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🎨 How much is a private School Art teacher in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs?

The cost of Art courses in Melbourne is roughly $27.


Prices for School Art lessons will vary depending on:

  • The qualifications and years of teaching experience of your Art tutor
  • Where your lessons will be held (via webcam or an outside location)
  • The frequency of your lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • The objective of your classes (are you preparing for year 11 or 12 exams? or do you want to get an Art qualification at University?)

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There are currently 23 School Art teachers available to give School Art lessons in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.


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From a sample of 9 recommendations, pupils gave their Superprof School Art tutors an average of 4.9 out of 5.


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Art classes in Melbourne

Why study art in Melbourne?

Melbourne is a city famous for its love and appreciation of art. It is also a city home to many established and beloved artists. Melbourne is also a city which celebrates its diversity of people and culture which extends to art, with no one medium or art form favoured above the other. Whether you are interested in exploring for example, sculpture, but also wish to dabble in the world of digital art, Melbourne is the place for you! It is a city where you can experience and interact with many different ways in which to create art. Studying art can be a fantastic way to facilitate self expression, and exercise the creative part of your brain. Art is also incredibly important in its ability to convey deep and profound messages through visual language which can be universal to all.

Tutors in Melbourne at Superprof may offer group art classes, which can be a way to meet other like minded people who are keen on developing their artistic abilities. Working alongside other aspiring artists and art students is also an important part of learning how to take inspiration from others. It is a way to open up a dialogue of ideas and concepts which can be expressed through art. Building your own network of like minded artists through attending art classes in Melbourne is also an excellent way to find support within a creative community. Art classes in Melbourne and having your own art tutor can be the perfect way to engage with hands on practice and experience of working in artistic spaces. Learning how to interact with artistic spaces is an integral part of your growth as an artist, and your ability to utilise and learn best how to use a variety of different materials and tools. Melbourne is a fabulous city abundant in places to make and create art as well as explore and appreciate art.

Why should I seek out an art tutor?

Seeking out an art tutor at Superprof can assist you in fast tracking your knowledge of different art practices and basic theory. With a base knowledge of the essentials you will be able to delve deeper into your particular interest for example, printmaking. You will explore how you can refine your skills and ability to express yourself through art. Superprof has many different tutors with a vast amount of wisdom which they will be more than happy to pass on to you and your own art making. It is important to develop and deepen your understanding of the basic theory involved with art so you are able to understand how best to create your own masterpieces. Tutors at Superprof will be able to provide you with art classes which will teach you how to identify the basic principles of art such as; balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, and variety.

An art tutor will provide the support you may need to translate your visual ideas into art, it can be difficult to express the many exciting concepts you may have to share. Why not enlist the aid of an experienced artist and art tutor! For many people art can be directly linked to confidence, working with an art tutor and attending art classes could be the means to boost your confidence. Enjoying the company of other people interested in advancing their artistic skills and just having a good time can do wonders for your ability to connect with like minded individuals.

How can art benefit me in everyday life?

Art has been shown to benefit many people and their overall wellbeing. Studying and creating art can be an effective way to process and express emotion. It has also been shown that practising art regularly can help reduce stress and anxiety. Exploring different mediums of art can also extend yourself to maintain and improve your fine and gross motor skills. Lending yourself to expressing yourself creatively through art can help cultivate and develop a healthy mind. Focusing on mental wellness is an important part of everyday life, finding time in your busy schedule to dedicate to your art practice can be an excellent way to grow as an individual and an artist! Practising and making art regularly for some is the perfect way to incorporate mindfulness into their lives.

What are the career outcomes associated with studying art?

By studying art you are opening up many different avenues for possible careers! If you are someone who has a strong passion for creating and making art it may be your dream to become a self employed artist. With the support of an art tutor at Superprof you can fast track your growth as an artist and refine your talents and ability to create. Becoming a self employed artist would also involve curating your own studio space in which to make your art.

Continuing your love of art and taking it to a professional level can provide you with support and access to other ambitious and creative artists. There is also ample opportunity to continue your passion and love for art into tertiary education. Melbourne is a fantastic city to study art as there are a plethora of art courses and degrees available to you. You may find after your own experience of having an art tutor or attending art classes, you might want to begin teaching art to others yourself! A career in art teaching could be an exciting career opportunity as you would be able to engage with a vast range of people from children to adults across cultures. As art has been shown to be an effective form of therapy for some, you may even want to explore the world of art therapy and how it can benefit the people around you.

If you are particularly passionate about appreciating art in its many different forms, you may even want to explore career avenues associated with galleries. Working in a gallery could be an exciting career avenue as it would allow you to connect with other professional contacts in the art world. You may even see yourself curating your own art shows with works for single or multiple artists in a gallery you could manage! A career within the art world is an exceptionally rewarding career path which can lead to a lifelong journey of self discovery and expression.

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