Many people may argue that writing skills are built over the course of your entire life as a student of both primary and secondary school, and that getting a private tutor in your final year of English is not going to determine whether you are able to structure your arguments and essays in an organised, concise and coherent manner.

Those people believe that tutors are best used for more memory-based subjects such as maths methods, specialist maths, biology, chemistry and physics.

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Do I Really Need a Tutor for QCE English?

While getting a tutor for these subjects certainly can be worthwhile, one should not be so quick to dismiss the notion of an English tutor really helping your writing and allowing you to excel when it comes to your final QCE English study score. Let's look at some of the reasons why:

  1. Improve your writing skills with specific and personalised feedback: A tutor will find the mistakes that you are making consistently in your writing and will sit with you while you work to rectify these common errors. This could be syntactical, or it could be that your paragraphs are too long/short, or that you contradict your arguments rather than build on them. Whatever it is, an accomplished English tutor will be able to give you the exact advice to make sure your essays are as good as you are capable of.
  2. Learn how to structure your essays: Aside from working with the essays you are already producing, English tutors have specific systems and catchy ways to think about how you structure your essays. If you really haven't established a strong grasp of how essays should be structured, your tutor will allow you to build a new system for writing essays from scratch. And since you learned it from the best, this system is likely to be capable of producing extremely strong essays that stand out to your teachers and assessors.
An English tutor can make the difference between an average score and a high subject score
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Have you been convinced that getting an English tutor is worthwhile? Let's have a look at options for finding the ideal English tutor to help you with your QCE studies in the Brisbane metropolitan area:

English Units 3 and 4 tutors in Brisbane


With Superprof, in a matter of clicks, you'll be connecting with English tutors in your local area. The site easily allows students and parents to search for teachers in their area who are experts in their subjects. This can be done with private QCE English lessons, literature lessons, or even maths classes. Just enter your query into Superprof’s Australian website and you will find many results from your local area.

To contact your tutor and book a lesson, you will have to pay Superprof’s $49 monthly subscription fee. This gives you access to the contact details of as many teachers as you wish to get in touch with for one full month. Not just for English tutoring, but for any skill you wish to improve.

Superprof a great way to find a qualified and passionate tutor in your local area, in a cost-effective and safe manner. Give it a shot today!

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Top of the Class

According to their website, Top of the Class offers "one-on-one home tutors Brisbane wide with the most important focus on Maths and English Coaching". Once you've booked your first lesson with them, one of their private English tutors "will come directly to your home to assess your child's needs, learning styles, strengths and weaknesses."

This is a thorough company which takes great care in teaching the English language skills necessary to improve academic performance. If your child needs support in their English education, consider contacting one of their tutors.


LearnMate provides personalised one-to-one tutoring services all over Brisbane's metropolitan area as well as the Gold Coast. Despite having hundreds of tutors on their register, they insist on ensuring that each tutor is carefully screened and that their ID has been verified. Furthermore, the Working With Children's Check of all tutors is kept on record.

Therefore you can ensure that your tutor will be not only competent and qualified but also a suitable person to invite into your home. Although they offer services to students of all year levels they are especially interested in helping students completing their QCE. Contact them for a great home tutoring experience.


TuteSmart offer group tutoring services for students looking for extra support in their QCE studies. This company holds once-a-week group classes for Units 3 and 4 of the most popular QCE subjects such as English, Maths, Chemistry and Biology.

Their classes are run by outstanding former QCE students who have been in a similar position as the students they teach.

This is a great option for those taking their QCE seriously, who want to maximise their ATAR score at the end of Year 12.

A fun fact, 11% of TuteSmart's students end up achieving an ATAR of 99 or more!

EzyMath Tutoring

Don't be fooled by the name, EzyMath tutoring also offer lessons in English, ESL, Chemistry and Physics, just to name a few!

Their tutors are reviewed by every student, so you have a lot of data about what other students thought about their tuition before you contact the teacher! You can choose to do classes online or in-person and if you also like your tutor you can recommend them to other users.

They have a "love your tutor or it's free" policy as well as ensuring that tutors are qualified, have a Working With Children's Check, and providing lesson reports for each time you see your teacher.

Overall, they are a reliable and great option to find a private tutor. And to top it all off, they have a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot as a platform for finding private tuition. Hard to top that!

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Finding ESL Lessons in Brisbane, QLD

If English is not your first language then you might find yourself taking ESL classes. These classes, although very similar to traditional English classes, carry their own nuances and focuses which are different to mainstream English. Therefore, you might consider these resources as places where you find a specialised ESL tutor to help you kick all the language goals you desire.

ESL Tutoring Services

According to their website: "ESL Tutoring Services provides personalised and flexible English language lessons for professionals and adult learners. With the help of our highly qualified ESL teachers and English tutors in Brisbane, you can polish your English skills and become equipped with the competency you need to advance your career."

Tutor Finder

Tutor Finder has some outstanding options when it comes to finding private tuition in ESL. There are teachers who have received a Master's Degree in TESOL and who have years of experience in the business of English teaching. They are able to answer any question you may have about the English language with confidence, be it regarding grammar, sentence structure or essay writing.

Similarly to Superprof, you can view the comments of past ESL students, to ensure that the learning experience that people have had over their hours with this tutor was positive. Then, you can sign up to their classes with 100% confidence that they will be able to help you take your English further!

Get Started With an English or ESL Tutor in Brisbane, QLD Today

It's not just maths and science students who can benefit from private tuition! Accelerate your English ability by years, regardless of whether it's your first or second language!

Just like science subjects such as biology, English can also be helped along by learning with a private teacher, either online or face-to-face.

Put in the hours and you will get the results, as long as you have the right teacher by your side, you have the best chance of succeeding!

The 'best' teacher is the one which puts confidence into you and with whom the time is most effectively used to work on your areas of English that need improvement.

It doesn't matter if you're a high school or primary school student, anyone can benefit from extra-curricular education. In some cases, the earlier the better, as the habits learned with a great tutor will set you up for a lifetime of great writing.

Why not get started today? If you live in Brisbane, QLD this article has provided many resources for contacting high-quality private educators. Best of luck!


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