"When the music changes, so does the dance." - African proverb

Does this mean something to you?

Are you the first on the dance floor at parties?

Would you like to really refine your skills so people notice when you cut a rug?

If you don't resonate with any of the above statements, then this is the article for you. See if any of the following feel more familiar:

  • Rhythm isn't my friend
  • I find dancing too difficult
  • Dancing in public makes me shy
  • I don't have a dancer's physique
  • Learning to dance takes too much time
  • I'm totally uncoordinated

Forget your hangups about dancing and getting on there on the floor; even if you're an absolute beginner, you're one of thousands of Australians seeking dance classes.

Shows like "Dancing with the stars" have shown in recent years that even non-dancers can find their rhythm with a good instructor.

Still on the fence about learning to dance?

Let us give you a cool 15 reasons to attend a dance school or seek the right private dance tutor for you.

1. Dancing is clearly fun!

Except for professionals, people try dancing for leisure. Your reason for wanting to learn to dance probably stems from a desire to move your body and acquire some cool new steps.

You could find yourself learning rock 'n' roll style, west coast swing, a cha cha, bachata, one of the Puerto Rican or Cuban salsas, Lindy hop, Viennese waltz, mambo, or Zumba, any of these styles will instantly transport you from the banality of your day to day. With every step, you'll start to have more fun, as all dance classes are a great help for unwinding.

2. Get Stress Free with Dance

Dance is a physical activity, so like others, it helps reduce stress.

In this way, it's a really good means of making your body release endorphins, the happiness hormone, and for this reason, dancing greatly helps your wellbeing. It's impossible not to smile after a good boogie; even beginners have a great time and can see the benefits of dancing.

To reduce stress in a practical whilst still practicing for the big day, consider getting wedding dance lessons. If you really want to wow on the big day, then consider picking up some nifty steps for your first dance.

3. Keep Fit with Dance

Dancing is both a sport and art form, so due to the high physicality, you can get trim and lean with private classes or dance courses. The movement tones your muscles, and as a high cardio activity, it increases your stamina. The first couple of lessons you might feel a little sore, but regular practice will soon make this a thing of the past.

Dancing classes aren't as strenuous as running, but as an intense cardio workout, it still does the trick. You might want to consider fitness classes alongside slow styles like line dancing though.

4. Get a Good Physique with Dance

Have you ever noticed a dancer's body?

Where are the best dance schools in the UK?
Weight loss and enhanced flexibility can both be achieved through dance. (Source: StockSnap)

Beyond having amazing bodies due to constantly burned calories, dancers get great posture from their practice.

Ever noticed how lithe dancers are? Their elegance comes from this great posture, gait, and graceful movements.

It's even possible to learn how to dance in your own home.

5. Heighten Flexibility through Dance

Dance uses almost every joint in your body

Prior to actually dancing, you'll also warm all your muscles up and stretch them. What you do in adult dance classes near me will also generally help your flexibility. You won't be able to jump split after one class, but regular classes will make you more limber.

The best sort of dance for this is ballet.

6. Steal Hearts through Dance

Regardless of your age, sex, or sexuality, everyone loves a good dancer.

Being a good dancer will totally help you catch the eyes of potential suitors too.

Don’t believe us?

Have a look at Saturday Night Fever. There's pole dancing, tango, and swing, which are all coming back.

Ever thought about why people remember what they were listening to when they met as well?

Confidence and enjoyment when dancing will make it easier for you to introduce yourself to new people.

7. The Social Side of Dancing

Like finding love, dancing can also help you find new friends.

This might not necessarily be in a nightclub, it may actually be in a dance class or workshop where you can dance with multiple partners in a friendly atmosphere. You shared passion for dancing will help new friendships blossom easily.

Many dance styles require a partner, such as ballroom or the foxtrot, so you can always ask your new partner out for a drink, coffee, or food after class.

8. Spice Up Your Relationship with Dance

The first time couples might get a dance class together if before their wedding.

Why would you get a dance class together once you're already married then?

Dancing together is actually a great couple's activity.

Private dance lessons can even put you and your partner more in sync, without needing to mention the physical closeness you share when dancing. It goes without saying that it can definitely reignite your passion.

Choose a spicy dance style that suits you, like tango or salsa.

You could even break the mould and try cha cha or hip hop.

Check for dance classes Melbourne on Superprof.

Which are the best styles of dance for couples?
Dancing is a fantastic couple's activity. (Source: Bernard-Verougstraete)

9. Become Self-Confident Through Dance

Feeling timid?

Too introverted to take the plunge?

Do you feel self-conscious in groups?

Dance lessons are the ideal way to boost self-esteem while enjoying exercising your creative side. The better you get, the more confident you'll become. Achieving your goals and breaking out of your shyness will help you feel more capable than ever!

As soon as you've learnt some dance basics and gotten some confidence, other positive aspects will start to become obvious in your life. By joining in shows and social dance competitions, you also be able to show your new-found confidence to others and push your boundaries even more.

If you've always dreamt of dancing but worry about the affordability of class, there are also ways you can learn to dance for free!

10. Free Your Mind with Dance

How many hours do you spend in front of a screen per day?

It would be pretty good to disconnect from that, even once per week for an hour with dance, no?

Leave your worries behind you by learning at your own pace with a dance teacher near you.

Once learning to dance, you'll forget your troubles. Even when your dance tutor isn't present, you can put videos on YouTube to practice some new steps.

What are the benefits of dancing?
Learning to dance keeps you in peak mental and physical health. (Source: fsHH)

11. Dancing Keeps You Young

Dancing has numerous physical benefits. Scientific studies have shown some surprising benefits dancing can have on the brain:

12. Dancing as Communication

We all understand body language.

Dance allows us to communicate with other people in a way that externalises and expresses your emotions. This is visible in any dance you show may see; the dancers make gestures and movements to put across their meanings and emotions, which they do to tell the audience a story.

Don't fancy yourself a professional dancer?

No matter, anyone can express themselves freely though dance in the same way people can through music or painting. Using dance in a foreign country is a universal means of making yourself understood - use gestures and movements even when you don't speak the language.

13. Dancing for Memory Enhancement

Putting together the dance steps, the choreography, coordination of your movements, these all require focus and concentration in themselves, but then when you have to remember them off the top of your head, your brain really has to work.

For this reason, involving yourself in regular dance helps in great ways to stimulate and improve your memory. You'll even find that learning routines comes more intuitively the more that you learn and consolidate this knowledge.

What are the most popular styles of dancing?
If urban dance is your thing, break dancing tutorials are worth looking into. (Source: Picography)

14. Get Creative with Your Dancing

Dance is just like other art forms: it's a means of self-expression and creativity.

Even after just a few lessons you'll feel confident enough to want to show off your steps and improvise your own routines rather than just following ones you've been taught. Amateur dancers can be great at their craft too! Before long you'll choreographing and improvising moves for all your friends, and they'll be begging you to teach them your tricks.

15. Becoming a Professional Dancer

Were you always really meant to be a dancer?

Believe it or not, you can actually get paid to be a dancer and it's a great way of diversifying professionally. It's physically demanding and time consuming, but can be very rewarding artistically and financially.

No matter your level of experience or age, you can become a dancer at any age. There are obviously courses for kids and teens, but there are plenty of adult dance classes out there too, be it for beginners, intermediate, or advanced. You can also choose from between intensive, private, or group courses.

If you consider yourself a casual dance learner or need to improve in a short window, find the right person to help you with this from amongst our private tutors to help you reach your goals.

Regardless of whether you're looking for swing, salsa, bachata, flamenco, hip hop, ballet, line or tap dancing, there's a wealth of styles to choose from - just find the one (or ones!) for you and start moving that body today!

Thinking then about how much you could expect to pay for dance classes? Click here to get an idea about prices for dance lessons.

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