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💰What is the average price of Piano lessons?

The average price of Piano lessons is $39.

However, the price of lessons will depend on a number of factors:

  • The teacher's overall experience
  • The location and format of your lessons: whether you choose to take Piano lessons online, in-home, at a neutral location, in a group or one-to-one.
  • The duration and frequency of your lessons. Many teachers offer 'Packs' of lessons at a discounted rate.

91% of teachers also offer their first lesson for free.

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Most of our piano teachers offer their piano lessons lessons online.

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piano lessons with an experienced piano teacher

Take piano classes with an excellent piano teacher and learn to play the piano!

Now is the perfect time to start learning how to play the piano. Life is short! Too short, in fact, to not know how to play a musical instrument. That goes for both you yourself or your children too. Piano lessons (or keyboard) are the musical staple of many childhoods; learning to play the piano and becoming an intermediate or expert pianist will teach you or your children vital life skills in perseverance. Having a fundamental grasp of music theory; timing, rhythm, ear training, sight reading and musicianship in general are great skills to be exposed to, especially from a young age.

Take a piano lesson to test the waters. Many Superprof piano teachers give free beginner piano lessons for the first private piano lesson. There are literally hundreds of piano teachers in Australia waiting for you to connect with them so they can help you learn piano. One fantastic thing about employing a private piano teacher to learn to play the piano is you can be taught at your own pace. We know your life is busy. If you have kids, theirs are too and yours is even busier! A Superprof piano tutor will be able to hold music lessons, keyboard lessons or piano lessons for kids at times that fit into your busy schedule.

For even more convenience, you could consider taking a quality piano course from a piano teacher that specialises in online lessons. Online piano lessons are becoming increasingly popular; learn jazz piano, the piano keyboard, classical piano, piano chords, and accompaniment techniques all from the comfort of your own home with an online piano teacher.

For more, search the many piano teachers currently teaching music, piano technique and piano lessons for beginners right now on the Superprof platform. These professional piano teachers are experienced and qualified. They’re ready to provide you with a music program that fits with your level of musical ability and puts you in the best possible position to excel in learning the piano. Your children will thank you for the private piano lessons when they’re older and their ability to read music while playing the piano is the source of envy from their peers.

What will a piano teacher teach me in my piano lessons?

Exactly what your piano teacher will teach you during your music education will depend on a few factors. If you have any experience reading music or learning piano already, that will alter the structure of your private lessons. Many people are just beginning piano, so they obviously want to learn how to play piano as a beginner. Here at Superprof, there are piano teachers who can train young or adult students at any level.

Let’s explore some of the subject matter you might learn during your music school piano lessons. Your piano instructor might want to take you through some chord progressions to get your fingers used to the shapes necessary to play piano chords. They will definitely teach you or your children some fun melodies to get you excited about the possibilities if you stick to learning music and work hard to get better.

The best piano teachers (like the ones advertising piano classes here on Superprof) should help make you or your child excited to play the piano. Piano playing shouldn’t be boring. It shouldn’t feel like a chore to play the piano. If you have a recital, you should be excited to perform, and your music teacher should be a supportive influence; someone who encourages you to practice and take on challenges. Just like with any skill, piano instruction can be difficult at times. You need someone who is great at teaching piano to teach you or your child so that they can get the most out of the experience and become the best piano player they can be.

You’ll learn to read music in your piano lessons. You’ll also learn fingering techniques, piano theory, piano method as well as pedagogy, key signatures, major scales, minor scales and arranging. You can also talk to your piano teacher about what you’d like to learn. Remember, it’s their job to keep you engaged and focused on learning the piano. Nothing kills motivation like learning something uninteresting. You might not love everything you learn while learning the piano, but your piano teacher should make your piano classes as entertaining and engaging as possible. So, if you like classical jazz, Beethoven or the School of Rock movie, ask your piano teacher to incorporate music you enjoy, like your favourite songs, into your piano program. Piano learning should be fun!

So why take piano lessons at all?

You may have at one time in your life asked yourself; why take piano lessons at all, or, why do so many people learn the piano? There’s no one-word answer, but we can take a big step backwards and, instead of solely looking at piano and piano lessons, we can look at music and music history as a whole. The piano, as an instrument, has a very special place in human history. Much of the modern musical revolution took place upon its keys. From symphonies and orchestras, Mozart and Beethoven, to the birth of lively jazz music in New Orleans early in the 20th century, the piano has played an enormous role in music as we see it today. The keyboard, in fact, still serves as a multi-purpose musical tool for music producers and music makers globally. A few button clicks here and a few knob twists there; all of a sudden you’re playing the rock ’n’ roll drums on the keys of your keyboard piano. Try making that work with a saxophone! By design, the piano is a deeply versatile instrument. It’s also highly logical. Keys to the right will give you a higher, sharper note, while keys to the left will give you deeper, lower, heavier notes. All of this makes the piano a fantastic instrument for those who are beginners in learning music, and the reason why you or your children should learn the piano with a fantastic Superprof piano teacher today!

What do you want to learn?