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A UQ student with a passion for individual-based learning, providing support from primary school through to early high school

I strongly believe that every child learns differently, and so I tailor my lessons to the individual. I always make an effort to build a rapport with my students to make my material relevant to their goals, and also to ensure they enjoy learning.

Palm Beach
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A Childhood Teacher from Spain who is adept at helping, training, motivating and developing others :)

My teaching method is based in the Montessori Pedagogy. Children leading while being supported and encouraged from a positive perspective. Listening and observing children is the best way to know them. Once you know them, you can help them. Let them be, let them try, let them mistake.

Wellington Point
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Business and Education graduate experienced in student support located in the Redlands

I am a facilitator of education which means I will work with individual strengths and motivators to generate the best, long term and transferable outcomes for students. I won't give you the answers or do it for you. My goal is to develop learners that are independent life long learners who want to learn.

North Maleny
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High Achieving Graduate Providing Support to Primary & Secondary Students in the Sunshine Coast Region in English, Science, Arts & Humanities

I approach each case separately and base my method on the unique individual who I will be working with, tailor-making my method to how they learn and the areas they require assistance with. I have worked with students who struggle with mainstream learning approaches, as well as individuals who require more structure and time-managing.

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University of Queensland student provides school support to primary student as well as academic support to students in the field of Accounting/Finance as I am studying Master of Commerce.

Any primary school topics like English, Mathematics, History, Geography and others. Any topics of Finance of Accounting. I am comfortable teaching students in which they need any kind of guidance. Any help required to do assignments an be provided. Hours of study can be provided in weekdays and weekends.

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Experienced general primary and secondary HPE, Science and Maths teacher in Cairns

My ambition is to be a passionate and resourceful teacher committed to helping children develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to progress and become independent learners. I aim to achieve this by being an active, positive and diligent teacher who collaborates with work colleagues and is committed to lifelong learning.

Darling Heights
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USQ Engineering student give maths and ICT lessons to high school and uni students in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs area.

My teaching method will be based on a case by case approach where it depends on the individual or class needs. If it is an individual than the classes would be on a 1 hour per day or per week depending on the individuals requirement. The venue can be arranged and to suit the individual, it can be at an allocated area or the individuals home or my home.

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QUT Master of Business graduate assisting students with business disciplines (marketing, management & IMC)

My teaching method is to make sure students understand key principles and theories from a practical perspective. This ensures students can apply these methods to exam or assignment setting.

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Tutor and Life Coach in Cairns, QLD. Available for a wide range of academic needs!

I use homework and assessments as key guides on how to tailor my tutoring to each student and can focus on subjects that require the most attention. I focus on personal strengths and preferred learning methods to tailor my coaching to each individual as this helps to optimize progress and not make learning feel like a chore.

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Qualified teacher helping primary school students reach their potential on the Gold Coast.

I believe the first step in any educational journey is getting to know each student. Finding out their interests and learning style will assist in tailoring lessons that engage the learner. I enjoy using hands on activities and try to relate learning to everyday life.

Dr aaksemah
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Doctor having 10 years experience of tution will teach all subjects at home

I teach unless concept of student isnt clear. Make them understand on each word, sentence etc.cover course in minimum time.

Coolum Beach
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Primary Education teacher offers fun and practical tutoring lessons after school in Sunshine Coast

I base my classes on the students needs, rhythm and way of learning. Every person learns differently, so my aim is to identify what the best and easiest way for each of my students is. This means that I will combine practical, theoretical and artistic exercises and examples to achieve the kid's goal.

Mermaid Waters
(7 reviews)
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We all have the potential to grow and succeed, but sometimes we just need the right support ;)

My goal is to help my students/clients to improve and enjoy the process. Ideally, you understand why you learn what you learn to increase your motivation...enjoying the path you are going. I believe we all have potential, but we need to find a way to evoke it :).

(3 reviews)
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USC Business and Law graduate teaches how to research and write killer assignments!

My teaching method adapts to the student. I work with their strengths and find work arounds for their weaknesses to help them develop the confidence they need to face any written work without the stress and anxiety that usually comes along with them. I provide real-world, practical advice that they can relate to and apply to themselves.

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Commerce Student (Majoring in Accounting and Finance) can Tutor General Acadamic Study Techniques

My approach to teaching is based upon stylized learning around the individual's learning technique and ability. My primary focus is making sure my student retains the information for the long term. A common approach I use is, I do - We do - You do.

Saint Lucia
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UQ student gives academic support for success in mathematics, economics and statistics

I am capable to understand the student talents and level of performance and cater teaching methods according to the potential of the student. I was able to enhance skills and knowledge in students from my teaching methods and I am self satisfied for enhanced performance of students after my guidance.

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Tutoring for primary school students only upto year 4 in all subjects. Speciality In maths and English calligraphy.

My teach with worksheets, books reference school curriculum from individual school websites and notes and special my won technology to tech individual students according to their aptitude.

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Ex post Naplan tutor. Tutored at 1 private and 1 public school

I favour a back to basics approach and emphasise phonics for early readers. I encourage daily reading with parents. Lessons for primary students centre upon reading, spelling and maths.

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Final year CQUniversity Education Student (GPA 6.8) specialising in English, History and Theatre happy to give private or small group lessons at home or meet locally.

I believe that methods to teaching (particularly in tutoring) have to differ according to the situation, so my approach would change depending on a student's needs. But I ultimately believe in facilitating someone's learning.

Augustine Heights
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High school student. Help with primary and secondary school work. Exams and Assignments

I try to teach things quickly, depending on your needs, so that you get most out of your money. I use analogies here and there.

Surfers Paradise
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PhD candidate can help with dissertation writing and methodology in the Gold Coast

Firstly, it is essential to understand in detail the requirements of the student. After this I like to know and understand the topic of student interest. I believe teaching is an interaction between student and teacher and this interaction is made possible through informed communication.

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Shamli,UQ research student of Agricultural science gives tuitions to primary, high school and University students.

As I am a student too so I know how to learn and gain things when sometimes it’s difficult to understand.I never fed up and give up until the student gain those things no matter how many times he or she will ask.

Kangaroo Point
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Qualified and Experienced British Teacher offering Student Support, in a range of subjects, in the Brisbane area.

My teaching methodology is based on the students needs. Once initial assessment has been conducted, I can make a diagnostises of what the student needs and support them as appropriate. I find innovative and creative ways of relating the learning to the student and I always deliver a quality service.

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