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Do you love singing? 4th year university voice major offering lessons in a wide range of styles including: classical, contemporary, music theatre and jazz.

I customise my teaching method to best help my students. I understand how it feels to be learning without joy and therefore tailor my lessons to best suit my students wishes. Song choices and choice of genre is completely up to the student, I am simply there to help them sing it the best way possible.

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Experienced vocal coach and singing teacher offers lessons in Palmerston/ Darwin, NT

My students appreciate my patience, my flexibility and my well-preparedness. I have helped many students achieve their musical goals. Every student has different dreams and circumstances. Together, we will find an individual practice routine that works for you. Discover if the stage calls you or if you want to use music making as an amazing therapeutic tool.

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A Wicked Musical Theatre Major who loves to teach her passion. Based on the Northside of Brisbane

- I am kind but tough as i want the best outcome for my students - I make it fun and creative working as a team to allow students to relax - Musical Theatre is my strength - I am geared towards all students of different ages - Teach mainstream and disabled

Upper Mount Gravatt
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Vocal Coaching for students wanting to improve their skills and learn proper vocal techniques in order to perform better.

My vocal classes may either be solo or group in order to save money and make it more convenient for some students. My classes involve: warmups, ear training and vocal exercises, and practice of a students choice of song. Each lesson will focus on training a student to learn their song and perform it to the best of their ability.

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Newcastle student musician offering group and private singing lessons for beginners age 5-14

I base group lessons on learning simple harmonies and singing in key and pitch together. Solo lessons focus on technique and breathing exercises as well as expanding range and how to make notes sound good. lessons are aimed towards beginner singers.

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Aerospace Engineer on one year sabbatical gives singing, piano, and theory lessons for beginners to create a firm base in music.

I have a logical and physics based approach for each chosen area so that the student can rationalise and understand by themselves and get to a point where new principles can be derived and self taught due to the understanding of the subject matter.

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Specialist Music teacher with 20 years experience teaches piano, aural skills, musicianship and theory through singing and Kodály methodology.

I am a lover of nature and the Arts and my teaching philosophy is all about communicating beauty and expression in music. My pedagogy focuses on helping students become artistically expressive and technically proficient. The joy of understanding and playing beautiful music will enrich your life, develop the brain and enhance wellbeing. I am able to teach all ages, stages and genres.

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University student with ATCL in musical theatre offering voice lessons to all ages

I believe in teaching towards a student's personal goals. Whether your child is looking to start singing and explore some different vocal areas. Or the more mature students may wish to develop skill and technique or have some guidance preparing for auditions and performances.

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3rd Year BA of Music student from The Australian Institute of Music ready to develop aural, written, and performance skills to an industry standard.

Each student comes into music at different levels, and develops their musicality at different rates. My process is to question, listen, assess, direct, and always encourage.

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Griffith Conservatorium of Music graduate offering Private Singing and Piano lessons to all ages.

My teaching method is designed to cater to each individual student. Flexibility is key and I understand the importance of moulding the lesson around the students creative desires and experience. As I am a cross-genre musician, I offer a wide range of study areas to students of all ages.

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Voice and piano teacher available WEBCAM ONLY as My home visits are fully booked :)

Voice coaching for everyone. Lessons are designed individually and tailored to each student. SKYPE lessons only as I am fully booked with home visits. Fun and professional lessons! About me - Bachelor of Music Education with stage and teaching experience. Passionate about performance and mentoring.

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Music Performance certified student giving singing lessons for all ages in Melbourne

My teaching method differs on the needs of the students. Starting with vocal exercises to warm up the larynx, I will then go through various songs and provide positive and constructive feedback, formulate plans for achieving their vocal goals and teach stage fright strategies and performance techniques.

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Highly skilled early years music teacher, offering skills and love of music. Encouraging a love of performance and voice development

Music comes from within, I encourage this natural development through play and understanding skills development. Trust in ourselves, and developing joy in music is my goal.

Mount Waverley
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Experienced singer, conductor and instrumentalist providing lessons in theory and practical music in Melbourne

I teach people of all ages in music theory and practicals. If you want to learn to play the piano or the recorder I can teach it to you from the basics. I can also teach you to sing and learn techniques on how to improve your voice range or learn to harmonise or to read music. I also teach music theory where you learn the building blocks which lead to great musical compositions.

North Beach
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Experienced vocal and instrument player offering lessons for music beginnings in singing or instruments.

My teaching method is based on the basics first and then adding in all the flare. Foundation is one of the most important things in music and without it it is hard to explore everything else! I try to make my lessons fun and enjoyable.

St Albans
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A singer gives singing lessons that includes singing techniques to beginner singers around the Western Suburbs of Melbourne

I am a member of a choir for about 3 years with adequate knowledge when it comes to singing and all that comes with it. Will give singing lessons that includes singing techniques and styles that fit the students and their abilities.

Sandy Bay
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Professional Vocal Coach from Hobart gives private tuition to make you sing!

I am passionate about developing singing voices that are healthy, strong and unique! I teach all ages, but particularly love assisting students through the foundations of healthy singing, picking songs that suit your voice and working on vocal technique through exercises and song work.

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First place winner in worldwide singing tournaments teaching classical vocal technique in Sydney

I have won a singing competition in Poland, have been selected as one of the best HSC Music performaces and asked to perform solos in the Opera House. These lessons are suitable for any teenagers and adults with already some sort of musical or vocal knowledge or training willing to learn classical, Russian/Italian style vocal technique.

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I am in love with singing and acting and would love to start a local choir

I am looking for young people who are passionate about music and singing to join a group with me so we can get together and make beautiful music! we will learn all different genres of music and everyone gets a say in the kind of songs we sing.

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I want to help with your dreams and help you achieve them.

My methods are to not push a child to try their hardest and to make sure that they do their best a hundred % all the time.

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Learn to connect with your beautiful voice with Fleur. Have fun singing!!!

My teaching methodology is a combination of holistic singing technique and Traditional Italian bel canto methodology - singing in your self on your breath, letting the breath do everything.

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World choir game gold medal solo teach singing in entertaining ways in Cairns

I will improve the teaching of vocal music according to the different situations of each person. It will guide students in detail in a humorous and funny way, and let them know the direction of progress through acoustic theory, with half the effort.

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Current university music student with previous teaching experience in the Goulburn Valley area teaching singing

The main thing I want students to get out of my lessons is a love of music and singing and for students to have fun! The lessons are tailored to your needs and your input is very important. I also focus on healthy technique and vocal health.

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University graduate offering singing/music theory lessons to all ages! Beginner to advanced!

For beginner students, I like to take my students through some of classical singing techniques, as this provides strong technical basis for most styles.

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Singing, piano and music theory tutoring for all music styles from beginner to advanced.

I attempt to have a fun approach to my lessons. A typical lessons with me will include of a 5-10 minute warm up, specificity chosen and adapted for the student. The rest of the lesson will then comprise of working on technique and songs. I try to work my lessons around the student making sure their enjoyment and goals are being reached by the end of each session.

Baulkham Hills
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Hayley Marshall has 10+ years of professional experience and can't wait to teach you!

I like to personalise the way I teach for each student. Sometimes we may star from scratch, or build upon what you've already accomplished. I try to find techniques that would work for you. We can go through songs and break down each song, learning the proper techniques and refining your sound.

Upper Mount Gravatt
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Inspirational Vocal Coach, Prepare, Learn, Write, Imagine, Create, Perform, Ignite, Creative Lessons.

My teaching method is based on a holistic approach. I believe that the voice is a gift of nature and to be used correctly. I provide you with the skills, resources and structured lessons based on creating a better vocal style and a better performance for you to stand up on stage confident with enough emotion and creativity to perform with expression and correct vocal technique.

Paris 14e
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PIANO & VOCAL COACHING - Leisure & Pro - From 18 € in group and from 30 € in individual - singing coaching for castings tv & pro - vocal coaching for public speaking - all styles & levels -

COURSES OF SINGING / SPEAKING & PIANO with setting in situations and free open stage every 2 months for the students who wish it 1.

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Reach your singing goals, sing how you want, what you want in a fun, friendly environment

The lessons use contemporary, breakthrough methods in a relaxed and friendly environment for you to free and find your voice, rapidly develop your skills and abilities and grow confidence in your singing and yourself! We focus on singing songs of your choice and each lesson you will learn simple but powerful techniques to experience immediate improvements and transformations in your singing.

Paris 11e
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Experienced professional opera singer give singing lessons (all music style) in Paris

Hello! Professional opera singer graduated from the Boulogne-Billancourt Conservatory, I give voice lessons all styles for all ages and all levels, in relaxation and good humor. The voice is a complex instrument that sometimes learn to tame it gives us pleasure for us to sing.

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