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Fulham Gardens
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University of Adelaide honours student providing molecular biology / biochemistry lessons to high school and uni students in Adelaide

I offer tutoring and editing services mainly for University students, but high school students are welcomed; I can assist with understanding and completing assignments as well as proofreading/editing your text to sound more professional. I can provide tutoring and editing services online/via email, but can also meet in person.

Sandy Bay
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PhD graduate of Biological Sciences, UTAS seeking to help interested students from all levels

According to me, students should feel comfortable with their tutors and therefore friendly behavior with them is necessary. Besides, a good teacher needs to understand the strength and weakness of a student and plan accordingly. Sometimes, students find the process of academic accomplishments overwhelming and get anxious. I try to motivate my students to have faith in their abilities.

(5 reviews)
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Postdoc Fellow: Expertise in Molecular Biotech. with six years of teaching experience in Life Sciences, offering help in scientific writing, literature review, assignments, proofreading and editing.

As a teacher, I always create a learning environment in which students are encouraged to think carefully and critically and express their thoughts independently. I always prefer to embrace technology with my teaching, which helps me in improvising and adapting new demands and ultimately encouraging the students to learn actively with keen interest.

(1 review)
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Hi I would love to hear about your experience with Science! Tell me all about it!

My methodology includes a few minutes of theory and then answering your specific questions and quizz. I can help you structure your answers for exam questions to score excellence on each of them! I am very patient and won't move to the next item until you are happy with my explanation.

(4 reviews)
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Master student from the Netherlands currently doing neuroscience research in UniMelb gives Biology lessons to high school and uni students.

I am passionate about science and love to help students really understand the subject. Understanding is the basis of learning, rather than memorizing and forgetting. My lessons are based on the student's needs. I go through the theoretical part and use some questions to see where the doubts are.

Box Hill
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I am a graduate in bioinformatics from a very prestigious college starting classes for bioinformatics.

I like to thoroughly cover all the given material along with some extra useful information allowing students to ask questions during and after the lessons. I hold up a q/a or a discussion after the lessons and also believe in giving the students small assignments for them to grab the concept we'll.

(2 reviews)
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Make your biology better with a microbiology graduate having laboratory research experiences

I would like to blend and use all my research based and theoretical knowledge over different aspects of biology to generate unique teaching method to cover the student's institutional study curriculum with significant focus on recent and real life sciences based examples so that biology becomes easier, understandable, and interesting!

New Town
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Give science lessons (Biology, Maths, Physics, Chemistry) to High school and university students of University of Tasmania, Hobart

My teaching method is depend upon level of students. I apply those level of lesson, which require by students for subjects of Biology, Maths, Physics & Chemistry. If any student does not understand my lesson, I try to teach him/her again till he/she understands.

(2 reviews)
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As a Stage 1/2 student, are you stuck at basic concept of cells such as organelles? Can't you understand how cell cycle and DNA works, mutation and CRISPR? I AM HERE TO HELP!!!

I am not tutoring anyone as a teacher but I will put myself in your position, a student, as how I was in year 12. Learning can be a little bit difficult and I'll ask you to tell your understands before going into the lessons. If I find that you don't quite understand and you're a bit confused, I'll correct you on the way. If you don't get the whole concept, that's ok! I am here to help.

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Postgraduate (Msc Biotechnology) tutor gives lessons on biology with 3 years of experience

My teaching method is very practical. I always make sure that my student is able to understand my point only then i move further. I do not believe in cramming according to me revising your lessons will make you understand your lesson perfectly.

Maria john newton
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Biology and biotechnology Teaching in Randwik, kensington, kingsford, Eastlakes. PhD researcher in Lowy cancer research centre. Already a doctor. Previously a Asso. Prof & have 10 years of teaching Ex

10 years of teaching experience as faculty. Worked as Asst/Asso. Prof. Expertise in Biology, Bio technology. Can teach higher level students. I will teach different pedagogy according to the topic. Prefer to use presentation as PPT. Will conduct 10 min test to assess the understanding of the student at the end of each topic.

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Biology and General Science tutoring from a PhD holder with more than 15 years experience

I tutor high school and University students. Following an initial consultation and assessment to establish the level and type of support, we will develop a personally tailored one-on-one lesson plan to achieve the identified goals.

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Postgraduate student of University of Melbourne can give lessons in Biology, Biotechnology and Microbiology in Melbourne

I teach topic by topic and majorly explain by the method of pictorial representation. I can also make consolidated notes for easy learning. I see to it that the student grasps knowledge of the fundamental concepts. I teach by carrying out an overview of the chapter and then concentrating on each individual topic.

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Murdoch university student gives biology lessons to high school students in Perth

I believe teaching with the help of examples and diagrams is really beneficial for the students because it helps in better and clear understanding of the topic and also makes the knowledge to last longer which ultimately aids in academic progress.

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RMIT PhD Student giving lessons to high school and University students in Melbourne

My teaching method is totally dependent on the student I am giving lessons. PPT, Book or Notes whichever way the student is comfortable in. I try to clarify all the doubts, discuss with them all the topics they want to understand.

1st lesson free !

2018 graduate and 1st year university student offering biology tutoring in Perth

I am a methodical teacher, I identify weaknesses and place a heavier focus on them while still consolidating areas already known to the student. I like to engage students and teach in a way that interests the individual. I do this by getting to know the student as a person briefly before we start so that I know what works best for them.

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PhD graduate in Biotechnology looking to assist students in subjects related to my field of expertise

My teaching methods compromise on focused learning tailored according to the individual needs and requirements of students.

Sri ram
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100% refund lessons if you score less than your current score, biology related lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane by UQ graduate

My teaching method is an interactive two-way method, I use presentations with videos and animations to explain the basic concepts and repeat until the students are clear with the concepts. Instead of just focusing on marks, I help students get involved and enhance their knowledge of the subject. 24/7 I'll be available to clarify any doubts and discuss previous years question papers.

1st lesson free !

Experience biology and biotechnology in a whole new light : understand, apply, score!

I base my classes only loosely on the school curriculum but focus more on the students' curiosity and areas of interest to invoke a genuine liking for the subject. I draw from my own experience as a student to relate with what the students want from a class in biology. understanding and interest takes one beyond the domain of marks and allows real proficiency in any subject.

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QUT Phd student give biology lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane

I have designed my teaching approach based on the students understanding and developed methodology based on critical subject analysis and unit understanding. Whenever necessary i try and have a practical approach to my teaching to make it easier for students to understand the subject.

Cherica felize
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Molecular Biology postgraduate student at UQ who teaches biology to high school or undergrad students in Brisbane. My strong suits are cell & molecular biology and genetics although I am also flexible

To excel in a complex subject such as molecular biology or any of the biological sciences, I ensure that my student obtains a good balance of knowledge of the technical terms and the understanding of concepts underlying the whole system. In order to achieve this, I first assess my student's background and capabilities. I then adjust to my student's needs accordingly.

East Perth
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Biology being my area of expertise, I offer academic tutoring for all grades.

I focus more on clearing basic knowledge first, I take classes by not just following the bookish protocol, but also going out of my way to find and offer more visual knowledge to make it a more interesting and fun learning session for students.

1st lesson free !

The University of Queensland first-year medical student with 10 years tutoring experience in Science & English & Test Prep

I like to focus on understanding what kind of learner the student is. Most people are either auditory, tactile or visual and many students don't realize that they can favor one modality over another. Once a student understands what her/his optimum modality is, we can work on creating realistic achievable goals for school work using the modalities in the best possible way.

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University of Queensland graduate given tutoring in Biology and Microbiology students in Brisbane

Ph.D., in Industrial Microbiology with specialization in Pharmaceutical and Enzyme research. Lesson structure will be modified to suit individual learning style. Six years experience in enzymology with Antibiotic research project at Smith Kline and French Laboratories. Teaching philosophy to suit subject understanding of various level to professional level.

Clyde North
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An undergraduate graduate student who is passionate about biology and can make it easy for anyone to understand.

Initially I assess students regarding their pace of understanding of the subject and after that I teach them accordingly, followed by conducting regular doubt sessions and test in order to know whether they are able to comprehend what I am teaching.

1st lesson free !

A Bioinformatics graduate giving Biology , chemistry and Biochemistry lessons to primary and secondary college students.

My teaching method is interactive and innovative. I always teach the logic behind the scientific facts rather than bulking up the student with huge set of notes. That way the student learns and develops a passion for science. the lesson structure will contain graphical support and notes with important facts.

1st lesson free !

University of Tasmania Ph.D. student with eight years of University teaching and research experience, gives biology, cell biology, pathophysiology, genetics and microbiology lessons to high school and

I use blended teaching strategies to engage and actively involve students in their own learning. Apart from taking conventional lecture, I encourage students to develop a conceptual framework to develop problem-solving skills by journalling, followed by task cards and digital application based quiz format.

1st lesson free !

3rd year QUT Biomedical science student & intern researcher available for cell & molecular biology, physiology and biochem lessons in Brisbane

My goal is to faciliate learning rather than just helping people memorise facts so if you need someone to just give you answers, I'm probably not the right tutor for you. I'm a very visual learner myself so I enjoy incorporating images, animations and interactive software as much as possible.

Cranbourne West
(3 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Being a student of Biotechnology in La Trobe I would like to share my knowledge with others

I allow students to make notes, those notes always help you when you have less time to prepare for your exams

Saint Kilda East
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Current University Lecturer Offering Personal Tutoring for all Undergraduate Science Related Subjects

I've been teaching for over a decade in all subjects in the bio-medical sphere. Many of my students have completed their studies to a high level, allowing them to make huge career steps.

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