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Are you someone looking to improve your piano playing? Then private lessons from a piano teacher could be just what you need, at Superprof we ensure it is simple to start learning how to play and have fun! Maybe you already have a few years experience in piano or keyboard, or you maybe you are someone who is just beginning their musical journey. Either way, here at Superprof we will have a piano teacher suited to you and your current playing level. It could be time to dust off that keyboard and start making some music!


At Superprof we understand that everyone is busy and have commitments on most days. So we have made it simple for you by offering a fantastic range of piano teachers who are happy to work around your schedule and ensure you can still get a private piano or keyboard lesson at a time that suits you. At Superprof we offer both face to face lessons as well as online classes. You may be someone who lives in NSW but outside the area of Wollongong, you could arrange to have online lessons via webcam. Online lessons via webcam would allow you to focus on the theory side of piano playing, which is an important part of learning any musical instrument.


To find the piano teacher who is best suited to your level of experience, you can read the online profile of each of the teachers in your local area of Wollongong, or elsewhere is NSW. The online profile will give you important information about the experience that each teacher has, and which kind of styles of music they can teach. For example you might be interested in learning classical piano, or jazz music, either way you can easily see which teacher will be able to teach you in your area of choice.


Once you have chosen your teacher, it is best to know how you would like your lessons set out; you can choose to either take your piano or keyboard lessons online, or face to face in the teachers studio. You also have to choice of taking privates classes with your teacher, or participating in group lessons with your friends, family or colleagues. When you have decided how you would like to organise your piano classes, simply contact your chosen teacher online and arrange your first piano or keyboard lesson, for free!

Why learn piano?

Piano has long been an instrument that has brought people of all ages together. Friends, family, teachers and students alike connect through music allowing us to enjoy song and dance with one another. Learning how to play music has also been proven to have many benefits to your personal and professional life. Learning to play an instrument is a fabulous outlet if you are someone looking to enjoy a new hobby. Piano is an instrument which allows you to play all kinds of music and genres, allowing you to explore and have fun. You could be interested in more classical piano playing where you would play on a classic piano.


If you are someone interested in new wave music you may play a keyboard which is more light weight which appeals to many. At Superprof we have a great range of teachers with experience in many different styles of music, if you are already trained in classical piano playing you could be looking to expand your repertoire and delve into some more contemporary music such as jazz. Your piano teacher may even be able to help you improve your singing if this was something you were interested in.


You may be a music student at school completing your HSC studies and need some help preparing for you end of year performance. Employing the help of an experienced piano teacher will provide you with the confidence you need to fine tune your playing techniques and your knowledge of musical theory. Musical theory is essential knowledge if you wish to take your piano playing to the next level, it teaches you about how different keys and time signatures merge well together, allowing you to create beautiful pieces of music that you would be proud to play at a performance. As a student of piano being able to read sheet music is an integral part of piano playing. Working with your own piano teacher and attending regular classes will fast track your ability to read and play music. Once you have grasped the basics of learning how to read music you will find everything else in your playing begin to improve. As your reading of music becomes better over time and with regular practise and piano or keyboard lessons you could even find yourself teaching others. Contact our teachers we have available at Superprof today to claim your piano or keyboard lesson free today!

Where will piano lessons take me?

Australia is well known for its thriving music scene, Wollongong NSW is a great place to begin your musical adventure. Music is something that if often played and heard in the company of others, therefore learning how to play piano can be a great way to open up your social life. Joining a local band or even starting your own is a great way to connect with other musicians and lovers of music. Wollongong is vibrant town home to many different live music venues to suit your taste and mood. You may even end up playing some local gigs around your area, bringing your community together through singing and dancing to your tuneful notes. Playing with a band could lead you to touring around Australia or the world.


With the help of a piano teacher you will learn new ways to practise your playing and expand your abilities, allowing you to engage and learn through exciting experiences. You could be someone who has always been interested in writing and creating your own music, working with a piano teacher will provide you with the foundational knowledge of music theory and piano playing you need. Writing and composing your own music could lead you to many different professional avenues such as; musical theatre, film scores, television advertisements.


It could be your dream to become a professional piano player, playing solo or in a band accompanied by other instruments such as guitar and drums. Being able to play piano is a skill you will be able to take all over the world, allowing you to connect with other students and teachers of piano from across different cultures and ages.


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The average price of Piano lessons in Wollongong is $40.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

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Most of our piano teachers in Wollongong offer their piano lessons lessons online.

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