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Private tutor (PhD Graduate) for students undertaking Classics units at UTas in Launceston

I generally approach teaching in a very casual manner, and really enjoy being guided by students. I find that often students will ask questions that really promote further discussion, and while I like to have a bit of structure to my classes, I mostly believe in allowing students to explore the topic.

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Murdoch University BA student to offer the Arts to students from 5+

I as I have said before I am a published writer who has a passion for Ancient Greece. I am aiming this tutoring at all ages and all levels of creative writing and poetry. I am aiming the Ancient Greece tutoring to an older audience from age 13+.

Melton South
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Passionate graduate from Sydney providing English tutoring for high school students in Melbourne

My teaching method is chilled back, I like having my students comfortable with learning with me. I want them to feel like I’m one of their friends helping them out with their work.

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Masters in Educational leadership and management student has experience with teaching English and English Literature.

I use student centered teaching methods in my classes. Students are free to ask questions and doubts and do presentations in the class. Moreover, while teaching I make sure even an average student in the class understands the lessons. As a teacher I try to bring the best out of a student.

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Western Sydney graduate student makes maths and science pretty easier and simple

Scrutinized way of teaching is my style. Adding real time situations to the concepts and delivering them is my specialty.

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Teacher with 10 years experience offering English tuition to Upper Primary and High School students.

I base my teaching methodology on modern methods that we use in classrooms such as sustained practise of reading and analysing a wide variety of texts, answering questions as per assessment criteria, writing texts using the set structure, using prompts, visual aids, analysing graphs and research data and intensive coaching on all aspects of grammar and vocabulary (SPAG).

Quarry Hill
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Enthusiastic Teacher with 10 Years of Learning and Tutoring Greek and Latin

I have managed to acquire more than a few books on learning Latin and Greek. The first step would be to sit down with the potential student to gauge their prior knowledge of grammar etc. in order to work out the pace for teaching and what their personal goals are.

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Higher School Certificate Graduate with a passion to teach English and History

I approach my topics in a logical manner and at the pace of the student. I believe that any individual has the potential to succeed when they understand how they learn and what makes them succeed, each student should be given a chance to succeed.

Lane Cove
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UoN Undergraduate Honours Student teaching Literature, English and Reading in Sydney areas

I attended North Sydney Girls, one of the top single sex selective schools in NSW. I am able to provide lessons for students of all ages up to year 12 as I understand the path to success in this subject area! I help to teach new things, proofread any assignments and give practice tests to prepare for your schooling experience.

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A highly experienced professor offers Latin and Italian lessons at all levels in Rome

Hello! I am a professor of letters who has been teaching for many years Italian grammar and literature, Latin and Greek.

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Online Tuition in Latin, Ancient Greek and Classics / Classical Studies from Classics PhD graduate with 10+ years teaching experience.

My name is Déborah, I have an Msc and a PhD in Classics from Edinburgh University. I started tutoring while I was working on my PhD, and never stopped! I can prepare students for all Scottish and English exams, up to the BA. I also have experience helping students work on their Post-Graduate dissertation.

Central Cambridge
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Mature Classics graduate offers Ancient Greek tuition in Cambridge area - or online if preferred

I try and see things from the student’s point of view when explaining things. I think it is important to have a variety of activities in a tutorial, and for the tutor to be a good listener as well as good at communicating, prompting and explaining. I try to make tuition sessions an enjoyable as well as helpful experience. I like to encourage students to achieve the highest standards they can.

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Linguistics, phonetics, Latin, Greek, Italian for foreigners, thesis and term papers, word, excel.

I obtained a PhD in Italian Linguistics, Sociolinguistics and Dialectology in 2012. I graduated in Classical Literature. I have already helped many students of Communication Sciences, Literature and Languages ​​to pass exams in General and Italian Linguistics. Available for private lessons in humanities, Latin and Greek for high school students.

Royal Tunbridge Wells
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Elizabeth, experienced teacher offers online tuition in Classical Civilisation, Latin and Ancient Greek

My aim is to help you to improve your skills and confidence so that you get the best grade you can. I offer advice, tips and practice based on my teaching experience, plus plenty of friendly encouragement. I am most often asked to help with essay writing and exam technique.

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David - Abingdon - Classics

Welcome! A freelance tutor and singer, I give "Personal tuition in the right key". I can help you get the highest grades in exams, and study in the "key" that best suits you. Like the right song choices, I often inspire my students to succeed.

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Oxford and Yale Graduate: Oxbridge applications advice, and Humanities, Latin, Ancient Greek, Classics and English tutoring in London

My teaching methodology focusses on sculpting the approach to a student's personal learning style and strengths, and creates pride in personal progress. Lessons are structured around student-led learning and fun, interactive engagement with the topic. Working with students with learning disabilities has taught me to shape a learning environment to suit the particular needs of every single student.

West Hampstead

Joe - West Hampstead - Classics

I believe that pupils truly excel when they are empowered to take control of their own learning. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Latin and Ancient Greek. My specialist interest is language work, although I also teach some literature. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Graduated in Literature and Philosophy with 10 years of experience offers lessons of Latin, Ancient Greek and Philosophy to high school and college level students. Skype lessons available

The problem: Many people fail the approach to classical languages. Latin and Greek, as well as philosophy, are not "humanistic subjects". It's only their general categorization. The truth is that Latin and Greek are basically logic. It's all about acquiring two or three tricks to understand the secret of translation. In my lessons I teach a practical, easy and smart method to translate in autonomy.

Giovanna elena
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Degree in classical literature proposes repetitions of Latin, Greek, Italian, Writing Thesis.

In 2013 I graduated in Humanities (three-year) with a dissertation in Latin Literature, and in 2016 I graduated archeology, philology, literature and history (MSc) with a degree in Medieval Latin Literature. For several years I give lessons to young people between the 14 and 19 years and also college students.

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French, latin and ancient greek lessons, for French and English speaking persons

Hello. I am French and I live in Asnieres, in the surburbs of Paris. I practice home tutoring in French, latin and greek to teenagers and to foreign adults, both from personal and for professional needs. I can also give lessons via my webcam.

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Classical philologist teaches Spanish, ELE, English, Latin and Ancient Greek in Salamanca

Spanish, Latin, Greek and English lessons for ESO, Bachillerato and PAU/EBAU students. English to B2 level (FCE). Latin, Greek and Syntax can also be taught for university students in Philology or other humanities studies. Both individual classes and small groups (3-4 people), at the student's or teacher's home. Complete schedule availability and good organizational capacity.

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Courses in ancient languages, Latin and Greek and organization of study travels

The courses are for all those wishing to improve their knowledge of French, Latin and ancient Greek and discover the Greek and Roman civilizations. I am an Associate of letters, and I have taught at all levels of secondary and higher education, particularly with a personal methodology, due to my long professional experience.

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Ancient Greek in Glasgow by an experienced Greek tutor with BA in Greek Literature.

Working systematically on grammar, vocabulary and structure, Ancient Greek becomes quickly the tool of approaching original classical text and getting into their deeper meaning. The history of the language and the explanation of the several phenomena that have occurred during the centuries hold a central position in my teaching.

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Undergraduate at Classical Literatures at University of Bologna. Diploma 100/100 at classic high scool Galvani of Bologna. I give lessons of Ancient Greek, Latin, Italian in Bologna or by webcam.

I adopt both the inductive and the deductive method in translating from the classical languages, both greek and latin. Which method to adopt is at the discretion of the student. I prefer going to a practical method, making the student memorize some vocabulary through roots of words, and logically reconstruct the sentences.

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Classics student offering 1 on 1 help with all things Latin and Greek

My qualifications best suit me to all types of Latin Language teaching up to A-Level and Greek Language up to GCSE. I have GCSE and A-Level Latin and so having been through it myself I get what the priorities should be for a student studying for these exams and am pretty enthusiastic about sharing tips that I wish I'd been given in the process.

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College student with exceptional English/reading skills and the tools necessary to help your child excel where needed.

My teaching method is hands-on and interactive. I like to use games to help a child learn, as well as diagrams, real-life examples and to correlate the knowledge with something the individual student can relate to in order to help their interest/understanding.

(7 reviews)

Sophie - Beckenham - Latin

I'm passionate about teaching and languages. I have learnt many myself at school (Italian, Spanish, German, Latin and English), so I know what it's like to be the learner. I'm patient, friendly and approachable & think that no question is stupid. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach French, Beginner Spanish and Latin & modern Greek. - Tell me about your qualifications.

Los Angeles
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Double Ivy League graduate who specializes in Lit, History, Film, and Classics

My goal is to foster creativity and help guide students into unique ways of critical thinking. As a kid, I loved to read because I had teachers who encouraged my imagination, I'd like to do the same for the kids I tutor.

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Young Professor offers lessons in Italian, Latin, ancient Greek, History, Geography, Philosophy and English in Milan

I am a young 27-year-old teacher, graduated in Classical Letters with 110 / praise. I also obtained the Advanced Certificate in June 2016, attesting the level c1 in the knowledge of English. I propose frontal and individual lessons, with particular attention to the specific needs of students.

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Jessica - Brixton - School English

I have an organic approach to teaching, depending on the subject and the student. While it is important to guide a student and help them to perform to the best of their ability it is just as essential to pay close attention to the student's needs. - Which subject(s) do you teach? *Classics- Latin, Classical Civilisation, Ancient History and Ancient Greek.

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