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An engineering student give maths & computer lessons to primary and high school students.

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A dynamic and self-motivated person carving for challenges. I have ability and desired to work in fast paced environment, to take responsibility and work as a team. To work cross functionally to resolve technical, procedural and operational issues. Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skill. Analytical Problem solving skill based on my strong academic background. Dutiful, honest and hardworking. I have great passion for teaching and usually work starting from the root topics so that student would tackle upcoming challenges in their higher education levels. Delivering the highest quality of education is my motto.


  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry


  • English


  • Primary School
  • Early High School
  • Year 10
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    Year 11-12




About Sudip

I have been doing online tutoring(1-1) to US students from company named FOCUS EDUMATICS. I have had a lot of students from so many high schools like MAVA, Silverado, Hillcrest, MIT, etc . My main teaching included high school maths, test preparation like SAT. I also took various on-demand sessions where student would come up with any question regarding their assignments. My major strategy to work with student included maintaining correct pace and building effective rapport. I got a lot of positive feedback from my students too. Not all students have same level of ability so my major job was to give each and every student all possible root knowledge so that they would feel easy to do any kind of problems by themselves. I would love to help any student and have keen interest in teaching any subjects including math,science and computers.



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