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Fourth Year Education Student Able to Provide Tutoring and Homework and Learning Support

I believe tutoring is a time to consolidate learning, cover misconceptions and clear up confusion. Often, students need more time and support to explore concepts in deep, meaningful and hands on ways. I use my sessions to help close learning gaps and work collaboratively with students to find the areas they need support.

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Experienced lawyers with Masters degree and education qualifications available for tutoring all law and legal studies subjects

I take an individual mastery approach to teaching while encouraging the development of legal logic so that students learn to reason their way to an understanding of subjects

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I graduated Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Pres-school Education (BEED-PsEd) way back in the Philippines and now I am in my final year taking up Bachelor of Education (Graduate Entry) at Ch

My approach to teaching aims to make students engage with the materials at hand, and hopefully encourage them to learn at their own pace. I try to teach not only the content, but also to expand student's knowledge for them to develop critical thinking skills patterns. Students are undertaking their own learning, while I am present to guide and facilitate their journey.

East Melbourne
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University of Melbourne Master's student gives computer programming, assembly programming, school subjects teaching to all students of the school, high school, and Uni.

I first meet the students for the very first time, then after I understand them because all the students are not the same. Further, I start with my sessions on the very same day if time permits or else in the next class. Finally, I conduct the doubt sessions and exams at the end of every course if they have any.

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11 yrs of teaching experience. Love helping kids to learn and grow.

I base my classes on hands on learning and developing more than one strategy to solve problems. Kids learn differently. I love to use mini whiteboards where my students have plenty of opportunity to work things out in a way that best helps them, whether it is words, numbers, drawings or symbols.

Wynnum West
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Experienced Prep to Upper Primary Queensland Teacher Offering School Support in Brisbane

My classrooms have always been to provide students with the opportunity to take chances and feel comfortable with making mistakes. Mistakes are what we learn from and students of all ages need to develop this frame of mind. Lessons will be based on the student's needs.

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Special Education trained primary teacher provides individualised tutoring sessions tailored to the needs of the individual student. Located in Redhead/Charlestown area of NSW.

I am a trained Primary teacher with Special Education training. Through my course, I have developed a teaching strategy based on working individually one on one with each student to challenge them without leaving them confused. Each student receives the amount of scaffolding and support they require to achieve their full potential.

Boronia Heights
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Qualified Primary Teacher giving primary homework and general school lesson support in Logan area, QLD

I base my lessons on areas that students are struggling with at school. I like to work one on one with my students in order to enhance their learning potential and understanding of content. I teacher students from prep to year 6 and am willing to set up lessons specifically catering any areas of concern at school, as well as helping with set school homework activities.

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Experienced general primary and secondary HPE, Science and Maths teacher in Cairns

My ambition is to be a passionate and resourceful teacher committed to helping children develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to progress and become independent learners. I aim to achieve this by being an active, positive and diligent teacher who collaborates with work colleagues and is committed to lifelong learning.

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Secondary Education English and Arts student can teach English and basic math lessons to all ages.

My teaching method revolves around the teacher being the facilitator, I attempt to make each lesson fun and engaging no matter the content. I will change my lesson plans and teaching style to suit each individual students. I believing in allow the students time to explore and reinforcing that it is okay to make mistakes and not know the answers.

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Qualified and practising teacher tutoring all subjects up to grade 9, Sunshine Coast

I base my teaching style on tuning into student's interest areas and encouraging them to learn through their interests. I believe that students can only learn when they are genuinely interested in the subject area. I have had huge success with teaching students to read and write by applying this concept.

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Mathematics Tutor at all levels for Grade 5 to Grade 12 in High School.

My approach to teaching is to educate students in the areas of practical application of the topics they are learning. Additionally, I fully explain the theory with practical examples illustrated. All notes are provided as a back up reading and then students are asked to do questions with supervision and assistance provided during the process.

Darling Heights
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USQ Engineering student give maths and ICT lessons to high school and uni students in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs area.

My teaching method will be based on a case by case approach where it depends on the individual or class needs. If it is an individual than the classes would be on a 1 hour per day or per week depending on the individuals requirement. The venue can be arranged and to suit the individual, it can be at an allocated area or the individuals home or my home.

Reedy Creek
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Somerset College Graduate Student offers after school pick-up, babysitting and homework help

I believe you need to work through every step of a question with the child and have them practice repeatedly. This is the only way that they will be able to remember and fully understand how to solve a question.

Aberfoyle Park
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Qualified Primary School Teacher in Adelaide, to help with extra study over the holidays!

I believe that building respectful relationships with children is the first step in being a successful teacher/role model. I am able to quickly build positive relationships and work hard to understand the needs of my students so that I can best support them. I also believe that it is vital to support the creativity and imagination of every child.

North Hobart
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University of Western Sydney Accounting graduate gives lessons to primary school students from grade 1 to 7 after office 6pm

My teaching method is first getting to know the student and build a friendly relation where the student can trust me and be open to me like a friend so that I can give my best to help the student and help him perform in the class and can achieve their goals.

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Online teaching/tutoring in management subjects from professionally qualified teacher/tutor in Melbourne's SE.

My teaching methods vary, depending on the students that I teach. However, I am a firm believer in student-centered learning as demonstrated in my teaching strategies. Generally, I commence a lesson by ascertaining students previous knowledge through questioning.

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Primary School Teacher supporting students to excel in all learning areas - Central Coast area

My teaching method is based on understanding individual needs and teaching based on the strengths of the learner. I believe students should enjoy their learning so I aim to integrate creativity with rote learning in every lesson. My teaching philosophy is based on enabling students to reach their full potential.

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Medical student tutoring all academic subjects for all ages in Bridgetown / Greenbushes

I am reliable and resourceful, patient and supportive. I am able to communicate effectively with and adapt to each unique student. I will not only teach students course content, with which I am intimately familiar, but I will also teach proactive study habits. I want to pass on my knowledge and work ethic to help students understand and succeed.

The Range
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All-Academic Private Tutor with after school pickup, childcare, cooking abilities and more...

My philosophy for teaching is to make sure the student understands the concepts behind the skill they are learning and can therefore apply the skill later on. I work with students to not only be able to pass their current subject, but to understand the subject well enough to utilize it in the future.

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Primary Education Student and Language Enthusiast Gold Coast- Any primary subject+ French and Spanish

I aim to provide needs-based support. This means that I liaise with parents and sudents' to determine the primary needs for tutoring. With older students I generally focus on assignment help and from this I can then create lessons based on identified areas requiring improvement. For younger students I strive to use games in my tutoring methods to engage students as much as possible.

Cairns North
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Master Degree graduate & professional offering tutoring in all areas to high school and uni students

I have excellent interpersonal skills and diplomacy, and therefore am very easy to get along with and am open to other points of view.

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Experienced Secondary School Teacher offering private tuition across a range of school subjects. Full teaching registration with QCT.

I see teaching as involving a reciprocal relationship between teachers and students. I believe that teachers have duties to their students and that students have duties to their teachers.

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Year 12 Student looking to tutor primary/ high school level math and english

I like to teach based upon a hands on/ practical approach to the subject, as that is what I believe is the best method for people to learn. The lessons always contain at least 1 worked example for the student to follow and some more for them to complete.

Sippy Downs
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International Student give social science lessons to high school students and younger.

My teaching approach are based around dialogue, where discussions are encouraged and where we set a goal for each meeting/class. The method of "two stars and a wish" is used frequently that focus on strong points (positive) , and one area we will work on.

Maida Vale
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Early Childhood trained teacher available for primary school tutoring in Eastern Suburbs, Perth

I am available to help with any school subject for primary school aged children. I believe that children learn in different ways and like to work with the child to find engaging and hands-on approaches to helping them learn.

O'Sullivan Beach
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PhD in Writing and Communications to assist students with academic essay writing

My teaching methods are either to assist students with specific assignments or projects on a one to one basis, or to give classes in essay writing, script writing or text analysis. My teaching is aimed for students who wish to enter university, or who are already at university and struggling with essay writing. I have also mentored many playwrights and screenwriters on their projects.

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Accredited Tutor with the ATA. Psychology Graduate. Tutoring & Mentoring for SUCCESS

I am in currently completing my thesis at Deakin University with plans to continue on to my Doctorate of Psychology studies. I have great interpersonal skills making me very easy to get along with. There is also the ability to work under pressure as well as great time management so students can get the most out of our tutoring sessions. I have exceptional written and verbal communication.

Norman Gardens
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Recent High School Graduate from TCC that can help primary school and high school students with a range of subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English and Essay Writing

I aim to help other students who are in need of a hand and have a passion for school and their studies. At the end of each session, I would like to have improved their understanding and knowledge of a subject to further benefit their desired outcome.

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Multi talented who studied 2 years engineering and switched to nursing and had a bachelors degree in nursing in America. However I’ve been long life reader and have knowledge that ranges from extensiv

Unique I try to assess developmental level of person and try to start from his/her own level of thinking and knowledge based on my previous psychological and socioeconomic understanding of individuals and communities

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Perfect! Kirsten is very professional and we are very happy with her work.

Dane, Student
6 months ago
(1 review)

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