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Apache Junction
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Semi pro gamer with over 15 years in competitive gaming Fortnite,WoW etc

My teaching method will start out with some basic background knowledge followed by a deeper dive into what the student wishes to learn and gain from our time together. I will make sure each student is satisfied with the time spent with me and ensure progress.

1st lesson free !
1st lesson free !

Hi This is Rushi I'm good with gaming as I spent some time of last 6 years playing different games over different platforms like PC(steam), Mobile gaming, PS4. I'd like to provide my experience to hel

I'd like to teach on Skype, Twitch or over any social network. I think screen sharing software or skype would be great. I'll be teaching anyone of age 15 and above. And I guarantee that anyone who'll learn my techniques would be able to play on their own.

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I help tech tips and tricks along with skills needed to become a pro gamer

I like to teach from the ground up and improve on what is already known. I can either teach how to play the game, how to get better, and/or how to play in a competitive sense.

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Hello,im an arena 12 player, I'm playing this game from almost 2 years and had multiple accounts,i had been a leader of clans.. Rn I'm a leader of a clan wid 40+ members,I believe in student satisfact

For begginers:- first I teach basic card combinations wid examples and few exilir usage tactics(also wid examples) For intermediates:- I teach them How to use gold wisely and than complex card combination cycles that pro players uses (wid examples) ,also how to run a clan and handle wars

1st lesson free !

I'm an Engineer student who spent most of my time in gaming Cuz I love too.. U can say it's a hobby.. I've been playing Clash Royale since the launch.. If u want any help regarding the game.. Just let

I teach in detail, I'll just make sure my student understands every step I teach him so that he has no chance to forget in future, I'll teach in lessons and also I'll keep it short and precise as possible.. I can teach anyone of any age.. I'll be a gud teaching friend.

New Delhi
1st lesson free !

Game lover, love clash of clans specially and can help u in it. Ask if any query exist regarding any game. Happy to help

I believe that it is the duty of a teacher to be a pioneer for the student. I believe that learning by playing is the best way to learn about any subject so here it is the subject of my choice.. Playing the game. I have been playing this game for a while now..more than 2 and a half years. So i believe in clash of clans and clash royal i can help you a lot.

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Passionate, dedicated gamer... I have played since before the game came out

First I evaluate skill and profile stats. From there we can discuss preferences and unlocked cards and go over successful decks.

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1st lesson free !

Competitive Pro Gamer offering knowledge, success, and many more in New York with 10 years of experience.

My method of teaching is that myself and the student will be playing together in the desired game. I will educate the student with tips,tricks, and ways of becoming a better gamer. I will provide a stress free and an enjoyable environment. I will figure out the students pros and cons and help improve their gaming capabilities.

New Delhi
1st lesson free !

Tutoring And Advice From Pro Pubs Player On A Multitude Of Games

I am usually a nice person, i give good advice and make things easy to learn. I'm able to listen to issues of people and best suit what they need to do based on what they feel is wrong. Therefore in an area of my expertise i am here to help.

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I teach gaming in india which is going to make bright future

my kind of teaching method is simple i teach my friends by showing visual and practical skills so that they understand the complete topic and get to the point easily.

1st lesson free !

Player of Fortnite and YouTuber, with very extensive knowledge of the game, since I've been playing since it came out. I have also played on all platforms, to be able to teach the maximum students

I give advice of all kinds, the sensitivity to use, what kind of computer and command to use, what to do in certain situations, I will teach you videos of mine so that you can learn from my mistakes and be better players, also to think how they do the great players, to play better strategically and rushing, since the key to this game, apart from building and having a lot of aim, is to play with a...

1st lesson free !

Mechanics, Drive, Mapwareness, Pings, Farm, Communication, Meta, Web searches, Arsenals, Streams, Champions, Pressure, Hold, Domain of lane AND MAINLY ROAMING.

Supervised training, use of spec, normal training, ranking training, improvement notes, customs where players will be trained as 1x1, control of streams to the player, exchange of messages by whatssapp with quick answers, lists with champions counters and mainly help with champions who the player is interested (they are usually the best ones to improve their ability, improving ability does not...

1st lesson free !

Expert and Veteran of Battlefield , I will tell you all the tips and tricks to excel in it and how to be a pro at it in no time

Teaching method ,personal experiences ,been there so I am past player of it and have accurate knowledge of all the things in it . I have played many many games from childhood , and had a passion for gaming since childhood and also have experience of working with ubisoft .

1st lesson free !

Bro I’m not even going to explain. Any help on this game is good. One lesson for a dollar dude I’ll help anyone who’s ready to smash their phone.

Depending on the arena, I’ll give you tips on what the meta is for each arena and deck building tips tailored to your play style and cards.

1st lesson free !

A student spending most of the time playing games and deeply gathering every info about tahat gale

There is no such method to teach about a game as new ideas would generate then there would be my veiws and explaination

League City
1st lesson free !

Recent college graduate teaching strategic video gaming skills with 10 years of gaming experience in Space City area

I intend on getting a feel for where the student is at skillfully in the beginning by watching them play as well as playing against them.Depending on what i see from game play i will either correct mistakes or start with missing basic game mechanics. Overall, I am very patient as well as calm and perceptive.

1st lesson free !

Semi-pro Gamer with around 6 years of experience. focusing on Fortnite, World of Warcraft. CS:GO. can teach many other games too.

My teaching method is to evaluate each individual person a see what their strengths and weaknesses are and help them become a stronger player. I will tailor my teaching style to how the individual learns best.

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