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Circus instructor (aerial silks) for private lessons in Melbourne city and Castlemaine, with strong technique and lot of creativity. Italian/European background and style

My teaching methodology is based on technique, fundamentals and creativity. I like private lessons because I can concentrate my attention on a single person's special needs. So, different work for each student. I trained a 70 years old woman, children and adults.

Saint Kilda
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Hula Hoops to learn and shape the body to the rhythm of music!

My teaching methodology is based on circus scenic arts that have taught me since I was nine years old: it takes a lot of practice, dedication, dedication, concentration and, above all, safety.

Saint Kilda
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Learn to ride a unicycle and feel free to have your hands unoccupied! LOL!

To teach and learn nothing better than to make it fun. And if we have background music, much better! But of course without losing the seriousness of teaching. And the most important thing: always taking care of the student so that he does not get hurt.

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Find your balance! On hands and in life - Expert hand balance coach in Perth

I help people to enhance their body awareness through conscious movements. To create connections and bring everyone on their handstand. I teach them the beauty of the journey, the humility of feeling and observing, the magic of feeling grounded and upside down. Handstand as a life style, not only a physical work.

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Acrobatic masters. Beginners-advanced, First time-seasoned performers, Ground acrobatics-aerial artists, Specialising in a wide range of disaplins,

I believe each person learns in there own way, it may be as simpl as the language we use or could be that feel is best for some. To be a good to teacher in my view you have to find the rite approach & method for each student to find the most officiant method for each student then put it to practice.

Hazelwood Park
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I find this just as much this as fascinating as my current job

I like teaching in different ways. The way children think just fascinates me and send tingles through my spine and I just couldn't imagine a life without teaching children.

St Kilda
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Learning to build functional movement for dancers, acrobats, gymnasts and anyone who is willing to learn

My teaching method is working to each persons ability and building up through functionality and body awareness to make performing any skills more understandable for the student

Port Macquarie
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Acrobatics teaching for all ages in port Macquarie, or Wauchope. Excited to share my passion and teach some skills to others.

I would teach the people in my class in a safe way whilst encouraging them to become the best they can be.

Saint Agnes
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Lyra Lessons in Adelaide Australia for beginners and intermediate, strength, conditioning and flexibility included!

I am a pole dancer who has been practicing for 4 years and instructing for 3 years. As a studying Clinical Exercise Physiologist, I have a deep understanding of anatomy and training persons through lack of strength, injury, illness, and weight loss.

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Knowledge of dance with practical and theoretical as well as they want

Who don't know about dance history. I teach them dance history with proper way and knowledge with theory and practical.

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Trained in western dance forms, acrobats, intensive fitness, yoga, acrobats, etc. Get ready to train and push ur limits..

I start with a beginner step by step, easy and slow. And when you get a hang of it start adding new challenges and improvised stuff.

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Hello! I am Vinnie and I have a passion for coaching handbalancing and calisthenics

I prefer to work in one on one or in small groups. As handbalancing can be unique to individual. My acrobatic career especially handbalancing started in my late teens and into my 20s. Some would say it is a disadvantage but in my eyes, I bring insight to what boundaries and learning curves an older individual encounters.

La Purificación
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Dancer, acrobat and contortionist offers classes to specialize in these artistic disciplines.

My teaching method is based on my own path of formation. Throughout my life in dance and stage art, I have learned to distinguish what a student needs to be properly trained, depending on their needs, qualities and desires on stage.

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