What is the cost of learning to dance?

Why are some styles of dance more expensive to learn than others? 

Does it cost more to learn as a beginner or an expert?

There are lots of different factors that will affect the price of a dance tutor.

If you want to learn swing dance, hip hop, Bollywood dance, jazz, ballet, or the foxtrot, you need to learn more about what will affect the cost of learning how to dance.

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Dance Lessons by Type and Price

The landscape for dance classes is competitive and busy. Many aspiring dancers don't have a good idea of where to turn when it comes to locating a dance instructor or dance lesson.


How to find the cheapest dancing classes near me?
Group classes are often much cheaper than one on one dance tutorials. (Source: Michael Zittel)

In many dance locations, prices are fixed. Some places only offer one type of dance lessons, such as beginner or advanced. This means that these places are slightly more affordable than private dance tutors because the cost of running the class is shared among members. For those who simply want to learn the fundamentals of dance, or to make new friends, group dance workshops are a great option.

However, more prestigious dance schools and dance academies are much more expensive than most beginners' classes and private tutoring sessions. Since most of these locations offer undergraduate and postgraduate dance degrees, the fact that they charge high tuition fees is unsurprising.

Perhaps you are already studying one of these courses and you are trying to find a dance tutor for some extra help. If this is the case, you can easily find a tutor within your student budget. You might be able to find a talented individual who is self-taught or who has just recently graduated.

When it comes to private tuition, you don't need to worry about it clashing with your school class or word schedule. The flexibility of tutoring is one of the things that makes hiring a personal tutor so attractive. 

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Will My Location Effect the Cost of My Dance Class

The short answer to this question is yes! The average rate for private lessons and indeed most goods and services will largely be dependant on the average salary of people in your area. 

The price of dance classes will also depend on the competition around where the dance studio or dance class is to be held. The more competition, the cheaper the price!

People who live in larger cities, like Melbourne and Sydney, will usually have more choice when it comes to the prices of dance tutors. For those who live in smaller towns though, they might not have this luxury.

For people who live in places where costs are higher, you can always book an online dance tutorial for a lower, standardised price. Just check out which tutors are offering online tutorials via webcam! Learning to dance online is an awesome way to get a quality education in dance from the comfort of your own home.

Does Dance Style Affect the Cost?

In dance, each student is completely unique!

How can I find affordable dance classes?
The type of dance you learn will affect the cost of your classes. (Source: Gabriel Augusto)

For private dance lessons, you'll have to consider which disciplines of dance the students want to learn.

Modern dance classes, jazz classes, and ballet classes are some of the most popular disciplines at the moment.

There are rarer classes too, in Rumba, Cha Cha, belly dancing, and bachata. As a general rule of thumb, the more unique forms of dance are more expensive, because the skills it takes to teach them are more valuable. When you're looking for a dance class, you might have to open your wallet a little wider to pay for a professional tutor in these dancing styles.

Here are some example prices for dance tutoring in Sydney on Superprof:

  • African Dance: $30
  • Ballroom Dance: $40
  • Breakdancing: $40
  • Choreography: $70
  • Hip Hop Dance: $50
  • Latin Dance: $45
  • Modern Dance: $50
  • Rock and Roll: $36
  • Salsa: $60
  • Tango: $41
  • Waltz: $38

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Of course, these are just some examples of average prices. Price will vary depending on the level of dance education you're looking for (beginner, intermediate or advanced level). As a general rule of thumb, introductory classes won't cost quite as much as private dance lessons for expert dancers. 

The cost of private lessons can vary greatly also. This is usually due to the level of experience and official qualifications the dancing teacher has. There are some amazingly talented and highly qualified dancing tutors out there, and they charge a pretty penny for their time and expertise.

You can be assured great results if you hire them, however, as they truly know what they're talking about when it comes to teaching dance.

Dance fitness classes, like Zumba, are often classified as sports classes. This means they can be more affordable than traditional dance classes (although both are great workouts). What is more, a dance instructor can choose to offer group classes, which will further lower the cost for each student. 

Whether you’re looking at a fun, inexpensive dance workshop to take with your friends, or an intensive dance workshop as you prepare for a wedding or theatre show, you'll need to consider the type of dancing you have to learn to discover what the cost will be per class.

Remember, there are some very niche types of dance out the available for you to study. If you're getting married, for example, you might need some ballroom dancing lessons for your big day! You could go on Superprof right now and find a tutor who offers first dance wedding lessons. You'll have help in creating a special piece of choreography that will be a beautiful memory for you and your partner for the rest of your lives.

Children and teens can also get private dancing lessons. When your child is learning to dance, it's especially important that their teacher keeps the dancing class interesting and fun. Kids probably don't care how much experience the tutor has, or which dance school they attended. They also won't give a hoot if they have a bachelor's degree in theatre and dance. All children want to do is be engaged and have fun! For you, the parent, this means you might be able to save some money on their private dance tutor.

How Does the Dance Teacher Impact the Cost of Dance Classes

The more qualified the dance teacher is, the more they'll charge for their services. Some tutors teach at all levels of dance, others will focus on teaching at one particular level. If you're a beginner, you can expect to pay much lower prices than those who study dance at a higher level.

This is because it takes more experience and more qualifications to teach at the higher echelons of dance.


Find dances near me with an expertly qualified dance teacher.
Advanced students should expect to pay more for tuition. (Source: pixabay.com)

If price is a critical issue for you, you can always negotiate the hourly rate with dance tutors on Superprof. Just remember that tutors are well within their rights to hold firm on their price, as well as raise their rates once the student reachers a higher skill level. This is because a higher level of dance instruction will require more input and knowledge from the tutor.

Here are factors that you need to consider when it comes to hourly rate for dance classes:

  • Dance career
  • Dance knowledge
  • Equipment and class preparation (portable dance floor, dancing shoes, etc.)
  • Dance education
  • Student feedback and reviews
  • Wider reputation
  • Lesson location (dance studio, your home, or their house)
  • Career as a dance educator or choreographer (have they educated in schools, etc.)

Finding a dance lesson at a good rate requires you to think about more than just how well your tutor can move. Many students have made the mistake of working with self-taught dance tutors who didn't necessarily have adequate teaching experience. This mistake can produce bad results and a negative experience. It's also a big waste of time and money!

On the other hand, though, you could find a self-taught dancer who is a naturally gifted teacher! You might find a diamond in the rough if you book with someone who has less experience. When in doubt, check the reviews!

Tutors with the right qualifications will generally demand more money, so be prepared for that. They’ve proven themselves as capable dancers and educators.

Look out for these credentials to gaurantee yourself a great dance education experience.

  • A bachelor degree in dance, theatre or the performing arts
  • A postgraduate degree
  • A PhD

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Discount Dance Classes

Looking to learn to dance for a great price?

No worries! There are heaps of ways you can get quality dance lessons while spending less. 

What are the cheapest ways to learn to dance?
If it's just for a bit of fun, learning to dance shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. (Source: Haste LeArt V.)

You can find dance lessons in recreation centres and gyms, as well as school campuses and theatres. If you're passionate about pursuing a career in dance, there are scholarships and loans for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. You should also check in case there is any state or federal funding available to you.

Some places will offer you a discount if:

  • You’re a student
  • You’re a child
  • You get other people to sign up with you.

In terms of private dance tutorials, you might be able to get a discount by:

  • Booking classes for a year
  • Booking longer than average classes
  • Booking classes as a couple
  • Booking group classes
  • Booking dance classes with your family
  • Booking beginners’ dance classes
  • Booking an intensive dance course

Over 92% of tutors on Superprof offer the first hour of tuition for free! This is a great opportunity for you to figure out what type of dance classes you would like to pay money for, as well as finding the best teacher to suit your personality and availability. It's also a good opportunity for your tutor to assess your capability and skill level as a dancer, so they can recommend an education course to you. 

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