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Video Production, Animation, and Editing taught by qualified visual artist, Tom Padden.

I offer a very relaxed teaching environment. More often than not, great visual art is created within a comfortable and enthusiastic space.

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Independent writer/director and 3rd year student at Griffith University with experience looking to help out, teach and/or discuss with film/television production fields.

One of my main approaches to teaching is to be open to discussion. In my opinion and since film/television studies can be a subjective medium, being able to have an open inquisitive dialogue helps whoever I'm teaching retain what is being taught because they're engaging more with the content, rather than just being told it.

Pelican Waters
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Experienced Videographer teaching the fundamentals of Video Production in the Sunshine Coast Region

I'd like to offer who I'm tutoring the best advice and insight that will provide a platform to launch their creative endeavors on. This will include sessions on: Video Production theory, where I can communicate directly the purpose of using media as a visual platform to convey ideas, and how to use it effectively and confidently.

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Art, oil painting, mould making, sculpture, dress making, also meditation and dance. My approach is all about enjoyment while exploring techniques. I have a degree in Design. Looking forward to having

My lessons are playful and fun, geared towards people who want to learn about who they are. I use dance and meditation, I also teach techniques providing a baseline to use for expression. Lessons are structured around what the individuals want to learn, e.g. techniques.

Wynnum West
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Bachelor in Screen and Film production offering lessons on all areas of film pre-production (majoring in screenwriting).

My lesson will help you with your upcoming project including; concept development, script writing, story boarding, scheduling and everything else in between to get your work up and running! It will be an practical lesson, while using industry-level resources to give you the best insight into film making.

Port Kembla
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Learn from a professional to be a professional! Even, if you think that you do not have a talent for visual arts, I will teach you to paint and draw.

My method of teaching, depending on a student or an adult, I approach each individual in a different way. To be more precise, my mode work depends on the student's talent, skills, experience, will, whish, age and his/her way of the learning. So, during work, I will adjust my lecture to the student what is most appropriate to him/her in relation to the above listed in my method of work.

Kings Meadows
Glenn anthony
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Media Mentor and Industry Producer Director with established portfolio of work gives lessons for media and communications students

My approach to teaching is designed on authentic industry learning practices. Examining communications in national and international contexts. It prepares any course work you are doing designed to work across the public and private sectors, and a wide range of communications industries.

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Previous VCE student with a passion for media and film looking to assist High school students in all aspects of Media studies from script-writing to editing & composing

My teaching method is very hands on and visual, basing lessons on students interests and needs. I believe that students need to actively engage in physical and theoretical activities relevant to the addressed topics.

Malvern East
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Hello Everyone!! I am a professional Video Editor and a Motion Graphics Designer working in the Industry for 5+ years now with ample of experience. I have been using After Effects, Premiere Pro and Ph

No matter what is your understanding of the software, concepts and ideas of designing, I will teach everything form scratch including lessons of Physics and Mathematics which play an important role in Motion Designs to make it look more organic and professionally executed.

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Producer and director of various short films give lessons to media and arts students anywhere in CBD

I did my graduation back in Pakistan in 2016 but got many opportunities before even finishing it. I had worked with two time Oscar winning Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy as an editing intern and I believe that it was the time when it all got started. For those who believe in this art and want to gain more artistic approach towards film making or any art field, you have an artist now by your side.

Brunswick East
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Screenwriter and documentary filmmaker gives lessons to high school students and uni students in Melbourne

My teaching method is inspired by Viki King's book 'How to Write a Screenplay in 21 Days' and is based on starting with an idea, outline, then onto writing and re-writing the script. I believe that content should precedes structure, but it is structure that gives make a script emotionally compelling.

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Retired primary and secondary teacher available for tutoring in the visual arts

Tutoring in art history, visual art practice and VCE or IB Visual Arts folio preparation. I am skilled in drawing, painting and printing in all mediums. Contemporary and Traditional art areas covered. For evidence of my work please go to robeart.

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Post-graduate Media + Creative Arts student tutors Film and Video Production, Cinema Studies, Media, Photography and Film making in Melbourne

I tailor my lessons to appeal to my student's unique needs, interests and personality. I understand that each individual learns and processes information differently, and endeavour to present the topic in a way that engages my student's style. All my lessons include creative and practical learning components.

Waratah West
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Recent media production graduate, learn hands on film and script writing skills in Newcastle!

My teaching method is always hands on! Working with camera and audio equipment.

Paris 9e
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USC School of Cinematic Arts alumnus offers screenwriting coaching sessions and script doctoring in Paris

Young filmmaker trained at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and having a professional experience in Hollywood (international sales, TV series, post-production sound cinema, ...), I offer one-on-one coaching sessions on your screenwriting skills. Ideally, you have a current draft of your script (short or full-length fiction) and you find yourself stuck.

Ciudad de México
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Filmmaker in Mexico City, I teach film and post production courses for professionals or initiates.

Filmmaker currently settled in Mexico City. My creative interest has focused on film directing, for this I developed skills as a writer, photographer, assistant director, post-producer and composer, with whom I worked on a wide range of projects. I specialize in film direction and have developed audiovisual commercial projects, short films, documentaries, and television series for web and tv.

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Tuition instruction audiovisual media Filmproduktion Filmwissenschaft in Deggendorf by a free film producer

Logical, Practical, Important. These are my three main cornerstones. I bring students the relevant information for the profession. In addition to your college studies, you have the opportunity to apply this knowledge on the basis of true-to-life real-life case studies, and to see where there is room for improvement and potential for improvement.

Merve betül
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(Artistic) Theoretical and Practical Courses for Film Design. Thinking and developing sessions on Seventh Art ...

The course aims to provide the students with a general knowledge about the history of cinema, the aesthetics and technical content of the movements, and the student is expected to think about his / her interest and develop his / her own opinion. The course is NOT based on the info that you can find on net. It based on the idea behind the films and filmmaking...

La Plata
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Professor of Audiovisual Arts received from the FBA of the UNLP dictates photography, film and tv classes

The teaching methodology I use is based on the idea of establishing a dialectical logic or we could say reciprocal, between practice and theory. That is, both spheres of education are considered as a whole, seeking didactic strategies for each case in a way that rejects the idea of mechanistic and empty application practices of knowledge, based on repetition, imitation.

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Tell your own stories and help others in the process. AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCTION

My methodology is structured in such a way that it is governed by the process of pre, pro and post production of an Audiovisual piece as well as some contents of distribution and dissemination of them. It is not required to be an expert as we will know step by step each of these processes.

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Multimedia Design Teacher gives theoretical / practical lessons in cinema, video editing and graphic design.

Where are we? What are we doing? Why did I choose this language? We place everything in the historical moment with the reference figures, we break up and recompose the language to highlight the various parts and then produce an original work .

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1st lesson free !

I'm currently a film making student offering film and production lessons up to a university level.

I believe that it is important, especially when teaching younger students or those who are not knowledgeable when it comes to film, to ensure the basics are established but also to make the lessons not only informative but also very enjoyable. I think it's important for more people to become involved with film, especially the current generation who have the most potential in the film industry.

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Film curator (studied film production abroad) teaches visual storytelling and film analysis

Emphasis on classical Hollywood cinema and analysis of images, story, movement, cutting, sound and rhythm with a focus on visual storytelling and the dramatization of ideas. Clarity of visual communication with a focus on coherence and the appreciation of the language of cinema by looking at its history and influence.

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Dynamic digital media and film lecturer provides tutoring in the Vancouver area.

My teaching methods are enthusiastic and engaging using audio/visual resourses and vibrant learning conversations

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Filmmaker Entrepreneur, Project Development Specialist, Danilo Godoy teaches step-by-step of an audiovisual / film production

Passionate about the art of cinema from a young age, at age 15, Danilo Godoy received his first audiovisual award at the São Paulo Minute Festival, where he won the Popular Vote.

Cape Town
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Experienced journalist offering 30 years of all television production from Cape Town

My teaching methodology is hands-on in approach as television is a practical discipline.Employing simple language and humour, I am able to accurately convey my knowledge to anyone with a keen visual mind. I am patient to achieve the optimal results.

(7 reviews)

University Professor, graduated in Audiovisual, Master in Letters - Language, Culture and Speech. 10 years in the classroom and TV stations. I teach subjects such as video editing, animation in A

He holds a Masters Degree in Letters - Language, Culture and Speech from the University of Vale do Rio Verde (2018). Graduation in Audiovisual Production by Vale do Rio Doce University (2008). Specialization in Visual Arts: Culture and Creation by SENAC - MG (2010). Specialization in Distance Education Training at Universidade Paulista (2012). Technical course in Computing by ETEIT-UNIVALE (2004).

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Independent film scholar with PhD 20 years teaching experience in media studies

I am passionate about film and media. My teaching ranges from one-on-ones with students individually to class-based teaching with over 150 students. I encourage students to participate in their learning so they can feel a part of the learning process.

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Learn cinema... step by step method learning from basic to in-depth , script to screen!!!!

My technique and approach towards making cinema is slowly getting involved through a very basic and to reach the pick followed by a in-depth journey of observation, identification and execution.

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