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Get the Best Training Methods and Improve Your Level with an Ex French Youth Professional Soccer Player

Based on my experience in French academic training and programs, I will create customized lessons to correct your weaknesses and to perfect your strengths. The lessons will be creative and never repetitive, you will always have fun and be surprised. What kind of training you can expect from me ? A good soccer player must be able to master the ball perfectly.

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Techniques to accurate penalty shooting or kicks in soccer revealed in just 1 session - NEW UPDATE

1. Make it a fun learning. We start with a best of 3 penalty shoot out. If you beat me, I'll give back the bottle of juice to you on our first session. 2. Walk the talk - I wont just show you verbally but will kick the ball with you 3. Open communication focusing on players knowledge on the basics prior going to techniques. 4.

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I am a coach who likes to see results. Improvement in every session is a must for me. I set goals and often work with my clients to help them set and achieve their goals. I get great satisfaction in seeing my client do well in whatever their field is. At the end of the day, having fun is the main reason why people start playing sports and I aim to make my sessions as fun as I can.

Glen Forrest
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ECU education student Physical education or sports coaching and skill development in Perth

I am knowledgeable of children's needs and work with individual children to find their limits and develop their skills ans fitness levels while engaging them in fun, enjoyable activities.

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A football genius and tactician giving hope and rigidness to the next

My teaching method are considered old school and modern, I'm focused on achieving the goal of the class by challenging the student, also on the other hand I'm there to make sure the student has a good time and learns the objective with a smile

Dare (dre)
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Div 2 soccer league winner, now in Div 1. Excellent with teens and adults

My teaching method is student and player focused. flexible mode of teaching with a result oriented approach. Basic teaching methodologies are; role play, demonstration, creativity, fitness, self discovery, discussion and tasks. Every individual has there uniqueness and it is the goal of a tutor to discover this and actualize it.

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Soccer and football coach and analyst studying at the University of Melbourne

My coaching method is focused on developing players' control of the ball and ability to work in a team. I focus heavily on improving in-game psychology and ball skills, all of which are central to the improvement of players on the pitch.

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National Soccer Player with previous 10 yrs+ career in the field giving private and group lessens at desired locations.

Everything starts with a theoretical knowledge, I come from a sports background along with studies being an essential part. I get involved in training as much as the student is, I play along, teach, teach how to become competitive and most importantly TEAM WORK, Because that's what is needed in a sports person.

Centenary Heights
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Female athlete with a bachelor degree in sports and exercise science keen to educate highschool and/or uni students in many different sports and athletics components.

I am a lighthearted yet strict individual. I love to have fun while learning, but am intent on having my students work hard and stay on task...all while having a good time. If you don't enjoy it, you won't remember it.

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I am A Deakin University International student. I love sports & want to help others.

I will first try to know what exactly student knows about the sport. Then i will tell him/her in what area they are lacking and help them in improving. This will be done by interaction,physical activities and training.

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A Child and Family Studies student eager to teach young kids the importance of sport and a healthy lifestyle.

My name is Samantha, I am originally from Canada, in Australia for a year to finish my degree. I base my classes on the fundamentals of beginner methods, introducing basic skills in regards to sport e.g simple passing, receiving and shooting skills. While ensuring the children are having fun while learning something new.

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Aaqib Amjad UniSA Student Giving Futsal Lessons Back in Pakistan and have the experience to build up a team.

My teaching method is very attractive as i start from the basic level in order to let students gain accurate knowledge before proceeding further and also keep on to the level of students so that they can learn quickly and with ease.

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Business Student majoring in Sports Management and Marketing with a strong interest in football

My teaching method is to ensure an enjoyable atmosphere which learning can be facilitated. Classes will involve the students performing their own practices. I am much more hands of a hands on teacher than explaining verbally.

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Sports teaching (any type of sport) 5 years experience. Teacher/Sports Science graduate :)

I am a bubbly, friendly person who has graduated with a sports science and primary teaching degree. Sport is my main focus in teaching which would involve warm up/skills based activities/games and a cool down. But teaching other subjects I'm confident in to. My philosophy focuses on getting the best out of the children and making sure they enjoy what they are learning.

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Basketball Coach teaches lessons to anybody in the Fraser Coast that wants to improve their game.

My teaching methodology is to first watch what the student can and can't do based on the areas they want teaching and need help/guidance with.

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Ex AUSC WNPL Soccer Player giving soccer lessons to anyone and everyone

My teaching method is to be considerate of everyone's diverse backgrounds. Which helps gain an understanding on how to coach effectively. My class structure is basically getting to know the individual and finding out what the need to achieve and work towards that and how to achieve it.

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Basketball Coach who has had 6 years experience in Representative basketball. Currently plays for U18s Illawarra Hawks. Perfect for young eager players learning fundamentals.

I base my classes on teaching fundamentals and teaching eager players how to make the game of basketball more enjoyable! I'll be able to teach kids how to shoot, pass and dribble in the correct manner. Furthermore, I am able to teach kids the fundamental floor spots of the game of basketball and additionally improve their fitness.

Port Macquarie
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Multi-Sports Coach in Port Macquarie with a BsC in Sports Coaching and Leadership

My teaching method is to create an atmosphere that is enjoyable as well as productive to the sport.

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UoA Italian Student give Soccer, Volleyball, Futsal lessons to children and students in Adelaide

For both volleyball and soccer I prefer to start my lessons with some basic physical exercises like a short run and stretching. For what concerns football and futsal then it would be good to teach the fundamental technique such as passage, shot, ball control, etc.; finally the trainment will finish with a little match to enjoy the sport.

Charles Sturt University
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CSU student providing basketball lessons to anyone of any age in Wagga Wagga

I love to coach by assessing what skills a player has and then adapting drills and plays to their particular playing style. If I am coaching a team, I will look at communication and the spirit within the team and then work on communication and cohesiveness. I believe in every child having a chance to grow, develop and shine, no matter their skill level.

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Soccer coach with 15 years of experience looking to teach in Wollongong

I like to teach using what I have learned throughout my years to build children's abilities in soccer, love for soccer, and want to be part of a team. These three aspects make up a great soccer player. Without one I feel that a player is not complete.

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La Trobe Engineering student gives physic lessons and skills training to high school and uni students in Melbourne.

My teaching method is easy to follow which anyone can cope up with. My timings depends upon students flexibility as they need to be in fresh state of mind to achieve their targets and goals. I approach topics from basics to professional skills.

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General Sports and Nutrition, specializing in Rugby League, Touch football, Soccer and Rugby

Teaching method is based from Touch football programs. I have taught children from the ages of 10 to 16 year old's and have assisted in developing some for NRL possibles. Lesson structure is based on skills and technique and most importantly what you are playing against.

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Uruguayan Soccer coach looking to give lessons to a group of friends

I base my classes in a lot of exercises focusing on learning while you enjoy at the same time. I did many courses in Uruguay and played nearly professional, so I have the knowledge of how to teach and also I am a believer that to play well you must enjoy what are you doing.

Praveen raj
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Where we goes the victory is ours, its the UTS students guarantee

Improves the body strength and the flexibility of the players my different exercises and good food plan, hence all the movements they would take will be perfect and clear. Focusing on the stretching exercises makes the players able to took movements so easily and perfectly. Then the tactics in the game comes into play. Developing tactics depends on the players and style .

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Soccer coach, coaching soccer in Perth, Western Australia with technique and fitness

I like to use fitness and technique in my coaching and training. It helps the player become ready for a game environment. Technique is to play to win win and is important in soccer as the game is changed and is always changing.

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Harwood swimm school,creating my own swim programs and swimming coach for ages 5-18 and also adults.

My teaching method is to make sure that the children are having fun and also learning at the same time, I like to be firm but fair. I also like to teach the kids a bit of water safety so they know what to do in emergencies.

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Fergubs Soccer/Indoor&Outdoor Hockey Tutour/Coach/Teacher. I live in Northam, Western Australia, can travel to see you.

Everyone is welcome and is able to participate and get enjoyment, and a little bit of life advice when asked, And in 45 minutes of your 1st session can teach you and or a group how to juggle (I can do 4 balls) to improve hand eye coordination. I have coached between the ages of 4 yrs old to 17yrs old. Have my WWC and Level 1 Coaching for Soccer and Hockey.

Townsville City
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Experienced soccer coach from Sydney. Been playing all throughout my life and have been coaching school kids for many years. Looking to help kids and adults develop skills and have fun! 24 year old fe

My teaching method is focused and getting as much out of a session/ time as we can. I take it seriously as my main goal will be just to see students improve in anyway. However I want students to walk away enjoying the time and having fun.

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