around this ancient Indian practice.

Superprof is the place to find just that person.

What's the benefit of choosing a private Yoga instructor?

Private tuition is on the rise in Australia, and the reason for this may come as no surprise.

Undertaking private lessons with a yoga teacher runs parallel to the trend of individuals giving direct help to each other.

Beyond exchanging used good, we now also swap services.

Fancy learning yoga from your neighbour? Consider where the best yoga classes are near you.

Superprof is where you find a database comprising a plethora of private teachers all across Melbourne.

Our rolodex of yogis giving private yoga lessons is ever expanding and they are ready to teach you for an average price of $47, with 100% of tutors offering a free first lesson, all within stretching distance

You've also got to make sure your yoga lessons work for you, and you don't want to have to force yourself to get into the swing of a class when you're feeling off just because you've got to work around a studio's timetable.

Private yoga lessons can be worked around your calendar so that you can make the most of your practice when you need it. No holding crow pose while rushing to get to your next appointment.

How can you tell when you've found a good Yogi?

So once you find your perfect match, how can you tell if they are any good?

Take a look at the ways to find the right yoga instructor.

The ideal yoga teacher should keep up a regular yoga practice outside of their classes. This is the main way that they can become a better teacher and more empathetic to your practice.

Yoga is beyond just a physical workout. There is an ancient wisdom and theory of mediation for self betterment which requires a knowledgable yoga teacher who has been through the same journey themselves, and can thus better share the experience with their students.

Regular upkeep of their practise also proves that your professor is serious about what they do. This way, they can teach you both theory and technique, which are essential if you want to improve your own practice. They can help you understand the history of yoga which will also further enhance the various elements of you self betterment.

A high quality yoga teacher will furthermore always keep your safety and wellbeing in mind. Since some yoga poses will requires you to access a flexibility you didn't know you had. You tutor should be able to assess your ability while you work so as to avoid putting you in positions that can do you damage.

Yoga props help ensure student safety.
A yoga teacher needs to be aware of their student's ability and wellbeing. Equipment such as yoga straps are a useful recommendation for students with less flexibility. Photo credit: tarnalberry via Visualhunt

Further, for those new to the practice, lessons need to be engaging as well as safe. A coherent and well organised yoga class should start by warming up with the correct stretching techniques, which form the foundation of all yoga classes.

A top notch yoga teacher will also deftly fix incorrect postures or yoga positions, all the while supporting their student and keeping them motivated.

What if you find that you just don't gel with your Yoga instructor??

If you don't feel the chemistry with your yoga teacher, you'll never get the most out of your practice. This is why we recommend using an internet platform to find and carefully select a coach who you think will be right for you.

Above all, your teacher needs to be calm and patient, as well as able to adaptable to your level in order to help you advance. They should also always motivate you and work at your pace.

Places to find a top notch Yoga teacher

There's a sea of information on the internet for helping you find the right yoga instructor.

That right person is crucial to keeping you motivated during the course of your yoga lessons. A good vibe between you and the teacher will create just the right cocktail for continuing and progressing in whatever style you end up choosing.

A good yoga instructor is many things.
The right yoga teacher is like a great cocktail: just the right mix. Photo credit: ahmad syahrir via


Obviously, we can't go a day without using the internet; we use it to shop, study, work, and even find great quality yoga classes near you.

Superprof is a standout platform for finding a private yoga teacher, in that you can check out the profiles where teacher introduce themselves in extended detail, helping you to choose the teacher you want.

The types of people you will find in the ads on Superprof range from:

  • Students in the yogi arts
  • Retired teachers wanting to keep their practice up
  • Professional yoga practitioners who are seeking to expand their client base

This means there's someone to suit all needs. When you like the look of someone, contact the private yoga teacher directly to see if they're what you have in mind.

Top tip: Looking through the comments or voting section on the website will often give you an idea about the teacher you're looking at.

Look for Yoga Melbourne or find online yoga classes


Personal ad boards or messenger boards and forums online, as well as physical posters at the supermarket, on lamp posts, or at uni/around the office are another good place to start looking for your next yoga class with a private teacher.

However, the disadvantage is that they only offer minimal info, and it's then your responsibility to get in touch with the teacher and hear about their expertise directly from them.

Word of mouth

This is still a reliable means of getting the information you desire, and by checking in your networks, you can rustle up some of the names of the best yoga teachers as mentioned by your friends and family, having already vetted the teacher as good or bad.

What to ask a prospective teacher before your first yoga class

You need to implore your potential yogi guide in order to work out if they're going to get you to the level that you want.

Ask about their training

As yoga is highly physical, you would expect their to be government accredited certifications, but they are actually very few and far between in Australia.

Although the key to being able to impart your yogi wisdom is actually to maintain your regular practice, some formal training is beneficial.

Whilst there is not an official accreditation for yoga teaching, there are dedicated yoga institutes that offer certified training courses.

It is possible that your teacher has trained at one of the ones across Australia or New Zealand (or maybe even further abroad).  Certain school do also specialise in particular skills for teachers to develop.

The main Yoga institutes across Australia and NZ are:

There are also those teachers that take the extra leap and train in India. This is smart if you want to perfect your yoga practice.

Many yoga teachers study in India.
Training in India enhances your standing as a yogi. Photo credit: terbeck via VisualHunt

Learning in India is often a sign of higher quality yoga education.

India is yoga's birthplace, and although training opportunities are not recognised in Australia, they do provide excellent (and often breakthrough) foundations for teachers, giving them deeper insight into their practice and adding the spiritual component they might not have otherwise had.

Based in Sydney? Look up yoga classes near me.

Ask about how long they've been practicing

Practice makes perfect, and it obviously takes a long time to get to the latter.

And whilst your teacher may have been practicing for 35 years, they may have only done so very sparingly, so it's better to opt for experience rather than age.

Experience is more important than age.
Experience is often more important than age when considering yoga proficiency. Photo credit: Minneapolis Institute of Art via Visual hunt

Said once and said again, Yoga needs regularity in its practice, especially so if you want to be able to teach others. It can take decades to reach the stage where you're ready to share your wisdom, or it could only take a couple of years. It all depends on whether the teacher feels well versed enough in the different kinds of yoga and the depth of wisdom that accompanies this.

And let's not forget the crucial question - how much should you be paying for a yoga lesson?

How to vet your self-taught yoga teacher

As there's no guarantee they've sought official certification, you will probably need to ask your prospective yoga instructor about their training up to the present.

As the training programmes aren't all accessible, or even well advertised, many yoga instructors end up teaching themselves the poses and techniques. This is done online through YouTube videos or available literature, or hard copy books and paraphernalia.

What's the benefit to a self-taught instructor then?

As yoga can be such a personal journey of self betterment, it is understandable that many people may choose to learn the practice by themselves, outside of a yoga class.

Becoming a yogi often represents a career change for people, or might be a diversification of skills they take on board on the side.

This might actually even be a good thing, as your yoga instructor might work in a health-related industry, and want to put their holistic approach into practice through your classes.

The main thing about self-taught yogis is that they bring true passion to the practice, which is crucial when keeping themselves motivated and passing this onto you.

Get to grips with what to expect from self-taught teachers with our guide to yoga classes.

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