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1st lesson free!

Honour Roll Band 6 student coming to teach you to ACE Maths!!

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​The core essence of Maths is to have a strong foundation, from which you build the harder knowledge. This cannot be stressed enough, the introduction of topics in maths must be strong and from there HEAPS of practice will ensure you receive the exam marks you want! It's our theory coupled with application questions, concept checks and weekly quizzes which will make you exam ready!

My students appreciate my ability to create strong foundations of topics with a greater emphasis on core details and tips and tricks. It is my profound ability to expose students to all possible question types in the final exams to upbuild them with the demands needed to be met. I give my students complimentary mock exams under timed conditions which I then mark at HSC marking level for them to grasp the requirements and provide exceptional feedback for improvement.

The lesson structure involves an opening 10-minute quiz that tests the student's knowledge from the previous week. The student mistakes or further help required here is a great focus on their weaknesses to provide more support. The remaining 105 minutes is a strong focus on core concepts and the fine details of the syllabus. This is coupled with vast exposure to different exam-style questions and all possible styles that may come into fusion in the exam. The last 5 minutes is for a Q & A, where the student can freely ask any questions which he could either ask within the lesson or any more questions he has.

This One-on-One teaching environment allows students to be 100% focus! I can cater the course to suit their ability and teach them with the pace of school or happily ahead of the school curriculum so they can use the school as revision. One-on-one tutoring allows a student to be free and feel less shy to ask questions. I will put all my focus on the student and it is my responsibility to make sure the student ready for their exams!


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About Nehal

I am currently studying Bachelor of Vision Science and Masters of Optometry at UNSW which has a 99.50 Selection Rank. I completed my tertiary studies at Sydney Technical High School with the first-hand experience with the New Maths, English, Chemistry and Physics Syllabus as I am part of the only cohort to have sat the new syllabus to date and have been taught by selective high school teachers. I have been tutoring for the past 4 years with great flair and passionate approach to teaching.



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I will provide free complimentary lessons before exams to solidify concepts if necessary and I will provide free exam lessons and mark them with extensive feedback on improvement!!

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