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At Superprof we have a fantastic selection of VCE English tutors who offer their service in and around Melbourne, and we have made it easy for you to find the perfect tutor to help you with your studies and to achieve the best ATAR for your hard work. Check out our many VCE English tutors and their profiles near you in Melbourne and surrounding areas in Victoria to see who is best suited to your level of skills and ability.


Our VCE English tutors will work with you to help improve your writing and essay structure, grammar, text editing skills and more. Working with your own private tutor online or in person will help you prepare for your exam and achieve your goal ATAR score. VCE English is a subject which covers many different topics, ranging from; media analysis, literature text analysis and oral presentations. With so many different topic areas and text resources to study it could be a great idea for you to consider private tuition with a tutor who knows the ins and outs of how to best help you study and prepare for your final exam.


Some of our tutors offer private online lessons so you are able to study and experience the joy of tutoring and learning from your own home. If you are someone who enjoys working and studying with other students then some of the tutors can also offer group lessons. Choosing to study VCE English will help develop your communication and comprehension skills, allowing you to engage with other students and ideas through analysing and discussing different texts. Working with other students and a tutor can be a great way to spark and practise discussions about the primary texts that you are studying.


Year 12 VCE English is a subject which a great deal of universities have as a prerequisite for many different courses. For this reason, working with a private VCE English tutor online or in person will be a great way to help you get the most out of your final year of high school study and get the ATAR score you need to go to your dream university. VCE study need not be a daunting or scary task if you have your teachers and parents by your side, but also an experienced VCE English tutor to help guide you through one of your most important learning experiences.

How can VCE English tutoring benefit me?

Working with your own private VCE English tutor will help ensure that the way you study and prepare for your exams won't feel overwhelming, you will feel prepared and ready to do the best that you can do. You may be an ESL VCE student, so spending time with your own tutor can help fast track your learning and make your final school years an enjoyable experience. It can be difficult to manage your hours of study and time during VCE study for your different subjects, tutoring can be one of the best ways to learn the most productive and efficient methods of studying so you can become a master of time management. Your private VCE English tutor will provide you with engaging lessons, and show you how and where you can improve your reading and essay writing methods.


You may be a VCE student who is studying a variety of subjects which involve a great deal of writing and reading such as, History, Literature, Legal Studies, Philosophy, Psychology and more. Improving your basic reading and essay writing skills in English will also benefit and help you in these other subjects, allowing you to impress your teacher in that upcoming SAC! Subjects such as VCE History and VCE Literature often go hand in hand with studying VCE English, in all of these subjects need you to have strong critical thinking and analysis skills. You can improve your critical thinking methods and analysis skills in your writing and oral expression through extra hours of study with your very own English tutor.


Having someone alongside you tutoring and guiding you through your learning and VCE study in your final years at high school will help you to feel supported. Feeling like you have an extra support system and help while you are studying as a VCE student is the best way to ensure that you are comfortable in your abilities and skills and know that whatever ATAR you achieve reflects the hard work you have put into your final year of high school study.

Where can studying English take me?

Having strong reading and writing skills in English will continue to benefit you even after your VCE school studies. Improving your essay writing methods will assist and help you greatly in your future studies, fast-tracking your learning will help you achieve the ATAR you want which will allow you to have as many options for future university study as you want. If you are an ESL student working with a VCE English tutor they will help you to improve your use of the English language and ensure that you are able to have as many study and workplace options for the future. Putting in some extra hours of study for VCE English will allow you to have that extra edge you need to leave school feeling you will achieve all that you can and that you are prepared for whatever life post-high school has to throw at you. Continuing to work with a private English tutor during your university studies can also be of great benefit if you are someone who is looking for a little extra confidence if you are required to write essays for the subjects you will study at university.


Entering the workforce after your high school and university studies can feel overwhelming but with the help of an experienced VCE English tutor, you will be confident in your ability to express yourself in both written and oral contexts. Feeling confident in your written and verbal communication skills will prepare you for post-high school tasks such as CV and resume writing, and performing well in job interviews. Having strong writing skills in English will make you stand out and highlight your best qualities, allowing you to show others that you will be an asset to whatever place of work you enter into. You may even be a student who has loved their high school experience so much that you can see yourself one day becoming a VCE high school teacher. Working in teaching can be incredibly rewarding, whether you choose to go into primary or high school teaching working with students can be a fantastic way to share your love of reading and writing in a professional setting.

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