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Basic Drawing Lessons

Learn how to Draw with a Private Tutor


Art and drawing are skills that some people have a strong natural talent in, allowing them to create beautiful pieces of work from different materials and techniques; From drawing and sketching still life with a pencil, to sculpting masterpieces from recycled materials or even garden waste.


This is not the case for everyone, however, and many students of art have to work hard and put in a lot of practice to refine and perfect their individual styles of sketching, drawing, and painting when they are beginners.


This can involve taking a short course of drawing sessions at a local art room or online, attending small sketching or painting workshop classes hosted by a professional artist a few times a month, or even committing to a course of beginners drawing classes with a private tutor. Each of these choices can help beginners to learn the basic skills of sketching and how to draw, but you may find that the art room or workshop you wish to attend has limited capacity or a long waitlist for its courses!


Because of this, taking a course of beginner drawing classes with a private tutor, who is trained as a professional artist, can be the best way to start learning the techniques and skills that you need to start sketching and begin to create your own artwork in your spare time.


Whether you are completely new to the world of drawing and sketching and are looking to learn the basics before moving onto the finer details of how to draw, or you have some experience already but have fallen out of practice and want a refresher art course; Superprof can help you to find the perfect artist who you can work alongside and learn the best techniques from.


There are many different reasons that you might want to take a course of beginners drawing or sketching classes, some of these include:


  • Enjoyment of Life - You might want to learn how to draw simply because you like to create art as a way to pass the time.
  • Therapy - Learning to draw can have a great impact on your mental health, and allow people to express themselves freely.
  • Work - If you plan on working in architecture or design, or even need to do scientific sketching in your line of work, a course of beginner drawing classes can be the best way to quickly learn the skills required.


Whatever your reason, you can find a great private teacher to help you succeed with Superprof.


A Great Selection of the Best Art and Drawing Tutors in Australia


At Superprof we aim to provide everyone in Australia with access to the best private tutors and instructors in whichever subject they need help with, whether this is an academic subject or just a hobby that they would like to pick up. The same goes for drawing, sketching, painting, and art.


Wherever you are located in Australia, from urban Sydney to rural Alice Springs, Superprof can help you to find the perfect art teacher to teach you all the details, skills, and techniques you need to get on your way to becoming an artist yourself.


You can view the online profile of each Superprof drawing tutor to learn more about them and see if they are suited to what you want to learn. You will be able to see their previous experience in teaching and education in art, as well as learn more about their life as an artist.


If you want to learn drawing and sketching for a specific reason, like needing to draw scientific diagrams of garden plants or body parts for work, then it's a good idea to know what experience your tutor has in this area. When you view the online profiles you might find a variety of areas where each artist has experience in drawing:


  • Fine Art Drawing
  • Still Life Sketching
  • Architectural Drawing
  • Geometric Drawing
  • Outline Sketching for Painting Works


Your personal reason for taking a course of beginners art sessions will have a strong impact on which kind of drawing class or workshop you want to join, and which artist you want to work with.


Whilst many of our Superprof art and drawing tutors will know the skills and techniques to teach numerous styles of drawing and sketching using a different kit, from a pencil to a digital drawing app; It is best to find an artist who is highly experienced in the details of the area you wish to learn to achieve the best results for your hours of work and time.


You can take your course of beginner drawing and sketching sessions online or in person, and as either individual classes or as part of a group of students in a workshop or art room. Painting, drawing, and sketching in a room full of other creative and talented budding art students like yourself can be an inspiring and fun way to take your course of art classes.


Each class or workshop you join will leave you with a strong sense of accomplishment, and a strong improvement in your drawing skills and techniques that is clearly visible in the details of the artwork you create throughout your beginner's sessions and the hours you spend drawing and sketching in your spare time.


Make your Work Fun with a Passion for Drawing and Art


If you are feeling stifled or limited in your work life, and want to bring some more creativity into your day, why not try to find a job that will allow you to use your skills in art, drawing, and sketching? Many different types of work use drawing and sketching on a daily basis, whether this is to present information or record findings. Some of these professions include:


  • Architect
  • Marine/Wildlife Researcher
  • Graphic Designer
  • Botanical Artist
  • Police Sketching Artist


If you have a great passion for art and drawing, incorporating this with your work can help to bring you more satisfaction in life, more enjoyment in your work, and help you to improve your skills in different types of drawing techniques.


Perhaps you would like to focus more on art itself as a career, rather than just bringing your drawing and sketching skills to other work. This is certainly possible too, and your beginners drawing and sketching classes will help you learn the foundations of art, giving you a strong place to start your life as an artist.


If you invest a lot of time into your art and honing your skills, you will be able to master the techniques of drawing in your style, whether you love to create fine details working with a fine pen or prefer rough sketching with a pencil to bring your work to life.


The world of art is not a limited place, and you are free to create whatever will bring joy to your life; You can always decide to further your art skills from drawing and move on painting artwork, or even try to create experimental sculptures with different kit and materials.


Choosing to take a course of beginner drawing and sketching classes with an experienced artist who can share their best techniques with you is a great way to learn the essential skills of art and kickstart your dreams of becoming an artist.

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