What kind of dance do you like? Which types of dancing do you want to try and learn? There are Salsa classes, Hip hop dance classes, Chacha, Rumba, disco dancing classes, Bollywood dance classes and pole dancing classes - so many options for you to explore as a new dancer!

Beginners might find it difficult initially to find the right dance teacher to teach them. This can be because one dance teacher might do a better job in the education of one student over another. It is therefore critically important that you make the right choice in choosing which dance training professional you'll be working with.

Don't got rhythm?

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Check out our advice for choosing a dance teacher that will do the best job training you!

Where Do I Find Dance Teachers?

Many young people who are just starting to dance often worry about starting their education with the wrong types of dance lessons.

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The best dance teachers are often found in conservatories and universities. (Source: Vladislav83)

If you want to be sure that you're choosing a good dance tutor, there are a few options. If you sign up to a dance course at a dance school, dance academy or dance studio, you might have the option of taking a free first classMany dance school and studio locations offer a free first class so that you can try before you buy. There are so many different types of dancing training, not everyone is going to enjoy every single one.

Professional dancers and performing arts teachers know this, and that's why they often will offer new students a free first training session.

If you're interested in a class that doesn't offer a free trial lesson however, we suggest that you go along to a class and observe it. You can get a sense for the other people in the class, as well as some data on the dancing instructor. You need to feel comfortable with your professional dancing training instructor, so if you go along and enjoy their teaching techniques with the other students, then you can be more confident that you'll enjoy their class when you join in.

Where to Find Dance Classes

Here are some places you might find dance classes:

  • Classified ads offering private dance tutorials
  • Dance associations
  • National conservatoires
  • Certified dance schools
  • Uncertified dance studios
  • Regional conservatoires
  • National dance centres,
  • Theatres
  • Music schools

When it comes to choosing the right dance class, it's important that you find a location where you enjoy the atmosphere. Some students prefer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, whereas others might thrive in a more serious, competitive atmosphere. You need to discover what your favourite style of dance training is before you choose your dance classes.

Find dance classes near me in Australia.

It's not just in Sydney either, you can find adult dance classes in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Perth!

Choosing a Dance Teacher: Bollywood Dance Classes or Hip Hop Dance Classes?

You have to choose a dance teacher based on the type of dancing they specialise in. No point hiring a Hip Hop dance classes instructor to teach you Bollywood dance classes!

Learn about different types of dance in private dance tutorials.

Generally, beginner and intermediate dance students will initially learn a common dance style such as jazz, ballet, contemporary or modern dance. It's easy to find different tutors and dance teacher who offer this dance education and training around Australia.

If you prefer something a little different, there are also plenty of dance teachers who specialise in Bollywood dancing classes, Latin dance, African dance, and so much more. You can also find a dance training professional whose job it is to teach multiple types of dance in their dance classes.

It's best to talk to the tutor before you begin your dance education, so you can cover what you'll be learning in their private or group dance classes.

Are hip hop dance classes for you?
Find the best tutor and learn hip hop, tango, breakdancing, or salsa. (Source: picography.co)

There are heaps of different styles of dance tutorials to enjoy:

  • Waltz
  • West Coast Swing
  • Tap
  • The Foxtrot
  • Ragga Dancehall
  • Swing dance
  • Oriental dance
  • Merengue
  • Latin dance
  • Hip Hop
  • Flamenco
  • Dance Fitness (Zumba, etc.)
  • Cuban salsa or Puerto Rican salsa
  • Chacha
  • Bollywood dancing
  • Ballet
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Bachata
  • Argentine tango

Whether you just want some beginner's education to gain a bit of confidence in your dance moves, or you want an intensive training course to pursue a career in dance, you're guaranteed to find someone to suit your needs.

Find out about new dance styles with an experienced, qualified dance tutor!

Get a Private Dance Teacher for Dance Classes Online or at Home

Experience a fun, interesting dance class without leaving the comfort of your home! The average price for dance tutorials in Australia ranges from $25 - $60 per hour.

Private dance lessons are usually cheaper than what you would pay to attend dance schools or a dance academy. There's a lot of reasons for getting a private tutor over attending group classes. You can receive instruction more regularly than you could in a group course. After only a few lessons, you'll find yourself making a lot more progress in your technique and understanding of dance!

Students can even ask their tutors to give them more exercises to do between class lessons.

Check out some of these places to find out about dance tutorials:

  • Online classified ad sites (like Superprof)
  • Ad sections of local newspapers
  • Ads in schools on bulletin boards
  • Word of mouth from different dancers
  • Private agencies
  • Tutors advertising their dance training on social media

A private tutor is a great choice for students at any level of dance, as well as for couples, children, small groups, adults and teens!

If you're currently engaged, you could consider learning to dance together! First of all, it's a fun couples activity, but you can also get wedding dance lessons so you're well prepared for your first dance at your wedding!

Impress all your guests and showcase your new dancing talent!

On Superprof, there’s the option for you to book online private dance classes Brisbane. Dance tuition online over webcam means that you, as the student, can practise dance routines without having to leave the comfort of your own home. You'll also have access to the best online resources while you learn.  Taking dance tutorials on Skype and you'll be able to choose the best dance tutors in Australia and indeed, the world!

Choose a Dance Teacher For Your Level: Beginner Hip Hop Dance Classes or Advanced Bollywood Dance Classes!

It's best not to run before you can walk. It's the same for dancing!

When it comes to the theatre arts, there's no use trying to rush your education: with just a few hours, your tutor can get a good idea as to your level of skill. This means they'll be able to help you progress! Don't waste time and money by getting lessons you're not ready for. Finding a teacher at your level might mean you need an appraisal by a professional teacher first!

There are three primary levels when it comes to dancing training:

  1. Beginners’ dance tutorials
  2. Intermediate dance tutorials
  3. Advanced dance tutorials

The best teacher should let you know what levels they teach at, and most dance teachers offer lessons at multiple levels, which mean you can stick with them while you learn.

The Pros and Cons Of Different Dance Teachers

A good tutor will make you feel comfortable in each lesson. This comes down to the personality of the tutor more than anything else.

Learn from an experienced dance teacher.
You want to learn to dance in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. (Source: Jabore)

One thing that many students forget about is first aid! Dancing is a physical activity so it's not uncommon for accidents to happen. Double-check with your tutor that they are trained in first aid. 

Here's a quick list for what you should look for in your first dance tutorial:

  • How the tutor teaches the lesson
  • How the tutor adapts choreography to the level of their student
  • Whether the tutor is caring and patent
  • How they explain the dance steps
  • How they motivate their students
  • How they respect the limits set by the student
  • The open-mindedness of the tutor
  • Their knowledge of dancing and music
  • Their artistic creativity
  • The preparedness for the lesson

Here’s a quick list of what you should not expect from your tutor:

  • Not adapting to the level of their student
  • Ignoring the classes musical preferences
  • Choreography that is too advanced
  • No warming up
  • Generic teaching techniques that seem lazy
  • Not difficult enough choreography

As the student, you're well within your right to try out as many tutors as it takes to find the right one. The goal is for you to be able to look forward to your next lesson as something exciting.

Hiring Dance Teachers: Experience and Qualifications

Look to hire dance teachers who are experienced and qualified for their talents as a dancer!


Hire dance teachers based on their experience and qualifications.
Learn a style of dance the appeals to you from a qualified teacher. (Source: ionasnicolae)

When it comes to theatre and the performing arts, most students prefer an education from a professional dancer, rather than an experienced teacher. Of course, many professional dancers are also not unfamiliar with teaching!

When it comes to the arts, a lot of students prefer to work with an experienced dancer rather than an experienced teacher. Of course, a dancer or choreographer who’s been part of a number of famous shows is probably pretty experienced.

Be warned though, the more experienced a dance tutor is, the more they'll be likely to charge. Many beginners prefer to hire a self-taught dance teacher to help them learn to dance, or a dance student so that they can save some money.

Be careful, though! Experienced dancers aren't necessarily great tutors. Pick someone who has great reviews on their Superprof profile to be sure that you're hiring a good dance teacher.

Making the right choice can be tough. Be sure to do your research first, that way your tutor is definitely right for you! When you type 'dance classes near me', scroll down the list, don't just choose the first person that pops up!

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