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Let's enjoy Japanese! I can teach ANY level, I can help your JLPT as well ;)

You don't need to purchase anything, I will provide my original textbook.

1st lesson free !

I am an experienced Japanese teacher. I have tought about ten people from all over the world. I can also teach Japanese history and culture, and provide trip and Japanese cooking tips.

My teaching methods can be changeable depends on your preference. If you focus on grammar, I can teach you by using some books such as “Minna no Nihongo”. I can also teach for JLPT. You will have a lots of practice with speaking if you focus on conversations until you feel comfortable with using it. My lesson is relaxed and enjoyable.

1st lesson free !

Japanese level; proficiency test N2 qualified student give Japanese lesson to high school and uni students in Adelaide. I have some learning material and more than happy to help with your homework

The lesson will mainly based on what you are learning at the moment in school, I will quickly go through your materials and try to help you the things you don't understand. I will also give you some learning tips for learning Japanese. Also, if you are a beginner, I will bring some learning material for you to start the learning journey.

1st lesson free !

Native Japanese Speaker who is passionate about teaching the language and culture.

I focus on learning experiences fun and interesting because students learn a lot better when they are actually interested. The lesson can be taught through various materials such as Japanese TV shows and comics. I will also try to teach Japanese that is actually useful instead of only focusing on academic Japanese, however, I am flexible to adapt my teaching style to students' needs.

1st lesson free !

Adelaide University Bachelor of Languages student will teach Japanese, beginners and continuers

My teaching methodology is catered entirely to the level that each of my students are at. I introduce different topics which are relevant to daily life and any particular subject matter of relevance and interest to the student for those at beginners level, with an emphasis on ensuring correct pronunciation.

Kurralta Park
1st lesson free !

Beginners and travelers level Japanese from University of Adelaide Japanese language major

My Japanese lessons are tailored to suit each individual learner, but are designed to cover the basics of Japanese language.

Myrtle Bank
1st lesson free !

Year 7-12 (SACE), Fully registered professional Japanese Language Teacher in South Australia

Textbooks: Gakkoo Seikatsu, Kookoo Seikatsu, Obento, Kimono, SACE/VCE sample tests practice etc... -Secondary School Japanese (Year 7-12), Intensive lesson for SACE/VCE -Situational and Functional Japanese -Business Japanese -Survival Japanese * My lesson is designed for each student for their focusing areas. I am particularly good at explaining key grammar points.

1st lesson free !

Japanese student gives lessons for anyone who wants to study and improve Japanese!

My lessons is totally up to you. If you want some help for doing your Japanese studying, I’d like to support that. Or I can also give lessons according a course I make which is fit on your level.

1st lesson free !

Konnichiwa! Do you like Japan? Let’s enjoy beautiful NIHONGO (Japanese) with Tokyo girl ;)

I know Japanese is really difficult for English speakers.But I want you to enjoy learning Japanese.My teaching method is firstly check your current 4 skills. Then, start with having a daily conversation in Japanese in your level with me. Like talking to each other and I fix your pronunciation and writing at the same time. Also I’ll give you a small homework if you want.

Camden Park
1st lesson free !

I'd like to teach Japanese - spoken, formal and casual conversation as well as business level. I can teach to both individuals as well as group or corporate classes. I have lived in Japan for 21 years

My teaching method is to focus on my students firstly having FUN! I like to make my lessons as enjoyable as possible, making for the best environment in which to learn. I base my lessons around the individual needs of each student, not a rigid structured format.

Rosslyn Park
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Flinders uni student gives Japanese lessons to a person who is keen to learn Japanese.

My teaching method is to study authentic Japanese language by using multiple materials, for example,puzzles, radio, picture books, newspapers, music and so on. I also teach you how to write Japanese.

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1st lesson free !

Bachelor of Arts (Japanese language minor) graduate tutoring high school and uni students in Adelaide

I like to approach a topic by first making sure I know the level of understanding the person I am teaching has for any given topic, and then go from there. I know learning can at times be frustrating if you're struggling to understand the content and that you might want to give up, so I aim to make my lessons easy to understand without it being too overwhelming.

1st lesson free !

Chinese girl graduated from Kyoto University with master degree in Engineering now in Adelaide teaching oral Japanese for Aussies at all levels.

As a Chinese, I'am capable of speaking two foreign languages fluently. I can not only show you how to speak Japanese, but also my little episodes with my Japanese friends. Most important thing is that I'm willing to show my students the way to study a foreign language. If you are interested in applying a school in Japan, then I am definitely the best choice for you.

1st lesson free !

Former Pro MC in Japan teaches Japanese and manner in social in Adelaide

create task and course line depend on a student what they want to learn lesson structure would be flexible for student for example, if a student wants to do with visual tool, I can organize to do so.

1st lesson free !

You can learn the words that Japanese people really use at my Japanese class!

I am always committed to being friendly! And I’m good at teaching Kanji ! You can learn words that native speaker really use ! I suppose it isn't listed in the textbook! I can teach you everyday everywhere ! My wish is to have fun conversations rather than classes!

1st lesson free !

KG Japanese Training will provide VET and high school SACE relative focused on language learning.

I can adjust the methodology for student needs of their language goal, once I know the goal from the student, I can set time frame and program to give students motivation. My method can see students achievement and outcome that reaches student's learning satisfaction.

Kidman Park
1st lesson free !

Second year Law student at Adelaide University with heaps of tutoring experience

I have a unique way of teaching. I not only proofread my students' work I also teach them the correct way of doing things. The formula I invented for essay writing has not disappointed any students or their teachers yet, in fact, they never get a score less than an A-. I have a laugh and good time with my students by giving them relevant examples and etc.

1st lesson free !

Stage 2 Japanese Continuers Graduate, will give Japanese Oral Expression, Comprehension and Conversation lessons, Adelaide, Rostrevor, 5073, Won 3rd place National Japanese Speech competition

I want to teach individuals who are genuinely interested in language and culture. Whilst writing and grammar are essential, my main focus would be to cultivate the conversational abilities of my students. Everything from everyday life to occupation-specific scenarios, I intend to prepare my students to feel confident and proficient in their speaking abilities.

Ingle Farm
1st lesson free !

Japanese Uni Student gives lesson for anyone wanting to learn and improve their Japanese! Able to teach SACE and Uni Japanese!

I base my lessons on whatever you are currently studying in high-school and/or university. Whether it is Kanji or grammar patterns, I am very confident in teaching you the correct and proper way in Japanese.

Seaford Rise
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Highly experienced Japanese secondary school teacher gives tuition in Adelaide Southern Suburbs

I like to incorporate all four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - in a lesson, as well as to examine the cultural context, when possible.

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