“Do it big, do it right, and do it with style" - Fred Astaire on dance

Are you a great amateur dancer, but want to up your skills?

We recommend finding a dance academy or getting private dance classes near me for getting started.

It just might not always be in your reach to get the lessons that you ideally want though.

What ways can you learn to dance for free then?

What places can you find tips, classes, or fun videos online?

We provide you here with some of the best solutions for those who like to groove sometimes but also like to save money.

What to Find Out Before Teaching Yourself to Dance

No matter the dance style, moves and ways of learning you have in mind, regular practice is the key to improvement. Setting clear goals and time constraints will also really help you achieve your dancing goals.

First ask yourself:

  • When will I find the time to dance? (during the day, nights, weekends etc)
  • How regularly can I realistically practice? (frequency and length of sessions)
Can you learn to dance without a teacher?
Your wedding might be a good reason to learn to dance. (Source: Dance2016)

You've got to make the most of the time and space you have, and that you have adequate room when dancing so your moves don't knock anything over.

Could I dance in the living room?

Would the study work?

Consider the equipment you'll need too:

  • Audiovisual so you can see and hear the tutorials
  • A mirror to track your steps
  • A camera to film and review

Lastly, the most important question to ask yourself before you start searching for dance classes online is: what kind of dance do I want to learn?

Prefer something with fast pace?

  • Salsa, swing, rumba, zumba, dance fitness, etc.

Something more slow and smooth?

  • Argentine tango, belly dancing, Latin dancing, traditional oriental dances etc.

How about just the classics?

  • Ballroom, contemporary, waltz, flamenco, tap, etc.

Obviously there's a large range, so you've plenty of choice. Think about what music you like when learning as it'll make it more fun, especially since some dances can be difficult for beginners.

Learning to dance quickly will mean choosing a type suitable to all levels that you can easily follow.

Thinking about the reason for your online classes is necessary when learning to dance too, as if it's for your wedding for instance, you've got to get your fiancé on board too.

Learning to Dance for Free Online

Advice is abundant for helping your learn in your own time.

Advantages to learning to dance online include:

  • Freedom to try several styles before finding your preferred one
  • Practising at times that suit you
  • Non-paying resources
  • Dance classes from the comfort of your own home

It's also advisable before your dance course to familiarise yourself with the basics.

YouTube Dance Lessons

Youtube is truly the place to look for online dance classes.

Just start by typing in the type of dance you want to learn in a key word search, and then also consider your level.

Think you're a total beginner?

Are you wanting to brush up on your dancing or are you just seeking dance lessons to get some complex moves or a routine?

This can sometimes be a time consuming process, but it's necessary. At the end of the day, you're you own dance teacher, so you need educational resources to match your needs.

Those wanting private adult dance classes near me should click here.

Which are the best YouTube channels for learning to dance?
The internet is the place to find great and fun dance resources. (Source: TheDigitalArtist)

An initial search will bring up heaps of free and fun videos to get you to grips with the basics of the dance style you're learning. And, as these are all free, you can trial the online videos you think will best match what you're after.

There's also a plethora of videos helping you to learn to dance like your favourite singer, be it Beyoncé or Shakira.

Free Dance Class Websites Online to Try

Beyond just YouTube videos, there are also specialised sites for ballet, ballroom, tap etc.


A site with loads of beginner, intermediate, and advanced videos for people to watch before starting to dance. If it's Latin, swing, belly, or hip hop dancing that you're interested in, give this site a visit. Styles mentioned are:

  • Cuban/Puerto Rican Salsa
  • Merengue
  • Bachata
  • Cha Cha
  • Rumba
  • Funk

They also give articles for those attending dance parties with recommendations to improve confidence.


A straightforward name, this website is primarily for adult dance classes for beginners. This website has a great section for dance teachers too, as well as wedding dance tips and advice for improving posture and preparing for auditions.


This is one of the best places to learn dance online with videos for classes and choreography, and whilst they're not all free, they have free trials for all their dance styles.

Our list here isn't exhaustive, and if there are particular dance styles you've got in mind, like ballet, there will be specialised sites for these. Online resources abound on the internet, so there's plenty of sites just a click away no matter your preferred style.

Hot tip: be specific in your search, don't just put "dance classes" as this won't yield good results. Key word search your style and level instead.

Check for dance classes Melbourne on Superprof.

Learning to Dance for Free with Dance Apps

Another good and fun means of learning to dance is downloading an app onto your smartphone or tablet, of which there are thousands.

Where can you learn to dance for free?
There are dozens of different places to find free dance resources. (Source: tazzanderson)

Some apps to try learning dance on your own are:

  • iDance: This is an app for learning beginner and advanced moves. With easy interface, you're just two clicks away from learning to dance.
  • Learn to Dance: An app with a variety of styles of dance for learners, and best for those wanting to learn by watching and copying professional dancers.
  • Pocket Salsa: With a free trial and fun videos for a range of different styles, you'll end up watching more than one on here.

And if you're a fan of AR (augmented reality), Apple's platform Arkit has an app called dance reality.

It's also now possible to find a salsa course in virtual reality if you're interested in that.

Use Your Game Console to Learn to Dance at Home!

Games like Just Dance are a staple and a hit at parties.

This famous dance game can be bought for almost all consoles. It's not entirely free, but it's a one off payment which is a great long term investment in your dancing (provided you already have the console).

The basic premise is to follow dance moves to classic and current hits. The 2017 version has over 40 songs to choose from and tutorials to help teach you the moves.

What's the game's best feature?

It's loads of fun for those wanting to learn to dance, even if you can't ace he moves. It'll also really improve your timing, which is a difficult and key part of dance.

Those with an eye for detail will probably master the moves in no time and memorise them easily. Just Dance is after all just a game also, so you can enjoy it whether you're alone or with family and friends.

Tips for Adult Dance Classes On Your Own

If you'd like to dance on your own but can't get private lessons, it's important to do it regularly and keep motivated.

How should you warm up before dancing?
Don't forget to warm up beforehand, even if you're dancing alone. (Source: StockSnap)

It should be noted that dancing is also a highly physical exercise that requires a certain level of fitness. There are a few precautions to take to work safely on your physique. It's best to warm up and stretch before and after each lesson, and do exercises that enhance your flexibility.

It's hard to mark your progress if you're just doing it in front of your mirror.

What ways can you assess your progress and which moves to focus on?

It's essential that you dance in front of a mirror so you observe your movements. It's also really helpful for evaluating how and what you did after each session, as is filming yourself.

Rewatching these dance videos helps you find inspirations and steps to learn. Listening to the music you want to dance to regularly will also help you find the rhythm and create subsequent choreography to this. The new moves you're acquiring will develop quickly and before long, you'll be able to whip them out when you're out on the dance floor at a nightclub or party.

If after all this you do decide to attend regular dance classes that require more attention from the teacher due to intermediate instruction (such as ballet), have a look into dance schools or studios near you. If you're new to the school, the likelihood is that you'll get a free introductory session to see if the school meets your needs.

Following the free session, it's up to you to see whether the ambiance of the school is right for and you can see yourself progressing there. The types of classes you're likely to encounter are group, intensive, or private for which you can call a one-to-one dance teacher or instructor to give hands on assistance in lessons. Superprof tutors offer a free first session, regardless of whether it's a more involved style like ballroom or ballet.

To get an idea about dance tuition prices, check out our guide.

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