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Burleigh Waters
(2 reviews)
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Accredited Practising Dietitian on the Gold Coast giving holistic, practical and personalised lessons in health and wellbeing

My 'more than food' approach encompasses not just the 'what' of eating, but the 'how', 'when', 'where' and 'why'. With so much information available on the internet, I can help you navigate and sort the myths from the facts.

Clyde North
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An experienced food science and Nutrition professional with enormous experience in health & nutrition, food and diet, diet and disease.

My teaching methods are based on practical scenarios where those scenarios can be linked into the theory and further, it will enhance students abilities to keep relevant information in an interesting manner. Graphical representation of nutritional or diet, disease related programs are also an effective way of teaching.

Edge Hill
(1 review)
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Hi I'm Karen and I currently manage my own business as a Registered Nutritionist. I'm qualified in Health Sciences, with majors including Health Promotion, Family Society and Health and Nutrition.

I apply the socratic method to teaching for critical thinking. I base my classes on preparation, and structure the beginning and ending of the sessions for to students improve in the most relevant areas.

Albany Creek
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Passionate Dietitian in Brisbane who can help / mentor future dietitians thrive.

I am a very approachable and friendly person. As a teacher, I will work and progress with you, ensuring you understand not only the individual concepts, but the whole picture.

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Griffith Nutrition graduate offering personalised and group dietetics coaching to enhance your lifestyle!

I'm an open minded and insightful individual, that recognises that people learn differently depending on the environment and their current level of knowledge. My teaching/tutoring methods are systematic and are focused on the client/s creating a goal and then working together to formulate realistic strategies to achieve the goal/s.

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Recent Master's of Dietetics graduate teaching Nutrition and Dietetics to uni students

The lessons will vary based on your year level. If you are in you early years of study (years 1 and 2) I can help you understand and memorise topics such as lifespan nutrition, sports nutrition and food chemistry. If you are in the later years of study and are undertaking placements then I can help you learn the Medical Nutrition Therapy for common diseases.

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Nutritionist with 10 years experience focusing on Education, based in Wollongong NSW.

I prefer to work in smaller groups or a one-on-one basis. My teaching method is on a needs basis where the focus is on understanding through education.

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Medical doctor gives knowledge about nutrition and diet relating to weight management

My name is Prakash Aryal, i conduct my class according to the student nature and interest on the subject manner. Before starting my class i always do my best to understand the level of student understanding on the subject matter and progress accordingly. i always try to make my class as practicle as possible and encourage student to participate in the class.

South Hobart
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UQ Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Graduate Give University Nutrition Courses in Hobart

I am now based at Hobart, looking forwards to work with students who wants to achieve great marks in their finals and assignments and also who just want learn more about nutrition. My name is Fred.

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Experienced nutritionist in Newcastle NSW - personalised weightloss meal plans, online help 24/7

- Studied various nutrition courses in the past few years - One on one contact with you, I'll get to know you and together we can work out your goals - I develop personalised meal plans, shopping lists, workout plans - Be available for contact throughout the day with any questions/concerns or changes you wish to make - Support you and celebrate with you when you reach your goals!

Peregian Beach
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Sunshine Coast final year Nutrition student to provide personal information relating to health, diet, well-being. Biomedical Science major, I can help you achieve your goals.

My approach involves explaining and describing how and why things happen in the body; I base my classes on introducing people to metabolic processes, and like to use visual aids to explain health from the cellular level up to the entire individual. Sounds complicated but it's really not, and it's fascinating learning about how your body works.

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I believe in letting the pupil lead the lessons. Identifying which areas they need the most support with and working towards building both knowledge and confidence in that topic area. Using a mixture of material is my preferred teaching method; from reading, mind maps, the use of colours and flip cards. This helps the student gain a deeper understanding of the topic at hand.

North Hobart
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College graduate! Nursing student! Lived life experience! Supportive! Nurturing! Effective time management! - Open and honest.

My name is Chelsea! I am A nursing student! Age 19! I offer a Hands on approach! Fun! Captive! - Making learning exciting, and necessary. Not boring and dull. Creative approach. Tailoring to individual needs! - able to manage complex issues, and work ethically and efficiently. I like to make each lesson, rewarding, and allowing my students, to express their needs.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

An enthusiastic woman from Swinburne university trying to expand her knowledge by sharing it with others

I prepare myself before the topic sort it out different sections give extra information based on level and conduct test in the end of each chapter plus quiz

South Brisbane
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Hello, I am a certified dietitian and trained diabetes educator from India.I would like to share my knowledge and experience with people who are in need

My methodology to guide my patients is very easy to follow and helpful for patients as it works with lifestyle modifications

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Tailored dietary advice provided at your convenience by qualified Dietitian in Melbourne

I'm a qualified dietitian who can provide you with nutrition education and advice based on your personal needs and requirements. I can help you improve your lifestyle through improving your relationship with food.

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Flinders University Student providing Nutrition lessons for high school students in Adelaide

I am passionate about the break down of food and how it interacts with our body. I would help provide a more clear understanding of concepts and processes of the area in which you are have difficulty with so that I can help you in the best way that I can.

Seacliff Park
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2 years as CEO of Nutrition company, certified with Masters qualifications. Driven by improving health outcomes of people with weight loss, muscle gain, overall health and wellbeing.

Methodology: Its important that I have a good understanding of your lifestyle before I can assist you (i.e work/study routine, anthropology etc). I will provide assistance through dietary plans, workout plans. Most importantly, I will be providing education and nutritional information so that you will have everything you need to reach the goals your seeking, even after our time together is over.

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Nutrition and Dietetics (honours) graduate with teaching background offers nutrition and dietetics related lessons to secondary school, university students and adults in Melbourne.

I constantly change my teaching methods according to my clients' feedback and my self-reflections, to tailor my lesson plans to the learning goals made and agreed by clients and myself.

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Dietitian and Nutritionist here to teach you about all aspects of health and well-being. Highly proficient in chemistry, biology and maths.

We all learn differently, so I personalise my lessons. I want to find out what you want from the lesson so I can help you achieve your goals. I am patient and will work WITH you.

Port Adelaide
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I am ayurvedic physician teach how to live healthy life and how to stay away from diseases

My teaching method is explained detailed about ayurveda and how to become a healthy life,also teach yoga classes on practical bases.

Homebush West
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Learn from a Doctor. Diabetes made easy to learn and remember!

On theory based from the right study material and with professionally assembled notes which are easier to understand.

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Personal weight management strategist and active health advocator at University of Melbourne

Weight management needs to be tackled from three areas: DIET, LIFESTYLE, and EXERCISES.

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Deakin PhD Student willing to give coaching on eating right and healthly lifestyle practices!

I'm here to make studying fun and enjoyable! I keep my teaching methods simple. I can break down topics and explain things systematically in a step wise manner.

(9 reviews)

Nutritionist diploma of london fitness of all kind health is wealth ... Now in paris

Personalized nutrition programs for pea loss, bodybuilding, athlet, etc. 1-3months of durations according to the results.

(5 reviews)
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I am your health partner for a better lifestyle in everyday life through nutrition and sport! 1 decision = 1 result!

Following my coaching diploma and in view of my post-military experience where I grew considerably (+ 15kl in 1 year) I turned to a diploma of sports nutrition. This diploma allows me to be able to complement the two essential aspects of a transformation: sport and nutrition.

Den Haag
(4 reviews)
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Losing weight and living a healthier life has never been easier! You will reach your goal with 1 hour a week!

My name is Raza and I keep myself busy optimizing the lifestyle of people who want to live healthier and more consciously. I use recent scientific literature and can improve your lifestyle in 3 steps! Step 1 Motivation Step 2 Set goals Step 3 Lets go! NO strict diet. NO unrealistic training schedules.

(4 reviews)
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90 days WildFit nutritional coaching with lifestyle change that changes your life in the long run!

I work with the Calligraphy Health and Flowing Principles system, Shaolin Wing Chun Chuan, Nonduality teaching and WildFit nutritional coaching. In addition, many aspects from the many years of experience of various arts of movement are included such as the Russian martial arts, dance and energy theory.

(2 reviews)
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Registered Sports Nutritionist offering Nutrition Coaching, Supplement Advice and Body Fat Measurements via Skinfolds in Leeds and Online.

Are you an Athlete, Dancer or just someone who wants to look & feel better? Do you struggle to reach your body composition or performance goals? Are you looking for an evidence-based Qualified Nutritionist you can trust? I am here to help! I will analyse your current dietary habits, suggest changes and guide you towards your goals.

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