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Chinese tutor

Excellent way of teaching. I was looking some English speaking background to teach mandarin so my child can understand the instructions properly. Anyone who is serious about learning Mandarin, I would refer him .


Chinese tutor

Great first lesson. Claire is very friendly, patient and understanding. She was prepared wth appropriate learning material that was at my level. I am looking forward to developing my language skills with Claire’s help.

Troy, 1 month ago


Chinese tutor

Connie is an awesome Cantonese teacher. She is fun, warm, enthusiastic, and very attentive to my kids' language abilities and gaps. She puts a lot of thought and preparation into classes, which I appreciate, and she manages to keep the kids engaged...

Helen, 1 month ago


Chinese tutor

Hon was such a pleasant lady to talk to and very quick to respond. We did not make it to the first lesson, but I would recommend her to anyone looking for a high end experienced Chinese teacher! I hope I will get the opportunity to use her services...

Jessy, 3 months ago


Chinese tutor

Mengjie is a bright young lady! She tested my son’s Chinese skills for an extensive hour and was able to identify very easily what his strengths are and how to use them for his advantage. She also identified what his weaknesses are and set a clear...

Jessy, 3 months ago


Chinese tutor

Clear with the teaching and makes it very interactive and able to listen on how I best can learn for myself

Reegan, 3 months ago


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The average price of Chinese lessons is $31.

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Learn Mandarin within Australia with Chinese Language Courses on Superprof

Background to Mandarin Chinese

It goes without saying that choosing to learn Chinese is one of the best things students can do with their free time. Same goes if it's part of more formal learning at school, be it online or in person. The global dominance of the Chinese language in business, and of course the far reaches of its culture, will enhance your language learning as well as your overall education.


The popularity of the language has risen greatly over the years, with many people speaking and reading it well, many people in Australia deem it one of the best skills you can have. It is also a great help that Australia is so close to China, and has so many people speaking Mandarin Chinese here at a native level, meaning that the culture is tangible, which helps language learning, and you don't have to go online to start speaking or writing - you can do it face to face. This last point is also a big drawcard for those who will find it hard to memorise vocabulary and characters on their own - these skills are hard to master, and it's best to have a teacher with experience or who is a native speaker nearby!


What Mandarin Chinese lessons will look like

Now the four key components of language learning are speaking, reading, writing and listening, with elements of vocabulary and grammar introduced throughout. Students will also find a key element of their course will entail a focus on characters as well, as the average English speaker needs hours and hours of help to get good at this.


Therefore, you will most likely start your lessons with basic skills: greetings, writing your name, elements of Chinese culture, and reading characters, to begin with. Mandarin Chinese is also tonal, meaning that listening and speaking require more practice, as a pronunciation may sound the same, but have a rising or falling tone, changing its meaning, not to mention its writing being with a totally different character. Even if you speak well, English speaking students will need the most help with this, so it's recommended that you practice in your free time too.


Your teacher will also focus on help with your writing too - you might not be able to do it well at the start, but the strokes of the characters will continue to be learned at each level, even if you consider yourself to be at a highly advanced level for that matter.

Who might want to learn Mandarin Chinese

Students of any level are free to spend their hours studying, and there are plenty of obliging tutors who will give up their time to help you learn. Your needs may be basic as you start to learn Mandarin Chinese, and may become progressively more involved as you refine your reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills. Rest assured, there will be a native or non-native speaking teacher to help you on your journey.


Due to its culture being prevalent in the diaspora in Australia, you may find the mainland Chinese way of life of great interest, wanting to engage with the large group of people who make our country so diverse. Well, Chinese tutoring is the way to go, and online or in person courses will help you greatly achieve this goal.


You could be wanting Mandarin Chinese to enhance your business prospects, which is understandable due to the enormous Chinese economy. A private tutor will help you master the element of reading, writing, and speaking in business contexts to nail the deals that you may come across, as well as preparing you for the experience of Chinese business and how to speak well in terms of hierarchy.


Lastly, the free reciprocal learning that takes place between China and Australia sees thousands of students come each year to the shores of the other country, and Australian students will find that English doesn't go that far in Beijing or Shanghai, so a great tip is to take a few intensive Mandarin Chinese lessons before undertaking their courses at a university in China.

Benefits of learning Mandarin Chinese

As soon as people start to learn a language, they feel the benefits to their mind. Not only is it a great way to break up your week from the monotony of work and other classes, but language courses also give you a new perspective and empathy for the other culture. Though you may not speak like a native, you will immediately start to notice your means of expression in both your first and second languages, and you will feel differently when engaging with people from each respective culture. Don't worry, this is a good thing! It just means that even with your basic speaking, over the years, your worldview will expand.


And for those who already have significantly greater yeas of experience with Mandarin Chinese, several doors open to you in Australia. On top of the well-known business opportunities in themselves, your roles at work and school may expand exponentially, putting you into a class of your own. The nuances that a Mandarin Chinese course can bring you will be felt lesson after lesson due to the more dynamic business or government facing roles you find yourself in.


Further, for those with more than just a week or month of skills and experience, the myriad of Chinese philosophy and literature that opens up with your language ability can bring a highly enlightened perspective. Reading is best practice for advanced learners to keep their skills up, especially in a language where you need around 3000 characters just to read the newspaper alone. You will refine your ability to read and memorise characters by doing this, and come across new vocabulary that can enhance your speaking fluency.


So it should be obvious why it's worth learning Mandarin Chinese in Australia. Get in touch with one of the private teachers on Superprof and start speaking and writing today!

What do you want to learn?