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How to start the French conversation as a native English speaker


In Perth, French is regarded as a medium language to learn for those native to the English language, so it will be quick for beginners to learn (provided they commit to their learning of course). Like English and Italian, French is also a highly prestigious language, with classes offered all over Australia.


Due to its relative similarity with English and Italian, and the fact that we have a lot of contact with it, it is generally considered one of the most practical languages in Perth and Australia for beginners of language learning, or any level for that matter. It's also fun to study, which keeps your motivation remains high throughout your learning experience. The fact that the alphabet is the same as ours also means you'll be able to read and converse in a shorter amount of time.


Being a global language, like English, French is spoken in 29 countries, not just in France or the western hemisphere either, which means it's heavily present online, and you'll likely come face to face with a French speaker in Australia too. Due to the global spread of French over the last 400 years, finding a native tutor to assist you to read and write will be no trouble, no matter your level or location. The language is even so abundant that in some communities, you may find university level tutoring, with some tutors having years and years of experience.


For those beginners to intermediate though, and those who need more advanced attention as a student to contact a private teacher, since the hands-on teaching will benefit you greatly.


What you will learn in your French classes


Your experience in a given French lesson will obviously vary depending on your level, and the main purpose of your study, be it university education in France, French for formal settings, for business, or for travel. Nevertheless, the things that your tutor could throw into your courses will vary based on what best suits your profile, and to get the most out of your tutoring.


For total beginners, your first lesson will probably include greetings and simple questions. This may seem frustrating for a student at first, but perfecting this will help you connect with adults and children alike. It can take years and years to reach your desired French level, so be patient. Your tutor has the skills to assist you to learn the language the most efficiently possible, especially if it's their mother tongue. Your tutor is in the business for a reason!


Beginners will then learn commands, time telling, and responses to questions about appearance and location, giving you more confidence in conversation. You'll start slow, but this is necessary, as people often find that the way French is gendered is somewhat confusing at first if they're English speakers, what with the masculine -eau/-eaux and feminine -elle/-elles endings. These do come with time, so don't fret. French speakers are also happy to aid you in practising, and usually appreciate you have made an effort in the language.


Intermediate students could want to seek a tutor for conversation classes, as they have spent time consolidating their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, but now want to improve their fluency in these areas. Students of languages at this level in Perth or Australia should ask their private tutor to prepare topics for you to study over the course of your lessons, as well as for reading and writing materials for your free time.


The private tutor may then focus on vocabulary and grammar for you to look out for in these activities, which can then be practised in face to face or online conversation and exercises. This is a fun way to engage with the language, and you can learn more at your own pace while consolidating your skills as a language learner.


Who might want to learn French


Many people learn French or Italian from when they are children through to university, thus it's logical that French can take you as far as English, be it for school, business, teaching yourself, or travel. Perth and Australia are admittedly quite far from the French-speaking world (except the overseas department of France, New Caledonia, which is still 8 hours flight away), so the best choice would be to contact a private tutor here before embarking on your voyage for face to face conversation, then also seeking the assistance of people online in the country or countries where you want to continue your progress. This way, you're free to get the assisted tutoring of a teacher who knows about the learning experience in Australia and could even inform you of what schools to look into across Western Australia to master the regional variety of the language that you want.


As well as for travel, the savvy business person may see a lot of opportunity in Canada or France and want to get a leg up by having a stronger cultural insight than their colleagues. Understanding the nuances of French can refine your listening and speaking skills, which would endear you to clients, and make you sound more like a first language speaker. This builds rapport and shows you are serious, so finding a private teacher who can support you to connect on a human level will do wonders for your career.


The French language route is also highly popular for students, particularly at university, since there is such a high standard of education in many Francophone countries, and often well established reciprocal exchange partnerships with Australia, including many universities in Perth.


No matter your level, this type of breadth has fantastic benefits for your education, and you get the experience and fun of being at school in another culture while gaining perspective as an outsider. Whatever your level, there will be classes to get you ready for your university courses, and dedicated teachers to get you ready for your education abroad experience.


The benefits of learning languages are limitless, as it the ease of getting into French as an English speaker. So contact a private Superprof tutor, and colour your life with one of the great love languages, French, in Perth today!


💸 What is the price of French Tutoring in Perth?

The average price of French lessons in Perth is $30 per hour.


The price of French lessons will vary depending on:

  • the teaching experience and qualifications of the teacher
  • where your lessons will take place (online, face-to-face, distance needed to travel...etc)
  • the frequency of your lessons and the duration of each session
  • the over goal of your classes (are you learning French for exam revision, or perhaps you are studying to get a French language qualification)

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