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Postgraduate from the University of Melbourne provides tutoring to secondary school students in Latin.

I place a lot of emphasis on an integrated approach and like to work closely with my students to encourage learning through active discussion, as opposed to overloading them with additional tests and homework. I also endeavor to expose my students to a wide range of literature to broaden their scope and assist in the formation of their own unique perspective.

North Lakes
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UQ Literature student and aspiring author looking to teach English and History

My teaching method is to approach a concept from where the student's understanding is clearest, to build a firm understand from the foundation up. I love empowering students and helping them to realise their own potential, helping to build a brighter future.

Springvale South
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Victoria General English and high school English education "or"General Knowledge about culture

I do have my own methods of teaching student to have a good education and deserve many technique from me. I have a lot of technique to teach all of my students to keep up with all homework even at school.

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Adelaide University Advanced Arts Student with a double major in Classics and English available for Latin, History, and English tutoring

I am able to take you through an extensive vocabulary with Latin and go through each new grammatical concept in detail. When working on essay help and general class issues, I can go through the issues slowly and in detail so that a retention rate is guaranteed.

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Private tutor (PhD Graduate) for students undertaking Classics units at UTas in Launceston

I generally approach teaching in a very casual manner, and really enjoy being guided by students. I find that often students will ask questions that really promote further discussion, and while I like to have a bit of structure to my classes, I mostly believe in allowing students to explore the topic.

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Griffith Uni graduate, B.A. (Honours) M.Phil (research higher degree). I tutor all years, grade 1- undergraduate and postgraduate. Humanities based, some education , nursing , media. Remedial English,

For primary students, I favour a back to basics approach. For high school students and undergraduates, I focus on content knowledge and reseach and assignment writing.

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Senior College Student in Darwin offering English lessons, or even specifically tailored requirements such as reading/ spelling and comprehension lesson plans.

My teaching style is at times focused on building skills in task-based scenarios, and also problem solving approaches that are that promote for student centred learning, preferably, because in my limited tutoring experience- and as a student- these have provided a chance for me to be actively listening/learning and interactive.

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English language coach on NSW QLD Border can help you improve your English and make studying literature interesting.

I adapt my method to students needs and abilities. Lots of coloured pens, pencils, highlighters and post it notes. I use different media, from YouTube, Films and apps. I believe that being able to express yourself well in English whatever your learning ability is vital and helps build self esteem.

Doncaster East
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Master of Education student gives VCE prep in English, Social Sciences, and Physics

I uphold a structured methodology that prioritizes active learning, reciprocity & collaboration, and efficient time on task. I value students who are willing to actively engage with learning material, and who share & respond to ideas with innovation & ingenuity.

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International studies student, studying at the University of Queensland in Brisbane - Full Time

My teaching methodology is to be inclusive with my student and not to write the essay for them but rather help them understand what there writing as I believe that creates sustainable success.

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Deakin Secondary Education / Arts student looking to tutor senior school students in South Eastern suburbs (Cranbourne, Hallam, Lynbrook, Hampton Park)

I have been on numerous placements at schools and during these experiences I have been able to express my own pedagogical philosophy. In doing this, it has caused me to yearn for more opportunities to help people learn. I really would find this experience meaningful for my future career and hope that you consider me.

Quarry Hill
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Enthusiastic Teacher with 10 Years of Learning and Tutoring Greek and Latin

I have managed to acquire more than a few books on learning Latin and Greek. The first step would be to sit down with the potential student to gauge their prior knowledge of grammar etc. in order to work out the pace for teaching and what their personal goals are.

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Online Tuition in Latin, Ancient Greek and Classics / Classical Studies from Classics PhD graduate with 10+ years teaching experience.

My name is Déborah, I have an Msc and a PhD in Classics from Edinburgh University. I started tutoring while I was working on my PhD, and never stopped! I can prepare students for all Scottish and English exams, up to the BA. I also have experience helping students work on their Post-Graduate dissertation.

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Oxford and Yale Graduate: Oxbridge applications advice, and Humanities, Latin, Ancient Greek, Classics and English tutoring in London

My teaching methodology focusses on sculpting the approach to a student's personal learning style and strengths, and creates pride in personal progress. Lessons are structured around student-led learning and fun, interactive engagement with the topic. Working with students with learning disabilities has taught me to shape a learning environment to suit the particular needs of every single student.

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Experienced London based qualified teacher offering proof reading services for higher education in classics

I have an organic approach to teaching, depending on the subject and the student. While it is important to guide a student and help them to perform to the best of their ability it is just as essential to pay close attention to the student's needs.

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Masters student at the University of Edinburgh providing lessons and help in essay-writing and on classical history and archaeology.

I strive to cater to my students' needs, recognising that everyone learns differently. To that end, I have employed numerous methodologies in the past, working equally with visual and auditory aids.

Consolação (São Paulo)
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Latin Classes for Beginners. USP and Univ.de Coimbra. Individual and / or group lessons.

Classes are prepared according to the time available for the study. If you need to improve your knowledge in Latin for a test, the classes are structured to account for the contents that will be required within the time available.

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Latin / Portuguese - USP - Portuguese and Latin Grammar and Literature, Writing, Text Interpretation, Ancient Western History and Classical Culture in General

My teaching method for Latin language and is based mainly on the Danish method LINGVA LATINA and the English method Reading Latin, complemented with other grammars (Napoleão de Almeida Mendes, Pierre Grimal, Julio Comba, etc.). Portuguese grammar teaching method based on the grammar of Celso Cunha and Lindley Cintra entitled A Nova Gramática do Português Contemporâneo.

Ciudad Victoria
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Student of Licentiate in Administration of Small and Medium Companies of Ciduad Victoria Tamaulipas

My classes are based on the use of practical examples based on real and accurate information and the use of examples related to the daily life of each person, in order to make the information easy to land and understand

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History graduate in the Toronto area with years of writing experience can make your written work better!

I focus on true understanding over rigid mechanics, and my goal is to make you grasp the purpose of your work. We will approach each project as a problem to be solved. Working from goal to reality, I hope to make education meaningful and USEFUL.

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Second Year Ancient History Student Offering Tutoring in Classical Civilisation, Ancient History and Related Subjects

My teaching method will focus on ancient sources and relevant secondary scholarship. My lessons will be structured like a university seminar; there will be preparatory reading around a topic (i.e. the Delian League) and then the class will be discussion style based around questions on the topic.

Ciudad de México
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Student of Hispanic Literature and History offers help in literature, Spanish and history.

My method is very simple, ay first I made the students a brief test to aknowlege were to start and what they need exactly. Later I prepare a class for the student or grup by their needs. The lesson are a one hour long, were I give a short explanation of the teme, a few days before I give you a electronic material (mostly lectures) which we'll discus at class and awnser your doubts.

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A Level student offering Latin tuition up to GCSE level in West Devon

I focus on using targeted exercises tailored to the student to work with and improve their skills. These exercises vary to suit each student; I can adapt to students over a variety of levels. I prefer to focus on a different area in each lesson, rather than trying to cram in many different skills at once.

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Classics and Archaeology 3rd Year BA - Tutoring Secondary to Undergraduate Level

Looking to tutor from Secondary upwards to undergraduate degree level in areas of History.

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Enthusiastic WO student in Nijmegen gives tutors in different languages to students

I have a good grasp of the grammar of languages, and can help students to understand and learn how to use the required grammar. I am also available for help with spelling, vocabulary or sentence structure. I think it is important that the student learns to use the language independently, and will therefore let the student go to work a lot.

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Latin Teacher offering Latin/Classics lessons up to degree level in and around Reading

In my lessons I try to teach a quite complex language in relation to the Roman world, rather than as detached theory. I also try to have students work out the rules and syntax themselves, rather than standing and explaining it to them, as this allows them to nurture a deeper understanding of how language works.

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Classics Graduate offering Classics, English & History tutoring up to A-level in Birmingham

My approach is student led. I will concentrate on areas of the subject that my students are struggling with. Giving the lessons a very personal and relaxed feel. I specialise in Greek drama and epic but my knowledge is broad.

East Haddon
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PhD Candidate offers tuition in Classical civilisation and ancient religions, comparative religion .

I specialise in Ancient Religions, focusing on the culture and beliefs of the ancient world from the 6th century BCE - Late antiquity. I have a MA in ancient religions (Classics) from the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, where my dissertation subject focused on changing views of the afterlife in ancient Greece between the 6th-4th century BCE.

San Giovanni in Persiceto
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I offer Latin and Ancient Greek lessons at all levels (Bologna and the province)

I am a PhD student, graduated in classics with full grades, and I offer classes in Latin, Ancient Greek and Humanities at all levels. I have many years of experience in teaching classical languages so that I can help you to quickly improve your knowledge of grammar and guide you in the translation of ancient texts. I can also help you with the literature (including the metrical reading of texts).

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Latin teacher offering to tutor Latin to all levels and English in Greensboro

I use a range of sensory mnemonics to improve your speed at Latin grammar. You will have tools based on your approach to studying. I create and adapt readings to help you build understanding. From following along with the book - to writing your own, I will help you get to the level of Latin you want.

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