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Highly qualified and sort after tutor with a BA-Education from Macquarie University and an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business.

My lessons are student-focused, such that the material and delivery are designed in relation to my students' individual needs. I seek to use a variety of materials and media to enhance and enrich the learning experience. Most importantly, I seek to develop close relationships with my students so that learning is relaxed, enjoyable and rewarding.

Abdullah al
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An industry expert with a business background student is now open to teach business, leadership, Marketing & Management

My teaching method is always an example based. I personally believe you do what you want others to do. I like to make my teaching experience interactive as well as very open-ended, which will not only encourage my students to know more but share with their friends as well.

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I am an international student from CDU Studying Masters of Professional Accounting who is interested in teaching Accounting to all students.

I mostly teach individually. But teaching in groups should also be fine. When in groups, I teach by going through the theory generally and then giving individual attention while doing accounting problems. I have students from various backgrounds where I had to start all the way from basics and it went well..

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Management Graduate gives Management, Commerce, Economics, HRM Lessons and School Help in Melbourne

I teach any theoretical commerce subject to any level of student including school, university, graduate to obtain higher result. I approach topic by simple examples in order to understand easily and explain everything clearly. Students can clarify things by asking questions.

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PhD student with lecturing experience gives management lessons to anyone who is interested.

I teach only subjects related to management. I focus on anyone who is interested on learning management. I always adopt student centered learning method and learning by objectives in teaching. Power point presentations will be used for the lessons. Students are always encouraged to engage in learning.

Kelvin Grove
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Support for assignments and study related to Human Resource Development and Management

I prefer one-on-one interaction. However, I can teach online through Skype. My lessons are particularly geared for those who are pursuing degree/diploma/certification courses in Business/ Human resources. I believe in excellence over perfection in teaching, that what my students enjoy.

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Monash second year student giving lessons to uni students or any secondary school students

my teaching method is first identifying the weak area , explaining it and fining a a different kind of customized method the student can actually grasp the idea of .

Mango Hill
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Passionate tutor providing students success in Accounting and Business Management subjects in Brisbane.

My teaching method involves setting out the objectives of the lesson and having a success criteria at the end. Students develop skills in analysis, evaluation and synthesis (creating of new knowledge). Literacy and numeracy skills are also incorporated in learning.

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Armidale Agricultural Economist for all Business Management support 30 years experienced tutor

I have resources available for distance based learning and electronic learning. i find the most effective learning for my subject areas is in a face to face situation whether it be a on an individual or group based learning model.

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Study from a recent QUT Accounting Graduate (HR, Commerce, Finance, Economics etc)

I base my classes on notes and other materials. I can research and find exact things which the student is asking for. I have entire accounting textbooks from my graduate and postgraduate levels. I can prepare simple and easy to read notes for students.

Murrumba Downs
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Your Accounting & HR in Moreton Bay area Degree qualified with over 30 years experience with small to international businesses

I try to teach the theory with practical examples from my experience. I take the theory and will had what I have actually done myself to highlight the teaching. I encourage questions and will give extra assistance to those who need it.

Saint Lucia
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MBA Project Management Professional providing platform for Business Management Lessons in Brisbane

I approach topic by topic as in the best interests of the student and the grounds needing to be covered with real life examples.

Seven Hills
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Master in Commerce female tutor would like to teach Commerce, Marketing, Business mgt to High School students.

I am interested in building a strong commerce base for High school kids who wants to have their career in Commerce. My teaching methods are purely based on experience, understanding and adapting approach to new changes. Learning and delivering, making teaching more creative and fun to understand.

Koon hong
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More than 10 years experience in the education industry. Articulate and presentable.

Always provide real-life examples, easy to relate and easy to remember. Try to emphasise on the important points. Focus on students' weakness, and help improve their understanding of each topic. Do not like wasting time. Will do lots of preparations before meeting students.

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Tutor at Victoria University Sydney Campus from last 2 years helping students with their issues related to selected subjects.

My approach is to clear all basic concepts so that students can solve anything related to it. I make my own notes that I share with students and give them some practical work to do so that they become very clear with concepts. I believe in Practice makes us perfect.

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Accounting graduate from the University of Nairobi tutoring accounting, finance , and management courses.

My teaching method is online and encompasses different tools. Step by step guidance on the subject or topic that the student is handling. Assisting the student with reading materials and other sources that are helpful in understanding the topic and the subject matter.

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Cpa accountant with 10 years experience . willing to teach accounting and finance


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Executive Manager with Masters in HRM & OD with 20+ years experience in Financial Services Sector.

I employ techniques which cater to multiple learning styles to help students retain information and strengthen understanding. A toolbox of strategies and methods are used to ensure students have equal opportunity to learn including questioning, explaining, modeling, collaborating, and demonstrating.

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A recent graduate from the University of Southern Queensland who has comprehensive experience in banking and finance gives accounting lessons to high school and uni students in Launceston.

My teaching method involves going from simple to complex problems which not only addresses the student’s curiosity but also enhance their knowledge level. First, I assess the student’s understanding of the particular topic and then provides an opportunity for him/her in a way that best suits to solve the problem.

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Former University Lecturer gives lessons to Uni Students in any business area.

Mt teaching philosophy is that everyone starts at the bottom. Most of my previous students had less knowledge in the areas at the beginning but shown great achievement at the end. With my methods of teaching , I have been able to create interest in them thus they are now doing their post graduate qualifications in fields they thought was difficult at the beginning.

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Deakin MBA graduate who has experience would love to teach secondary, high school and university students.

I will be looking at students' knowledge and cater accordingly. and also at the end of every session, I might do a small assessment to figure out whether the student has understood the topic. also will be helping at school or university work.

West Lakes
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Qualified Accounting teacher to start you up in the world of business.

My teaching methodology is based on step by step theory lessons, discussions on topics being taught, written activity exercises to enhance understanding, computer based activities and regular testing of the knowledge acquired, after a topic has been thoroughly explored. Before beginning a new topic, I always undertake revision of previous work done and how it connects to the new topic.

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Do you want to be the driver of your learning? Let Mya to guide you:-)

My teaching is based on inquiry approach. I ask a lot of questions by connecting topic to real life scenarios to make sense. It will be a journey together with students where I scaffold the knowledge of individuals. Students are expected to engage in tasks that I assign. I am not a comedian, but the humour I add to their learning makes it a memorable experience.

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Western Sydney postgraduate student gives Business and management lessons in Parramatta Sydney

I like to give individual attention with the use of case studies since it gives a practical approach to all the concepts. I am very friendly hence, my students find me very appealing. I provide necessary notes and materials required.

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Victoria University Psychology and Business student in Final Year offering tutorials for Business and Psychology subjects

I like to understand first what the student is confused about or wants to know about and help them from there as well as base my lessons around these areas. I also encourage that students ask questions all the time in order to identify what stage of understanding they are at.

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Bachelor of Business Graduate teaching students how to manage human resources, marketing and businesses

I am flexible with my teaching method - generally adapting to your style of learning. :) I am also flexible with the time of lesson, generally keeping the time frame around 1 hour. If you need more time, I am happy to extend.

Saint Lucia
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Business lessons of high proficiency from an University of Queensland business school student

I aim at making learning as interesting as possible. Business field is highly dynamic and therefore knowledge surrounding business requires constant learning and need to stay up to date. Therefore, all of this can be achieved by my strategic use videos, written worksheets and inculcating a lot of reading activities to help students achieve high proficiency in Business.

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QUT Business and Psychology Student offering lessons to high schoolers in Brisbane

I believe in approaching each student with an open mind and tailoring my lesson/s to their individual needs and learning style.

Saint Albans
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Has good knowledge of marketing in all aspects as I had degree of masters in business administration in marketing.

I teach the students by giving real world examples to bring more understanding among students and to make the lecture more interesting and enabling the students to learn more. The way I have learnt, similarly I want to teach.

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TRAINING FOR VET COURSES Diploma of Business/Leadership and Management /HR / CHILDCARE SERVICES

I approach students based on their learning styles and preference their choose . I tailor my lesson based on the students needs and what they want to learn and always try to take feedback and improve my ;lesson plan based on the feedback given.

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Perfect! I really enjoy having Anshu as my tutor. As an adult and only just starting studying after a very long break, getting my brain into gear is not easy. Anshu was amazing, I told Anshu my issues and she explained everything in a simplistic manner that...

Basma, Student
1 month ago

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