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The best prices: 95% of teachers offer their first classes free and the average lesson cost is $39/h

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💸 What is the rate of cooking classes in Perth?

In Perth and the surrounding areas, the average cost of cooking lessons is rougly $39 an hour.


The cost of your lessons will vary depending on:

  • The location of your lessons (online or a mutual location)
  • The frequency of your lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • The goal of your classes (are you wanting to learn beginner recipes or more complicated dishes, are you interested in cake making, or maybe you are just wanting to learn to cook for a hobby?)

The majority of teachers on Superprof will offer the first session free.


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👩‍🍳 Why should you take beginner cooking lessons with a teacher?

Learning to cook is a favourite pastime for many people and offers a number of benefits. Not only is cooking a relaxing hobby but it can also be a useful skills to have. Having a beginner level knowledge of cooking can allow you to create tasty and healthy meals.


If you enjoy having people over, why not take a cooking class and learn a new dish to impress your friends with?


Learning to cook can also help you to save money as cooking your own meals is less expensive than eating out in a restaurant.


Take cooking lessons and learn how to cook your favourite dishes with the help of a certified tutor.


A messaging service is in place for you to get in touch with your teacher to schedule your cooking classes.


Use the search engine to find your cooking teacher from among 4 private tutors in Perth.


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💻 How can I take cooking lessons online?

On Superprof, you can learn how to cook with a private online tutor. Whether you need help gaining new skills in the kitchen or are looking to make a specific dish. Our tutors can help you, one veggie at a time!


One of the best things about taking online cooking classes is that you can find teachers based overseas. So if you're interested in learning a specific cuisine, for example Indonesian dishes. Connect with a teacher native to that country, and boom! You're now learning how to cook in an authentic style.


Many of our tutors offer private online tuition. Around 85% of the private tutors on Superprof offer cooking classes online and most of them give their first lessons free!


To find the available online teachers, just enter your subject criteria into the search engine and select the webcam filter to see the available teachers who are currently offering online courses in your desired subject.


Online courses via Zoom offer you more advantages. You can plan your classes to fit around your schedule and online lessons are often less expensive as the tutor does not need to travel.


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🍳 How many teachers are available in Perth to give private cooking lessons?

There are currently 4 teachers available to teach cooking lessons in Perth and the suburban areas.



You can check out their tutoring listing and contact the cooking teacher that suits to your needs.


Choose your cooking course in Perth from our range of more than 4 tutor profiles available.

✒️ What is the average rating of cooking tutors in Perth and the suburban areas?

Pupils gave their cooking teachers on average out of 5 from a sample of recommendations.


A customer service representative will be on hand to find a solution (by email during weekdays) if you have any queries about our services.


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Cooking tutoring in Perth

Looking to book a cooking class? With a range of tutors available who have practical experience, Superprof have you sorted if you’re looking for Perth cooking classes. With the first lesson free, you can pick your perfect cooking tutor to help guide you in achieving your goals. There are many options for how you’d like your learning experience to be like; online through a webcam or even in your own home. Booking classes in your own kitchen can maximise your learning as you’re likely to feel more comfortable and at ease in a familiar environment, and you’ll feel comfortable knowing where things belong and how your oven works. Cooking classes are easy to book through Superprof as you can connect, communicate and pay securely through your inbox. Finding a cookery teacher is a great option; cooking is something we all need to do, however tempting takeaway and ready-made meals are. Learning to cook healthy, nutritious and delicious meals is an important step to leading a balanced lifestyle, but may take some time. Practice makes perfect and you might need to spend hours in the kitchen to master your favourite meals to the best of your ability. Cooking courses can help you achieve this, whether you are making dinner for the kids, a date, hosting a dinner party or looking to become a more capable chef.

The basics

The kitchen can be an overwhelming place. Cookery courses can take you through the step-by-step of getting acquainted with your kitchen and appliances. This can include:

  • how long certain foods keep in the refrigerator
  • how to take care of your knives and keep them sharp
  • how to keep your kitchen hygienic and safe
  • essential ingredients to add to your pantry
  • food processors

Cooking classes help you feel at ease in the kitchen by situating your knowledge in a hands-on environment. Cooking will become second nature once you’re comfortable with all your tools.

Improve your cooking

Cooking is all about the details. Enrolling in a cooking class will allow you to level up in your mastery, learning from experts in the field. Superprof has a selection of tutors who can help you skill-up in many cuisines and cooking styles. A browse through our selection of tutors above will show you what is available in your area, what they specialise in, their experience and qualifications and price range. Face-to-face learning is a rewarding experience and a more personal and practical way of learning to cook. You can ask questions, watch and learn, taste and compare and make friends along the way. Rather than following a recipe, a cooking school can teach you to cook effortlessly, to know what herbs and spices go with what and instinctively know how long to cook your dishes. You can spend hours with your tutor, workshop your ideas with them, and get inspired from their love of cooking.

Learn to cook healthy meals

Inspiration is one of the key motivators of making up new meals daily. It’s easy to fall into patterns of cooking the same meals, which can become mundane, but cooking can be fun again. Cooking classes can help change your view on cooking from a chore to an enjoyable, daily ritual. We’re all busy and might not have hours and hours to cook an elaborate meal. Quick and easy meals are not only convenient but can be tasty and healthy. Keeping things fresh and interesting will keep you motivated. Enrolling in a cooking course, Perth can open up a whole new world of cooking and introduce you to new dishes and flavours to add in that you may not have considered before. Chefs can put the magic in any meal, whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, a meat-eater or gluten intolerant. Their ideas and insights are invaluable and they may be able to introduce you to grains, vegetables and fruits from all over the world. Eating a wide range of foods is necessary to get the essential vitamins and minerals you need to function healthily. Cooking classes can offer tips and tricks to make sure you’re cooking balanced, healthy meals. According to Australian healthy eating guides and the Food Pyramid (Eat For Health 2017), most our diet should be vegetables, legumes and grains. It’s best to get a range of these food groups and to eat healthy grains such as quinoa and oats and the wholegrain variety of bread, pasta and rice.

Different diets are designed for individual needs, whether it’s for ethical, health-conscious, allergies or cultural reasons. Cooking teachers will have expertise in all sorts of areas. Plant-based diets have become increasingly popular in Australia over the years. If you’re new to the vegan diet, attending a cooking class is a good idea to help learn and think up creative plant-based recipes. Similarly, if you’re struggling to think up new and interesting healthy meals, cooking school will help you put into practice new skills and ideas. This can include alternative ingredients to make a meal healthier and less dense and healthier methods of cooking.

Appreciate food & culture

Food has an inherent connection to culture. Meals are a beautiful way to connect to family and friends, and among many cultures, meal-time is an important part of the day. Different cultures offer a variety of foods, depending on factors such as locality, religion, spirituality and tradition. Travelling is an incredible way to taste the cuisines from around the globe, and this can spark creativity in your own kitchen. Cooking a home-cooked meal offers great rewards. There’s nothing like whipping up a meal on your own or with a loved one and sitting down to experience the taste of what you’ve created. Cooking classes can help you recreate classic meals such as Indian korma, Vietnamese beef noodle soup, Chinese dumplings, Japanese miso and Italian pasta, all from your home in Perth. These are popular cuisines for restaurants that you can learn to cook yourself. Trying out new styles with a range of different herbs and spices can ignite a passion for the diversity of food. Cooking teachers of all different cultures and specialities are available for Perth cooking classes.

Superprof tutors

Our selection of cooking tutors in Perth are an affordable and convenient way to get started. It’s worth having a read of the selection of tutors in your area to find a teacher suited to your needs to get the most out of your cooking course.

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