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Why take private acting classes in Sydney?

Training as an actor is an endeavour that takes you out of your comfort zone, but also helps unlock your emotions and find your own voice. Whether you're a beginner or an actor with years of experience, professional acting tutors can offer guidance and support during this process.

Drama courses are also a great way of helping children to come out of their shell. In the theatre, they can learn important life skills and unlock their creativity. Nicole Kidman, one of the best actors from Australia, has often talked about getting past her shyness and how her training and acting on screen helps her feel more open in life.

What kind of classes should I take?

Acting courses can take many different forms. The National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney, one of the best acting schools in Australia, offers online and face-to-face workshops focusing on anything from Audition Preparation, to Cabaret classes. Are you born for theatre acting? If you like singing and dancing, maybe musical theatre is your best fit? Taking a private drama class with an experienced tutor can allow you to get creative and try many different forms of acting.

Another important thing to consider is the format you are most interested in. Do you see yourself on the silver screen? Or is your dream to perform classical Shakespeare on a stage? Acting courses for film and TV will place much more emphasis on the technical aspects of working in front of a camera. You can learn about the terminology related to the screen, how different types of lighting work or how to think about continuity. On the other hand, theatre workshops focus on how to use your body and voice in a physical space or how to work alongside other people. A private tutor can create a curriculum especially designed for you, focusing on the skills and techniques you are most interested in.

Different acting techniques 

One of the lesser known aspects of acting classes is the great range of different methods and techniques that an actor can use to get into character and do their best work. The Stanislavski Method is perhaps the most famous of these techniques, and for a long time has been the basis of many courses at popular acting schools in Sydney such as NIDA, Actors Centre Australia and the Screen Actors Workshop. Students learn to create characters that are believable and exhibit a range of emotions and desires by using a system of seven steps, given as questions such as "Who am I?" or "What do I want". This classical acting technique is what you'll often find being taught in the best drama schools in London, New York and across the world.

Another popular type of training is the Meisner Technique, which uses repetition and improvisation to help actors create realistic reactions to what is happening around them. This technique has been in use for many years, and is a favourite of actors such as Diane Keaton and Sam Rockwell, both of whom are known for realistic and emotional performances.

Then there is the Method Acting technique, which has become synonymous with great actors like Daniel Day Lewis and Marlon Brando. Actors use life experience to inhabit their characters, and sometimes go to shocking lengths, like the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, who actually lived in the psychiatric ward, which was the location of the film, for the whole shoot. Whether Stanislavski, Meisner or Method, learning about these different techniques with a private tutor can allow you to find out which one fits best for you.

Where can I go with acting classes in Sydney?

Taking a private acting course can be a great way to find a new hobby, or to find a new dream career. If you find that acting is something you like to do for fun, there are amateur theatre companies all over the city, from Rockdale to Canterbury. The Genesian Theatre Company, the largest community theatre company in central Sydney, welcomes members from beginners to advanced, and puts on many exciting shows each year. The Blackout Theatre Co in Western Sydney is another exciting community theatre where people of any experience level can show off their skills.

In time, if being part of the professional industry is your goal, private classes can help get there. Sydney is home to many important acting schools, like NIDA, ACA, Sydney Drama School, Australian Film Television & Radio School and more. As part of the application process for a degree or diploma course, these schools require an audition, sometimes recorded, sometimes in person. Working on your audition with a tutor in a private studio can be a great method of developing the performance or scene. If you feel ready to start going for professional roles, a private tutor can help to prepare not only your audition, but also practical things like a headshot or showreel. By being part of the great film and television industry in Australia, you could follow in the footsteps of stars like Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman and Margot Robbie!

Tutoring for HSC Drama 

Just like any other high school HSC course, Drama can be overwhelming for students and take lots of focus and study, especially in the final year. There are many types of assessment in this course, from the group performance to the written portion of the exam, each with its own criteria. Whether you need to work on how to read a monologue or scene, or write practice essays about the Australian drama industry, professional tutors can help to break down each of these assessments and learn the skills needed to pass with flying colours.

Whether your goal is to sing and dance in a West End musical in London, prepare for your first on camera audition or organise summer drama workshops for your children, taking an acting class with an experienced tutor help you learn and get to the level you want!


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