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Whether violin, guitar or keyboard, playing a musical instrument is an excellent way to train your brain, express yourself creatively and just have some fun. The piano is no exception, in fact a study by the Australian Music Association in 2007 found that, after the acoustic guitar, the piano is the second most played instrument in Australia. Superprof tutors have years of experience teaching students of all ages to master the skills needed to play the piano, whether children or adults. From learning how to read music to playing complex songs, our teachers can help any student to play the music they love!

Private lessons designed for you

Every student has different goals when is comes to their learning, and one of the best parts of taking lessons with a private piano tutor is that your teacher can really take the time to get to know their student, and prepare lessons to match your level and what you'd like to learn. Your teacher'll give you tasks that won't only challenge you to become a better pianist, but that will also be fun and creative. To make sure you choose a teacher that will work well for you, make sure to read their online profile which includes information about their teaching experience, if they have expertise in certain styles, like classical or western, and reviews from past students. Instead of a strict school experience, our teachers use their knowledge to pass on a love for the piano and it's different styles.

Some theory basics for beginner level students

Even though it may not be the most fun part of your lessons (even the tutors admit it!), learning music theory and technique as a beginner level student can help you build a good foundation to be the best musician you can be, whether you continue with classical piano or move on to any other genre. Here's a little starter on some of the basic theory students of any age can cover with their private tutor:


Many tutors agree that learning to read music is simply one of the most invaluable skills for a musician. Not only will it help you to better understand the music you're playing, but it can also be transferred to other instruments like the violin or guitar. Once you can read the music of different songs, you can break them down, change them and add you're own style. You can even start writing your own new songs, and who knows, one day you might find yourself recording them in a studio!


Another essential part of your music theory tuition is scales. Again, while they're not always the most fun lesson, learning scales is important for exercising your fingers. They give you experience quickly moving from one note to another and help you to be able to stretch your hands that little bit further. By repeating scales, you'll also get to memorise the notes on the piano, so you won't even need to look to know which keys to use. Scales can even help with recognising different keys and their qualities, as well as the scale degrees within the key.


Theory concepts like keys, pitch, rhythm and major and minor chords are all part of becoming the best piano player you can be and you can learn about them all easily in lessons with your private tutor in your local area of Perth.

What else you can get out of lessons with private tutors

Other than simply learning and developing musical skills, tuition in a musical instrument has emotional and mental benefits for students, children and adults alike. Firstly, your lesson is a space for you to do something that you love. Music is just fun and Superprof tutors will always make sure their students are having a great experience in their studio, as well as learning. Playing the piano works as a way to get in contact with your emotions and can have therapeutic effects. There is also a sense of accomplishment that comes from working hard for ages and realising that you've improved over the month, year or years. This feeling of satisfaction and pride is something that can often be missing from our frenetic lives.


Studies have also shown that playing music has positive effects on your brain, which simply grow the longer you've been playing. A neurologist from Harvard University, Dr Gottfried Schlaug found in a 2003 study that long time musicians have a brain structure that is significantly different to those who never played anything. This and a range of other studies have found that learning to play music can help with a variety of brain functions from problem solving to memory retention, even as you age. The earlier you start, the better, so it's a great idea for children to start playing at a young age, especially before 9. Emory University neuropsychologist Brenda Hanna­-Pladdy even showed in her 2011 study that your brain never loses these benefits, even if you don't play for long periods of time, even years.

Private tuition to prepare for exams

There are a variety of exams that can grade students on how well they play the piano, from the Australia Music Examinations Board (AMEB) exams, Trinity College London Practical exams to the Year 11 and 12 Western Australia Certificate of Education high school Music course, and private lessons with a Superprof tutor can be one of the best ways to get ready. Many of our teachers have taken these exams themselves, and so are familiar with how each assessment works and the skills you need to pass at different levels. By giving highly focused, goal oriented feedback, a private tutor can help their students go into exams with confidence and achieve high grades.


Whether you want to help your children learn new skills and have fun at the same time, or you need to study classical music theory for a high school exam, taking lessons with a private piano tutor is a great option. There are tutors based all over Perth, so you're sure to find a great teacher near your home. You can contact any of tutors via their online profile to organise your first lesson and get started!


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